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With the PowerDirector Editor APK for Android applications, you can create many videos to enjoy designing through this beautiful application. You can design many different videos that you design through this beautiful application that you are keen to use with great distinction.

The speed found in Designing many different videos that you will enjoy watching with high accuracy and quality in the design you make through this fantastic application is specially designed for designing different videos.

What is PowerDirector?

PowerDirector APK is an application that helps you edit videos and images, with a full range of editing tools such as collage and rotate customization. Besides, you can easily add content, images, or stickers to your videos. PowerDirector will help you excellently complete the editing work.

install PowerDirector on smartphone

You can create many diverse videos of various formats through this beautiful application that you will get and find here only. You will enjoy a very excellent design at different times when you use the application. You can design many of the many varied videos you will find with high quality and significance. 

You can download the application through a direct download link. This link will get it and find it only here. You can get through it very quickly and easily. You will find it in this quick download on all mobile phones. You can install the application and use it. 

This application is with great ease in creativity that you will find in the video’s unique design that you want to design.

You can use a wide range of special tools that you enjoy using when you want to modify and edit these videos to add some exciting and distinct edits from other various video clips that you can make on this application. You get it and find it in this great application that must be present on your phone. 

You can design a professional video clip with many beautiful features that you will use in this clip that you want to modify through this wonderful and very special application in editing and editing videos.

How to use on smartphones and tablets

If you wonder if it is possible to use PowerDirector on smartphones and tablets, you will be glad to know that the answer is yes. The program in question is also available for Android and iPhone / iPad devices, albeit with some limitations compared to the computer version.

1. How to activate Premium

Before explaining how to use PowerDirector mobile, it might be useful to know the differences between the free version and the paid version of the app and the detailed procedure to activate the Premium version.

The free version of PowerDirector allows you to create single track projects and access a limited media content catalog. It also features banner ads and watermarks (the application logo) on each exported video.

how to use PowerDirector free

By activating a Premium subscription ( € 5.49 / month,  € 3.66 / month for three months or € 37.99 per year ), however, it is possible to “unblock” multiple tracks, remove banner ads and watermarks from saved videos and have access to a multimedia catalog that has over 700 contents including audio effects and background music.

It will be useful to know that activating the PowerDirector annual subscription makes it possible to test the Premium version features for free for seven days and without any renewal obligation. If you are interested in activating the free trial, start PowerDirector, tap the cart icon at the top right, and select the option Try free for 7 days with an annual subscription.

At the end of the free trial, the subscription will automatically renew. Suppose you do not want to continue using the Premium version of PowerDirector, or you have already activated one of the paid subscriptions and want to cancel its automatic renewal. In that case, you should know that the procedure for deactivation varies depending on your device.

If you have an Android device, launch the Play Store, press the ☰ button, top left, and choose the Subscriptions option from the menu that opens. Then locate PowerDirector, click on the relevant Cancel subscription button, and confirm your intention by clicking on Continue and Cancel subscription.

If, on the other hand, you have an iPhone / iPad, start the App Store, click on your photo at the top right, and select the Subscriptions option. In the new screen displayed, tap on the PowerDirector subscription, select the item Cancel subscription, and that’s it.

2. How to create a new project

To create a new project with PowerDirector, start the app in question. If it is your first access, tap the Accept and Continue and  Allow buttons to allow PowerDirector to access your device’s multimedia contents.

At this point, choose the New project option, enter its name in the Project name field and select one of the options available between 16: 99:16, and 1: 1, to specify the aspect ratio of the video to be created and access the area of PowerDirector.

In the new screen that appears, to start importing content to use in your project, select one of the options available in the menu located at the top. For example, if you want to add a video, tap on the video camera icon and click on the item of your interest:

Capture video to make a movie in real-time.

Google Drive / File to import a video from Google Drive (on Android) or File (on iPhone / iPad).

  • Color palette to add a colored background to your project or Recent (or the name of your interest folder) to upload the videos available on your device.

If, on the other hand, you want to import a photo or image into the PowerDirector timeline, tap on the landscape icon at the top and choose the option of your interest Photo capture to take a photo on the spot; Google Drive / File to import an image from Google Drive or File; Color palette to use a colored background for your project and Recent (or a specific folder name) to select a photo from your device’s Gallery.

Also, by pressing on the music note icon, you can select one of the available options and add audio content to your project. By choosing the Music and audio clips item, you can access the catalog that has over 700 ready-to-use multimedia contents, such as songs divided by musical genres ( CountryJazzOrchestralPopClassicalElectronicPianoRock, etc.) and effects Sounds ( AnimalsAmbient AudioSportsTransportationMusical JinglesTools, etc.).

Alternatively, you can upload custom audio content from your device (including music), Google Drive on Android, and Files on iPhone / iPad. By pressing, on the other hand, on the Audio Comment option, you can record audio on the spot and automatically add it to your project.

After choosing your interest content, all you have to do to import it into the PowerDirector timeline is press the relative + button. If you have selected audio content in the Music and audio clips section, you must first press the cloud icon to start the download of the content and, subsequently, you must press the + button to add it to the timeline of your project.

By pressing the ▶ ︎ button at the top right, you can access the main screen of the PowerDirector editor from where you can edit your project, add effects and new content, manage audio settings, and much more using the commands visible on the left and right.

If you intend to add a title to your project, the icon of the awards roar, to the left, select the option title and choose the option you prefer among DefaultGlitterFinal AwardsSpiralGroupedFlipMovies, etc. . Then press the + button for the chosen title to add it to the PowerDirector timeline, tap the title in question and press the pencil icon to customize the content of the title, select its colorsize, and font.

To add an effect, instead, press on the FX item on the left, choose the one you are interested in ( Black and WhiteFloweringEmbossedDrippingChinese Painting, etc.), and press the relevant ▶ relative button to see a preview. If you like it, you can press the + button (or drag it to the timeline) to apply it to the content of your choice (e.g., a video or a photo).

I point out that you can also add stickers to your content by pressing the diamond icon on the left, selecting the Stickers option, and tapping the + button for the one you want to use. Also, at any time, you can add more multimedia content to your project (video, photos, audio) by pressing the music note icon on the left.

If, on the other hand, you want to modify an element that you have already inserted in the timeline of your project, all you have to do is press on the element of your interest, tap on the pencil icon and choose one of the available options ( VolumeCropDuplicateSpeedRotationColorSharpnessFlip, etc.). By pressing the trash icon instead, you can remove the item in question from the PowerDirector timeline.

It will be useful to know that you can save your project at any time by clicking on the arrow icon in the top right corner and choosing the Save project option. If, instead, you want to export your movie, press the item you produce videos, select the option Save tunnel, affix a checkmark next to the video resolution of your interest ( Ultra HDFull HDHD 720p, and SD 360p and make a tap on the Produce button, to save the video on your device.

Alternatively, you can upload the video in question to Facebook and/or YouTube by selecting the option you prefer between Share on Facebook and Share on YouTube.

Features of Video Editor Pro apps

Video: How to use PowerDirector best

1. Cut, merge, and rotate video.

PowerDirector will provide you with a full range of tools such as cutting, merging, and adjusting video rotation, all of which are displayed on the clear toolbar for you to manipulate easily. So you can remove unwanted footage or combine videos.

2. Add videos, photos, stickers quickly.

One cool feature of the app is that you can easily add videos, images, or stickers to your editing video.

You also rest assured that the editing interface will fully display the layers you have inserted, such as videos or images. That makes it easy to manipulate each of the different ingredients, and you can also customize the appearance of the effects elements …

3. Add music and recording files to the app quickly.

One factor that makes your video more engaging is the background music. You can add music or recording files on your phone to the application to make your clips more animated. 

However, if you can’t find the right melodies, now the app provides some sample music for you to use quickly.

4. There are a variety of effects to choose from, creating highlights.

In addition to tools to help you edit videos, the application also gives you many effect filters with various themes such as landscapes, portraits, art…, so you can unleash your creativity and creativity. Make your video stand out and make it more engaging.

5. Insert and change font, style, size quickly.

You can easily add any content to your video. The application will provide you with many fonts and colors to choose from; besides, you can customize the font size and change the content size accordingly.

6. Save and share to social networks.

After completing your finished product, you can quickly save it on your phone or share it on popular social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook,… The application also allows you to choose the quality of Video output from low quality to full HD.

7. Synthesis of new features

  1. The application includes a wide range of beautiful features that you can use all the time when you enter it. You will find many tools through which you can edit and modify various video clips of multiple formats. You will get great distinction and remarkable in this beautiful design that you do in All the videos you want to create with a set of images with the music you want to enter PowerDirector Video Editor (Google Play).
  2. You can control the speed of playing the video clip with ease and great speed from the excellent distinction you will get here.
  3. Also, you can find various framing controls that you can place for any video.
  4. You can fix and modify each of the different vibrations that exist when photographing. You will be able to fix these vibrations through the video stabilizer, and you can also add all of the backgrounds you want. You can paste many different stickers and emojis that you can add easily in the continuous adjustment you get and find it through a set of unique tools you can use.
PowerDirector Pro APK - MOD v3.5.0 unlocked free on Android

PowerDirector MOD Pro APK for Android is an application that helps you edit videos and images, with a full range of editing tools such as collage and rotate customization

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