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Pokemon are creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. They can live in the wild, or they can live together with humans. There have been many games about Pokemon on mobile, such as the famous Pokemon Go. 

Still, this time, The Pokemon Company provides a game with the theme of a cafe, where the player acts as a cafe owner serving delicious food to Pokemon. Here it is, Pokemon Cafe Mix APK!

The attractions of the game Pokemon Cafe Mix?

Behold, we are facing yet another game starring the famous Nintendo creatures. However, unlike the titles in the main franchise, your role in Pokémon Café Mix will, as its name suggests, manage a cafe.


Instead of using a dish preparation system or only managing customers arriving at the establishment, this game’s actions happen in a slightly more traditional puzzle. Okay, you still need to attend to everyone who appears, but you will need to collect pieces of the same type to prepare each order.

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The more pieces you put together (dragging your finger across the screen to group them), the bigger the combo made. Consequently, releasing unique movements capable of eliminating several pieces with specific conditions is a horizontal or vertical line or even a group in geometric shapes, like a square.

To encourage advancement in the game, new dishes emerge from time to time, creating varied challenges in preparation and even the possibility that other Pokémon will join your group of employees, providing various bonuses according to the type of dish prepared. Even Snorlax, the most hungry creature in this universe, can show up and demand that you join a group (a kind of clan) to feed him.

Our Opinion on Pokemon new

The Pokémon universe creatures have had a chance to visit the puzzle universe in fun games before, and with Pokémon Café Mix, things wouldn’t be different.

Despite having a tutorial to guide the player through the first group of stages, everything is intuitive to learn and understand. It is a game designed for both children and adults, and you will indeed find your way of having fun regardless of your age.

As in other genre games, you will unlock new stages as you progress and more varied challenges. Initially, you will only have to put pieces together to score, but then there will be at least three or four conditions to be met with a limited number of moves, increasing the difficulty.

Basic features of the puzzle-solving game

Pokemon Cafe Mix is ​​a puzzle game in which players are assigned to run a Pokemon cafe themselves. Assisted by cute Pokemon, this cafe serves various delicious food and exciting drinks for Pokemon consumers.

Varied but repeated challenges

As we mentioned earlier, Pokémon Café Mix has a combination that certainly pleases but may end up falling into the same problem as other titles in the genre: repetition.

Many people can give up the game for not presenting new dynamics after dozens of levels, just repeated missions and varied combinations after a while. To give extra life to the game, you can still join a “clan” to fulfill the most challenging objective: to feed a Snorlax (something that even makes good gifts if you can).

If that’s not an issue, go ahead and have fun again at Nintendo’s most popular franchise.

Connection-style Puzzle

The puzzle played in Pokemon Cafe Mix (Google Play) is ​​not a match-three puzzle or the like, but a free-form line-draw puzzle. Players are given a pile of Pokemon icons in the field of play, and they have to draw a line for free form, meaning that the player is free to move his finger on the screen at will while linking similar Pokemon icons for matching. 

Uniquely, the Pokemon icons are not silent but can be messed up by the player as they draw the line. Once the player is satisfied with the Pokemon that he has connected to, lift his finger from the touch screen, and the Pokemon icon will be taken.

Step Limits

In each level, players must complete the required targets, such as collecting 10 Evee icons. But to achieve this target, players must not take steps beyond the steps provided; otherwise, there will be a game over.

Use of Cafe Skill

Each Pokemon has a unique ability called Cafe Skill. To use this skill, players just need to fill in the Cafe Skill meter in the lower-left corner by connecting as many Pokemon icons on the field as possible.

review game Pokemon Cafe Mix gameplay

Once full, the Cafe Skill icon will appear in the game field, and players can drag the Cafe Skill icon to the desired position to activate it. Now, players only need to determine which Pokemon will be the Pokemon team leader at each level. Even, for example, has a Skill Cafe to detonate the Pokemon icons around her.

Serving Food and Beverages

Once the player completes a level, delicious and delicious food or drink is created. This food and drink are served to the visitors in the form of Pokemon, and they will enjoy it with satisfaction and increase the level of friendship with them.

Developing a Cafe

Every time you complete a certain number of orders from consumers, players will get a new upgrade for their cafe. And this upgrade is not only for decorating the cafe but also for getting new menus, which will undoubtedly make the cafe even more exciting and varied.

Pokemon that Looks Cute

You will recognize all the Pokemon that are presented in this Pokemon Cafe Mix game. There are Charmander, Eevee, Pikachu, Minccino, and others, which are displayed and animated cutely and charmingly. This game is also supported by uplifting songs and loud sound effects, much like the real Pokemon game.

Using the Life System

Since Pokemon Cafe Mix MOD Unlimited Money/Moves is ​​a free-to-play game, of course, there are a few game restrictions. In this case, the player is limited by the existence of the Life system, where if the player often experiences game over, then he will run out of Life and have to wait a long time before he can play this game again. 

Microtransactions are provided for the purchase of special packages and this game currency, Acorn. But the great thing is, it turns out that this game doesn’t require an Internet connection at all. Salute to the Pokemon Company on this.

Pokemon Cafe Mix is ​​arguably a unique puzzle game wrapped in very cute Pokemon. If you are a Pokemon fan, there is no reason not to try this one game!

Pokemon Cafe Mix APK - MOD v1.70.0 Money free on Android

Pokemon Cafe Mix MOD APK for Android is ​​a puzzle game in which players are assigned to run a cafe themselves. This cafe serves various delicious food and exciting drinks for Pokemon consumers

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

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