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Do you enjoy playing Minecraft, so? Now you can try out RealmCraft APK; you will discover a very interesting cube world.

In this game, there are 2 modes, which are Survival and creativity; with Survival, you need to survive and destroy all the enemies, and Creation gives you the freedom to do what you want.

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Learn how to play with your friends and get to know many other people to easily overcome difficult tasks and build the beautiful houses you dream of.

What is RealmCraft with Skins Export to Minecraft?

Realm Craft is for simulation game lovers. This game allows you to craft and build while playing. RealmCraft with Skins Export to Minecraft gives you an open world where you can craft, build, and destroy.

You can explore the new world; meanwhile, you have to gather resources to build a shelter for yourself. It embodies the notion of “survival of the fittest”.

You have to build houses and mansions before taking part in any combat. The players can enjoy either of the two adventure sandbox simulators or block craft online multiplayer modes.

Moreover, players can use different skins to make their crafts look exciting. RealmCraft with Skins Export to Minecraft is equipped with exceptional features that none other game provides.

RealmCraft is richly endowed with peculiar features!

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1. Modes

Having a diverse choice is what people want in their life. It gives us a feeling that we have everything in our hands. This game has a diverse range of modes in it. Every time you play it, you will get a new experience.

2. Survival mode

This mode is the embodiment of Survival of the fittest. Players have to build, craft, and collect resources to build a shelter. Players have to combat the mobs and creepers.

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The wild enemy will combat and destroy you. Meanwhile, you have to control and manage your hunger to survive.

3. Creative mode

This mode is best to enhance the creative skills of the players. Players have to destroy the existing crafts to build their own. Players have to build their castles to destroy the new world crafts.

There are many blueprints; using them, players can craft their mansions. Furthermore, players can build and craft their mesmerizing designs.

4. Multiplayer

This mode is named as RealmCraft creative multiplayer. You can invite your friends to explore the world with you. There are many players online, and you can also invite them to visit the same world.


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You, along with your friends, can change and craft the new designs. The durability time is only twenty-four hours, so whatever you shall make will remain for a day.

5. Mini craft

Mini craft mode allows you to play snowball fight, bed wars, egg wars, etc. You can play mini-games with your friends to enjoy your time on RealmCraft with Skins Export to Minecraft.

6. Graphics

RealmCraft with Skins Export to Minecraft uses 3d graphics in many modes. The graphics are not the best but better than many online simulation and crafting games.

7. Characters

In RealmCraft, you can export Skins to Minecraft, which gives you a unique experience. You can change the skins, which means you can control and manage your character as well.

8. Gameplay: Open World

The gameplay of RealmCraft is very exciting. It is a multiplayer game that appeals to both children and adults. You can enter in any of the available modes to enjoy your time to the best. You can explore and craft in an infinite world that has no limits in it.realmcraft apk mod unlocked money 4

You have to explore and craft for your Survival. The players have to build a mansion to shelter themselves during their combat with the merciless enemy. The skins of the character can be changed to get unique.

The players can use the handle buttons on the left side of their screen to move the character. The other buttons to craft can be seen in the lower section of the screen. Players can craft and build using these buttons.

9. What is new?

Tellurion mobile always comes with updates and fixes. The new update has bug fixes. Moreover, there is an addition of blueprints. Players can use these blueprints to build their mansions to shelter themselves from their enemies.

In the new update, there is an event known as the spring event. In this event, there are two available options; Gift boxes and Eggs. In survival mode, players have to find the gift boxes. In the boxes, many surprising gifts can be collected at the opening of the boxes.

Furthermore, in survival mode, the players have to find the eggs and collect them. The collected eggs can be exchanged in the store to get many other useful items.

10. What is RealmCraft MOD Unlocked?

  • Unlock all items in the store.
  • You will be able to shop for free
  • Build and destroy everything.
  • Gather resources to survive in the world.
  • Creative mode will let you create new things
  • Unique open world and full of weapons, resources, and battles with everyone
RealmCraft MOD FREE
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