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Hello and welcome to Gameloop APK, dear followers and visitors; communication technologies are developing day after day to provide us with the best speed and responsiveness levels.

Fourth and fifth-generation networks appeared for us, and companies are working at the time of writing these lines on technologies that support sixth-generation networks at fantastic speeds.

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But what may be hidden from you is The existence of another type of network called Virtual Private Networks, or what is known as VPN, which is a type of network that provides you with protection and confidentiality while browsing the Internet.

And it allows you to open all sites and services, even those that are banned in your country; we talked in advance about the best VPN apps. For Android, you can review it to learn more, but today we provide you with a specific application. 

It’s a Psiphon Pro APK. This VPN app will give you an extra layer of communication to increase your security when using the Internet, and it can open all blocked websites and services.

What is the new Psiphon Pro?

Psiphon Pro APK is an application that provides your VPN service on your phone to completely hide your internet activity so that it is difficult to track your activity or spy on you.

For example, suppose you want to access a site like Google. In that case, your phone will contact the VPN server and then send it to the address you wish to access and then redirect you to it. 

And thus, it is difficult for any party to determine the source of the visit and this, of course, makes you browse The Internet is completely confidential and without fear of any party. It may even protect you from hacking attacks that work to follow your activity to find information about you.

What does VPN offer you?

Psiphon Pro offers you the service completely free of charge, with up to 2 Mbps, which is a reasonable speed for a free VPN service. 

One hour of free use of the service with all its features, as the application provides you with complete information about data consumption and provides you with the ability to activate Vpn on the entire device or one application Psiphon APK Unlimited speed.

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It also gives you check logs of activities, such as connections and disconnections, and detailed settings for each application.

Available versions for all devices

  1. Psiphon Pro for Android: Psiphon Pro is available mainly for Android phones, and it supports all Android phones starting from the fourth version.
  2. Psiphon Pro for iPhone: The application is available for iPhone and iPad devices running the iOS system officially and for free through the Appstore.
  3. Psiphon Pro for Windows: The full version of Psiphon Pro is available for all devices running the Windows system, and it includes all versions in both 32 and 64 bits.
  4. Psiphon Pro for Mac: The full version of Psiphon Pro is officially available for devices running Mac OS, and you can download it through the company’s official website.

Information about subscriptions to the paid version

The free version of Psiphon Pro provides you with all the capabilities except for speed, where the maximum speed is limited to 2 Mbps only.

And this may make browsing a little slow if you are used to higher speeds, but in return, the program provides you with paid plans to get the full speed always. Here are the paid plans and subscriptions available in Psiphon Pro.

  • Weekly subscription: The cost of a 7-day weekly subscription is about $ 3.
  • Monthly Subscription: The cost of a 30-day monthly subscription is about $6.
  • Annual subscription: The 360-day yearly subscription costs about $65.

Note: All subscriptions provide you with additional features and a full version of the ads’ application fee with better performance stability.

A review of the most important features

Charging speed: If you use the free version of the Psiphon Pro application, you will find that the maximum speed that you can get is two megabits. 

But you can increase this speed for an hour and get the top speed through this feature that allows you to watch one video ad for a full hour From fast browsing without limits.

Psiphon Pro Browser: The application provides a built-in browser that enables you to access the Internet and is similar to any other browser such as Google Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. 

The flag you like all other browsers, so if you want the highest security level, make sure to use it.

Data: You can track your data consumption through this tab in the application, which provides you with detailed information about the data that you consume in real-time. 

This feature is useful if you use a limited internet package and consume a certain amount daily. Also, this feature is helpful if you’re going to make sure of the work. The program, if the Vpn is working, you will find clear traffic.

Settings:  The program for opening blocked websites, Psiphon Pro provides you with a settings tab that enables you to control some features through which the application’s functions can be changed. 

Such as making the entire device connect to the Vpn tunnel or making the connection only in the application browser, you can control the language settings and some settings That need some experience in proxy and server matters.

Records: similar to the call log on your phone, but they differ in the information they show, as the records show you all the operations that took place in the application, such as when the call was made and when it was interrupted, for example, and this feature may help you if the Internet stops on the application suddenly, so you can know if The connection was cut off or not.

How to use the Psiphon Pro application

Using the Psiphon Pro application is very simple, and there is not much to learn about the application, but as we have come to you, we prefer to provide you with complete information so that everyone can make the most of the application. Here are simple steps to run the application and take advantage of all its features.

  1. First: After entering the application for the first time, you will find the interface contains a button at the bottom, which is the start button, all you have to do is click on this button, and then the VPN will start.
  2. Secondly: From the data box, you can follow your consumption, and from the settings box, you can select whether to turn on the VPN for the entire phone or the app’s browser only, and you can also select the region as we have previously explained in the review paragraph.
  3. Third: You can make sure that the application is working through the notification of the application that shows you the status of the connection, which may be connected, connected, or connection failed, so make sure every time to check the notification before starting the browsing process.
  4. Fourthly: If you have finished the application and want to close, do not forget to go to the same button that you launched the application form, which you will find changed to the word STOP, then click on it to stop the Vpn tunnel and reconnect to normal.

Features of the application VPN Unlimited

Free: It is available completely free of charge, and this is something we do not often find in Vpn applications, and the application does not impose a specific usage limit so that you can always use the application, but at the specified free speed or you can change the speed by watching an advertisement.

Stability: You will not face any problems in using the application, such as sudden stops, the slow browsing speed, or the usual things of all Vpn programs because the Psiphon Pro application depends on multiple servers in different countries, and these servers are characterized by strong response and stability.

Safety: The application is available on both the Play Store and the App Store. This means that the application is completely safe and does not contain any malware of any kind, and the application does not ask you to access any files, nor does it ask for any strange powers that may raise Skepticism so that you can use the app without worries.

Compatibility: The application supports all versions of phones currently available, whether iPhone or other phones running the Android system in all versions, where the Psiphon Pro program is fully compatible with phones, and also the apps is compatible with other systems such as Windows and Mac, as we have previously explained, and the program has almost the same capabilities on all platforms.

Multilingual: All versions of the program on various platforms support most of the common languages, including Arabic, and the program automatically determines the language depending on the language of the phone or computer, knowing that you can change the language later from the application settings, as we explained in the previous paragraph.

Deficiencies or defects within the Psiphon Pro MOD app

Ads: The most annoying things in any application are ads, and although ads appear consistently in Psiphon Pro, ads still affect the user experience significantly, especially with ads placed heavily in the application window.

Subscription prices: compared to the costs of other VPN applications, Psiphon is not considered a high subscription application, but we hope that it will be slightly reduced so that everyone can use it.

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Hello and welcome to Gameloop APK, dear followers and visitors; communication technologies are developing day after day to provide us with the best speed and responsiveness levels.

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