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One of the ways to make an application viral is for influencers to start using it. Do you want to be the new Iron Man? Well, rest assured that we will tell you how.

For years we have found applications that allow us to put our faces in photomontages or add spectacular effects. Undoubtedly the best known is FaceApp APK, whose filter to become a grandfather or grandmother became famous. Well, today, we go one step further.

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For those looking for fun and creatively, the Reface Pro app can be the perfect choice for you! With the app, you can recreate different videos and GIFs, replacing famous characters’ faces with your own. It is as if the user has the experience of seeing himself as individual successful names that he has always imagined, something possible thanks to the Reface app’s technology.

The options are numerous, from scenes of famous superheroes to singers who are on the rise worldwide. However, does technology manage to create something well done as thoroughly as the application proposes? We tested Reface and brought all our impressions here in the review; check it out!

How does the Reface work?

First, you need to accept the security concerns of the application. As it is a platform that uses users’ photos, many people may be afraid about its use, so it is made clear that Reface does not use the data provided for anything, just so that the user can have fun.

Video How to use

That done, you need to provide a selfie that will be used in the app to replace famous scenes. This step, although mandatory, is not permanent. After approving the photo, you can replace it with either an image from the gallery or a new selfie taken on the spot.

Now is the best part: choose whom you want to be in the Reface app! As we said earlier, there are several options, and the most preferred are right on the home page, giving an idea of ​​the giant collection that the application has.

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To see yourself as famous people, select your favorite and let the app do the rest, waiting just a few seconds for the complete remodel to be done.

If none of the options offered initially attract your attention, you could use the search part to find other scenes, apply the keywords to find them.

The GIFs on the Tenor platform are also available in the Reface app! Just choose your favorite and do the remodeling to see yourself in the format so present on social networks.

Using the app is very easy. Just download it, take a selfie, and then choose from over 1000 GIFs. Your face will be embedded in the original GIF and will amuse your loved ones! Personalized GIFs can then be sent in your conversations with your loved ones, on social networks, and in particular in stories. These can also be downloaded as a GIF or video.

In terms of data, each photo taken is uploaded to Doublicat’s servers to process the image and transform the face. Selfies are deleted once the GIF has been generated. The company also claims, “we only store vector representations of facial features that we do not share with anyone“.

Our Opinion about the App DeepFake

The application surprised us in many ways; all of them extremely positive. The extensive collection of famous scenes and the speed to carry out the remodeling, for example, are points that deserve to be highlighted.

The photo’s overlay on the famous faces is done in a fun and exciting way, without appearing too superficial, giving even more credibility to the app.

Unfortunately, the application is paid for, but it can be used for free for three, a long time to be able to test it, even if briefly. It is necessary to have some basic English knowledge since it is the only language available in the app. Still, because it has such intuitive commands, it is easy to use it anyway.

The Reface app is excellent for spending time and experiencing the various possibilities offered. We highly recommend it!

Insert your face into celebrity videos

The application selects your face and matches on the celebrities you want.

Take a selfie picture or choose an image with your face. Deepfake AI technology will be applied to bring the exact face transplant effect.


  • We did not find any positive points.
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