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Mobile games, nowadays, are designed to kill time and boredom, but that only works if you have a game that matches your mood. There are hardly any thrilling games for car enthusiasts on the play store. The handful of available games do not excite the senses.

That’s a huge dilemma, which needs a solution. Thankfully, Pixel Car Racer APK is a game that performs well above everyone’s expectations. It is a fun-to-play game that can be classified as a boredom killer.

What is Pixel Car Racer?

Pixel car racer is a game racing suitable for all ages starting from 3 years old, meaning your toddler can enjoy this game as much as you. If you like, you can use this game to distract your child, perhaps, divert his attention to something different.

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Not only will your kids be entertained, but they will probably learn more about automobiles in the process. Any information at a young age indents itself inside the mind, so if you want your child to be a motorhead like you when he grows up, then you should think about installing this game into your phone.

Features of the game Pixel Car Racer !

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1. Detailed controls

The controls to any game should be easy to use, especially when you’re playing the game on a mobile device. Pixel car racer is so well designed that the game has detailed controls. It is like you’re driving a car in real life.

You have an accelerator, a brake, a clutch, headlight controls, and more. The developers have put a lot of thought into the game’s design. Everything is where it should be on the screen, the controls are easy to reach, and the interface is user-friendly.

2. It takes very little space.

The racing game does not take up a lot of space on your device. Many other games use up a ton of space on your cell phone or tablet, eventually slowing it down.

However, pixel car racer only occupies 66 MB’s of storage. There are in-app purchases that might add-on to the MB count later on, but that totally depends on your usage.

3. Numerous vehicles available

The exciting game has a host of automobiles that you can choose from. You can select your favorite car and drive it, or better yet, race it against the computer. The car of your dreams is just a tap away. You can race it, tune it, and customize it any way you want.

4. Perform dyno runs

Yes, you can tune your car to make it go faster or more competitive. Whatever the case, dyno runs can be very helpful during the game and can educate you on real-life tuning. You are your kids can learn about car tuning just by playing a game.

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Such a feat is hard to find in any game, especially because more games are focused on entertainment and less towards education. Pixel car racer lets you do that without actually spending any money.

5. Customize almost everything

You can customize everything from the name of your car, its color, wheels, engine, and other exciting stuff. If you ever had a dream of customizing your vehicle, then Pixel Car Racer is a chance to redeem your innate desires.

You can add that bespoke touch to your favorite automobile without worrying about real-life finances.

6. Test Yourself

You can test your mettle and check the abilities of your racecar against others in a one-on-one drag race.

The drag race involves all the real-life procedures like heating the tires, revving the engine, using launch control, wider radial tires, and what not! The game provides you with a complete experience.

7. Enhance your vehicle

You can use the money you earn to buy new parts for your vehicle. The new parts will enhance the abilities of your car and make it go faster than before.

There will come a time when your competitors won’t be able to come near you. So, choose the races wisely, try to win them, and earn a lot of money to invest in some necessary auto parts.

8. In-app purchases

You are provided with a bank balance at the beginning of the game. However, it is your responsibility to help it multiply. The in-game currency is the only way to buy things inside the game except for another one.

You are given special credit tokens inside the game that can be used in times of emergencies to modify your vehicle and extract a favorable outcome from the next race.

9. Verdict

Pixel Car Racer is an incredibly riveting automotive game. There’s not a lot of focus on the graphics; rather, the main idea is to make the game educational and enjoyable.

You can have fun and learn a lot of new things while you’re playing the game. Not many games can provide such an environment. Therefore, Pixel Car Racer MOD money APK should be considered as a stellar recommendation.

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