File download PicsArt Color Paint MOD APK for Android

PicsArt Color Paint APK lets you use built-in brush strokes, shapes, and text styles to create your artwork, plus you can upload photos from the gallery for easy use.

The application allows you to save your work to your computer quickly, with an easy-to-use interface.

What is PicsArt Color Paint?

PicsArt Color Paint is a free drawing application full of features and tools to help the user create their art. When you open the application, you are prompted to create a blank page of the size you choose (with some predefined resolutions). With it open, you can select the tool you want to use to start painting.

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You can define the color you will use at the bottom of the screen by tapping the colored ring button. There you can choose what you want in an RGB palette or even mix the colors yourself.

What features does Color Paint have?

PicsArt Color Paint is a fantastic tool for editing images on your phone, offering complex features in an easy to use way. One of the app’s best parts is using different layers, which significantly facilitates those who deal with art and image editing.

The compass tool also helps to create more correct or even more surreal creations. You can configure just about everything from all features, size, color, density, and change your desktop size. The options are numerous, which leaves the user free to create at ease, without any barriers.

PicsArt Color Pintar is almost a Photoshop for the smartphone but improved with more straightforward commands to perform and a more friendly interface. It is an application that can be enjoyed both by professionals in the field and by less experienced users.

1. Various tools

You can do this with the brush, eraser, text, and all the rest. The first tray with options will appear, clicking on the arrow on it, and more settings will appear for you to customize the tools. Within each tool, you will find several ways to change them according to your taste.

At the top, another bar offers more features, such as undo or redo an action, insert an image, access the compass, and create layers. The compass tool is one of the most significant facilitators when drawing on your smartphone – it allows you to create symmetrical creations in several ways.

2. Almost a Photoshop

The layer system works just like ordinary image editors. You can add as many as needed to work, including photos you can upload from your phone. You can manage the layers’ order and even add or delete them in the menu that opens on the side.

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In the end, you can save the resulting image in the gallery, save a video of the entire design process, you can set the resolution and duration, or even a GIF of your design.

3.Use more than 20 artistic brush strokes

PicsArt Color Paint allows you to use more than 20 artistic brush strokes to create a unique work, and you can optionally change the brush strokes continuously to make your photo more artistic.

4. Provide vivid color combinations

The application has a wide variety of today’s vivid colors, and also, you can mix color blocks to create new colors, using these colors to make your painting stand out. And easy image highlighting.

5. Unique font options

You can use the unique artistic typefaces available to add paragraphs, sentences, characters, your name, … to the picture quickly. Make your image clear and easy to understand.

6. Add your picture from the gallery

Application PicsArt Color Paint allows during use, and you can add your image from the gallery, create a new image and suit yourself.

7. Use easy drawing page creation layouts

When you are drawing and creating an image, you can add designs to paint strokes, or if those layouts are no longer needed, you can easily hide or delete them.

8. Freedom to create new drawings

With the PicsArt Color Paint application (Google Play), you can freely create new works in your unique artistic style. It’s beautiful, isn’t it!

9. Save the drawing to your device

After completing the drawing operations, PicsArt Color Painting MOD Ad free application allows you to save your work as an image, video, or GIF, depending on your choice. It helps you to retain the jobs created by your own hands.

PicsArt Color Paint allows you to create works with brush styles, text styles, … available. You can insert your images from the gallery. Please install the application immediately to your computer to freely create your artwork!

PicsArt Color Paint APK

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