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Pou is a friendly virtual pet that will accompany you anywhere through your Android device. In this application, you are responsible for taking care of a friendly alien who loves to eat and play.

Besides, you will take care of all the processes to keep your friend healthy and happy. You will need to take care of your food, bathe, administer medicine, and play with your partner.

Watch Pou grow

As soon as you open the game, your first mission will be to feed your Pou. To do this, all you have to do is choose an item and drag it to the pet’s mouth. The same works for the other actions; if you need to bathe him, drag it over the character until he is clean. (Wikipedia).

download POU apk for android

Likewise, the application has minigames, which are games for you to have fun with your virtual friend. In the game market, it is possible to purchase a series of items to make your enjoyment even greater. There, you will find varied food products, new wallpapers to decorate the background, clothes for your Pou, among other elements.

The appeal of alien care game

Pou is an application that brings a virtual pet that you need to take care of in several aspects. This type of game involves much interaction and is recommended for those who enjoy games that include pets.

One of the game’s significant positive aspects is the ease with which interactions occur in the game. Virtually any action is resolved by dragging the items onto the character, even if some of them (such as the bath) involve you having to repeat the activity until Pou’s need is completely satisfied.

Take good care of it.

Another exciting aspect is that, although most of this type of game is tiring, Pou always tries to offer different player elements. Even though the actions are essentially the same, you have varied foods, clothes to dress your pet, wallpapers to decorate the background, among other items.

So, whenever the player wants, he can modify everything and play with a completely different Pou. In the same way, the idea is that you follow the pet’s development and, to help in this climate, it even has a “physical development”, growing as time passes.

The graphics and drawings are simple, but they are perfectly suited to the game’s idea and captivating the virtual animal. The game’s sounds are by what is seen on the screen and perfectly synchronized to the events. The gameplay is also good, as everything is controlled by touch.

If you like virtual pets or games that involve much interaction, it is certainly worth testing Pou.

How to play this game effectively

  • The Pou game is divided into different environments as if we were inside the house of our pet. When switching to the “bathroom” screen, for example, you can use the soap item to clean your pet. Then drag the shower and hold to remove the soap and finish the bath.
  • On the “laboratory” screen, you can give medicine to your Pou if he is ill. For that, you will need to have some health potion available. If you don’t have any, click on the Store (located in the lower right corner) to buy with virtual coins or use real money to advance the game quickly.
  • If your Pou is without power, it will be time to put him to sleep. Go to the “bedroom” screen and click on the lampshade; the mascot will be resting in the dark.
    • All details of your pet’s status are displayed in the upper corner. The first icon ( fish ) refers to hunger, the second (the sign of the cross ) is about Pou’s health, the third ( happy face ) indicates if Pou is having fun and the last ( lightning bolt ) is precisely the energy of your mascot.
  • To feed your Pou, you must go to the “kitchen” and drag the food to his mouth. You can buy food by clicking on the Store or even stock it in the refrigerator. An important detail is that, as you feed your Pou, it gets dirtier. Therefore, after feeding it, it will sometimes be necessary to go to the bathroom to clean it.
  • In addition to taking care of the friendly Pou, it is also possible to use the character in 32 other mini-games within the app. To do this, you must drag the screen until you reach the “game room “. Then you can play the ball, and your Pou’s fun status will increase.

But, if the idea is to have real fun inside the “games room”, click on games and discover the fantastic library of games contained within Pou. For example, you can play in a memory game, sudoku, penalty kicks, adventure game, and even have fun in Jet Pou, a game similar to Flapping Bird.

POU game apk mod coin/ money

There are several options. Another positive point of the game is that it is free, allowing users to take care of and evolve with Pou without spending anything. However, to buy some items or make the dear alien grow faster, you will have to shell out an amount that varies according to each item.

1. Faster LEVEL UP

You can increase your Pou’s level more quickly by purchasing some potions like the “Hunger Potion” and “Max Potion “. If you don’t have enough coins, you can buy much food. The more food, the better. Then, get the “Fat Burner” potion, which will make your Pou slim again.

2. Unlock the candy scene

How about turning your Pou’s wallpaper into a unique candy backdrop? To do this, eat all the sweets at least nine times that the option will be unlocked.

3. Repeat the Sound You Want

To make your pet repeat what you want, go to the Hall. Use the microphone located below the screen in the center, say something and listen to the mascot repeat what you say.

4. Prelease the POU Ninja Version

To customize your mascot with an incredible ninja outfit, you must eat all sushi at least once. Upon finishing the series, the option will be available.

5. How to make money Faster

Some Android apps allow the user to earn as much virtual money as they want within the game. But, we advise you not to do this since reports of users are banned from the game for having performed the practice.

POU MOD APK - Download v1.4.81 Unlimited Coins on Android

Pou MOD APK money for Android is a friendly virtual pet that will accompany you anywhere through your Android device. In this application, you are responsible for taking care of a friendly alien who loves to eat and play.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

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