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Poco Launcher is already available on the Play Store and can be downloaded by smartphones other than the Poco brand.

A few days ago, Poco, the sub-brand owned by Xiaomi (Wikipedia), just launched the Poco Launcher application to the Play Store, allowing non-Poco devices to taste the smartphone’s interface made this scene.

What is Poco Launcher?

Poco Launcher APK is based on the custom ROM made by Xiaomi for all Poco smartphones and further known as MIUI for Poco. On the Play Store, Poco Launcher has left the beta label, which means that most of its features are bug-free. Performance is also being improved. To download the Play Store’s launcher, you only ‘burn’ a data quota of 12MB, which is relatively short.setting Poco Launcher 3.0 best

All devices with the Mi logo can download and use this launcher. I haven’t tried it on smartphones of other brands, but some online media have confirmed their support for some non-Xiaomi Android devices even though they don’t get them directly from the Play Store.

Those of you who haven’t downloaded it yet but have the desire to try it can read this review first to get to know Poco Launcher 2.0 more.

Poco Launcher interface

The interface presented by Poco Launcher is slightly different from the MIUI used on all Xiaomi devices. The most noticeable differences are in the icon design, menu arrangement, and transition animation options. The icon in Poco Launcher looks unique with a relatively more varied choice of colors and is more extensive than MIUI. Interestingly, Poco Launcher can still be combined with themes from Xiaomi, so if you are accustomed to using devices from this Chinese manufacturer, you don’t have to adapt for a long time.

The Home screen on Poco Launcher displays two main widgets, namely search and clock. There will be five application shortcuts on the main menu, including Settings, Gallery, Apps, Themes, and a cache wiperThere will be five other menus at the base consisting of calls, short messages, browser, Mi Music, and Camera. I don’t know if this shortcut arrangement will also be applied to other devices, but using a previous theme or launcher will likely have a slight impact when Poco Launcher is activated.

The background image used by Poco Launcher is a rocky hill against a star-studded sky as the background. Like most launchers, the user can easily change the background image as desired. The same can be implemented to widget options.

In the menu section, Poco Launcher applies a different way from other launchers. Instead of using a page, Poco Launcher hides a row of menus that can be opened by sliding the screen from the bottom up or holding the needle on the main or second home screen.

When the menu is displayed, Poco Launcher groups shortcuts into nine different categories, including Communication, Entertainment, Photography, Tools, Shoppings, Games, Lifestyle, Finance & Business, and Knowledge & Education. Unfortunately, these categories cannot be deleted or edited but can be hidden. To make searching easier, Poco has also added a search form at the bottom and a category “All,” which will display all the shortcuts in one place. Another distinguishing feature is the grouping of applications by color.

Features in Poco Launcher

Considering its use as a replacement launcher, of course, I can’t expect Poco Launcher to offer features like a custom ROM.Poco Launcher apk for android

The features in Poco Launcher have more to do with how the launcher works on smartphones, not features that add functionality to the device itself.

Icon Pack

The presence of the icon pack feature is indeed an obligation for the launcher, including Poco. The reason is, most launcher applications have done the same thing, even with more diverse creations. In Poco Launcher, users get two options, a default launcher icon and an icon from a third party that can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Automatic Group

By default, Poco Launcher will group apps into groups automatically. However, this feature can be turned off with the consequence that you will set yourself when installing new applications or games. Apart from automatic grouping, the launcher also can arrange the order and hide unnecessary groups.

Group By Color

As mentioned in the discussion of the interface, Poco Launcher can use grouping applications by color. This feature is turned off by default, so it must be turned on first in the settings panel.


The order of application shortcuts is applied alphabetically, but you can change them to their original order if you feel uncomfortable.

Lock Home Screen

Poco Launcher already has its design and options for the home screen. However, as the owner of the device, you are free to decide what shortcuts appear there. And to keep the arrangement neat, Poco offers the option of locking the screen so it can’t be changed on purpose or not.

Transition Effect

Apart from the wallpapers and icons, you can also make your launcher feel cooler by applying a transition effect between pages. The available transition effects consist of four options, namely slide, crossfade, tumble, and page.

Hide Icons

Finally, Poco also has an option to hide icons. However, to do this, you must first create a pin or key. So, it functions almost the same as App Lock in MIUI.


The POCO Launcher 2.0 – Customize, Fresh & Clean interface is not too unique, especially for those familiar with Xiaomi’s MIUI launcher. The real advantage of Poco Launcher lies in its very light and fast performance, suitable for those who have an extensive collection of applications.

Grouping apps by color is also quite smart, although the button design, in my opinion, still feels uncomfortable.

Poco Launcher 2.0 APK
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Poco Launcher is already available on the Play Store and can be downloaded by smartphones other than the Poco brand.

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