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PicsArt APK is a great application to insert pictures on your phone with many functions from basic to advanced. Let’s see the detailed instructions!

With more than 370 million downloads since its presence in the market, PicsArt is considered the number one application for inserting pictures in the world. This is an image processor with a lot of rare and powerful features and delivers awe-inspiring results.

Besides the vibrant range of effects, I would say take a look at the MAGIC button. You can also share photos and see the images shared by other users via PicsArt, which is very useful and successful, where you can handle all your operations with a single application without the need to download different applications. I can guarantee that you will delete many photo-related applications on your device after download it.

What is PicsArt? It’s nothing interesting

PicsArt is a free mobile photo editor, developed for the Android system, with different tools for the user to feel like a real graphic designer. Besides, it has Filters, collage maker, black and white, collage options, camera, free clipart library, and even options for creating memes and images for your package’s social networks.

You don’t need to understand anything about image editing. Here, you can apply filters to any photo taken on the spot with your gadget. If you prefer, you can also process images that are already in the device’s memory.


All you need is to have the idea loaded in PicsArt MOD – Photo Studio and start the treatment. When creating a new photo, the application already allows you to choose some options. If you prefer, you can add filters only afterward.

The app offers many features and functionality to make the image personalized. On the main screen, you can view the five editing modes that the application provides. The “Effects” is used to apply the filters, something similar to what happens on Instagram.

In “Collage,” it is possible to make assemblies with paraphernalia and other images. “Draw” is a way for those who wish to personalize their photos further and freely draw on them. Finally, the “Picone” accesses the smartphone’s camera and the device’s image uploads.

With PicsArt, it is also possible to apply filters even before capturing the image, only by accessing the “Camera” option present on the app’s main screen. After using any editing before clicking and taking the photo, it is possible to continue editing and work out the details with the app’s features and functionality.

The application is divided into different navigation tabs, in which the functions that show the newly published images, the most prominent photos, and the photos of the users’ contacts are divided. It is possible to search for tags, profiles, and also for thematic contests.

Other photo editing features

  • Picasrt image editing tool

The PicsArt editing tool offers essential functions (cropping, adding text, stretching, adjusting curves, and cloning) and some extra elements that help make photos more artistic: frames, borders, backgrounds, a complete library of artistic filters (including HDR) and explanatory texts.

The application also provides hundreds of fonts to be used in the text on images and allows for text overlay. All tools have a brush that can be adjusted to the size required for the desired finish and selectively applied to a specific area.

  • Art Tools

In addition to the stickers available, with the clipping tool (scissors), it is possible to create a custom sticker that can then be shared in the PicsArt community area.

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For those who like to make collages on photos, the application offers a wide range of free templates and daily uploads of new options. The user can make a photo collage in mesh style, freestyle layout, and collage under the model.

For those who appreciate drawing tools, PicsArt has customizable brushes and professional drawing tools and enables a camera that allows the use of live effects. With PicsArt, you can go further! One of PicsArt’s differentials is the possibility of editing free-to-edit images according to your creativity and then making it available in the community so that other users can make another edition upon your creation. It is good to read the privacy policy if you have copyright questions.

  • Portrait mode

Have you heard of “portrait mode”? Well, many people observe this effect in photos on social networks. However, the effect is basically to blur the background and keep only part of the image sharp, usually present in the photos.

However, this effect is only available for cameras on some newer iPhones.

  • How to use PicsArt Image Editor

In PicsArt Image Editor, you can edit a photo taken on the spot or import an existing photo on your phone’s camera roll. On top of that, you also can import photos from your accounts on other platforms, such as Facebook, Picasa, Dropbox, or Flickr. In the meantime, you can choose between spending a little more time on custom edits, or simply adding a filter quickly.

PicsArt Image Editor, in addition to photo editing, has an interesting new tool: exploring and discovering new photos. However, it is still not as intuitive as in other photo-sharing networks, such as Instagram. However, you can browse a photo feed, follow people, and do everything you expect from a social network.

However, PicsArt is best for those who want to spend more time creating and editing their photos. Thus, it is not very exciting for those who enjoy browsing the creations of other users. Therefore, for those more interested in discovering inspiring pictures on the web, Instagram, Streamzoo, and EyeEm are the best options.

To learn how to use all the features of PicsArt Image Editor, you will have to spend some time searching the internet. However, there is a wide variety of tutorials and videos to help you with this task. Thus, we have separated some exciting functions for you to learn a little more about how to use this application.

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