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If any, do you like to own super cars then play Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D APK. A varied game with game modes and features.

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You will be challenged on many roads, showing your skills with many people around the world.

What is Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D

Real Car Parking is a parking simulator game for Android devices created by Gen St. This game contains many missions in which you have to Park the car. A large amount of realistic-looking situations and places are waiting for the player.

Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D provides many features that other games don’t, such as really high-quality graphics, sounds, and many other detailed mechanics of vehicles. Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D is filled with a lot of features, cars, and many more. This game has over 10,000,000+ downloads.

And is widely famous for the graphics it provides. This game provides the player with realistic environments and the best physics available for android devices to teach the player to park a car in real life. This game was developed on April 25, 2018, and has a size of 64 megabytes. This game requires android 4.0 and above to run on any device.

Features and In-Game tour of Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D.

1. Gameplay: Driving Street 3D

Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D is a parking simulator game that teaches the user to part a car in real-life situations. In this game, the player drives and parks a car in different and difficult situations.

These games have mostly been useful for real-life car drivers, but a game with this type of visuals and realistic gameplay can teach some people about Parking a car in real life.

In this game, you get 3 camera options first is TPP(Third person perspective) and second is FPP (First-person perspective), and the third is side viewing angle which is located near the left rear tire of the car.

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These camera angles are not mentioned separately in the game, but they are toggled when clicked on the camera icon more than once. To control the car player has a gearbox with accelerate, park, and reverse gears, and to down below the game provides an accelerator, which works and a level increaser, it lights up the lower or higher on it you press speed depends on the level accelerator and game also provides a brake.

2. Main Menu & Settings.

The main menu of Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D almost contains 13 options. The main menu has a market, a gift box, an achievement tab, a currency shop, a social connection tab, and a sound toggle and an info button, and much more.

The main features o that the home screen provides are the Settings toggle the play button and the garage and traffic button. The settings in this game contain two tabs one is General and the second is Language, the first one contains graphic options having Normal, Medium, and High presets, and the language tab contains 13 languages containing English, Turkey, and much more.

3. Game Modes.

There are two main game mode options, Fun Game and Mission Mode. The fun Game mode is available after the completion of the first 10-15 rounds of Mission mode. In Mission mode, there are also 4 categories available. They are named Starter Mode, Time Mode, Hard Mode, and Hardcore Mode.

The Starter Mode contains levels from 1-20, and Time Mode contains levels from 21-35, whereas Hard Mode contains levels from 36-49, and Hard-Core Model contains levels from 51 to70. All the levels have a difficulty warning beneath their numbering.

4. Features of Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D

Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D contains these features listed below:

  1. In-Camera View
  2. Real Car Sounds
  3. Parking Sensor
  4. Detailed Interiors
  5. Realistic Graphics Quality
  6. Different Camera Angles
  7. Different Control Methods (Buttons, Tilting or Steering Wheel)
  8. Learn Traffic Signs And Traffic Rules.

5. In-game Currency & Earn Free Money.

Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D has two major currencies in it. First is Gold which is mainly shaped as Gold bricks, and the second is Cash which has a shape like Dollars but with more green color in it. In this game, there is also a “Get Free Money” tab which has four options. Such as

  • Earn 2000$ by watching ads
  • Earn 1500$ by liking the Facebook page
  • Earn 1500$ by following Instagram account
  • Earn 8000$ by downloading their other games.

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Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D also has a currency and other packs buying shop in it. The shop contains 5-5 packs of Gold and Cash, which you can buy with real money. The shop has an ITEMS tab which has 4 different packs in it, Such as Gold and Cash 2x multipliers and extra life and no ads pack.

6. Premium Membership.

Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D MOD APK also has a Premium Membership, which is also known as Starter Pack in the game. This premium membership contains 60,000 in-game Cash and 50 Gold Bars and 1 free vehicle, a 2x Gold Bars multiplayer, and No ads access to the game.

Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D MOD FREE
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Operating System: Android 5.1

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