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This is a common scenario today: the person has two accounts and needs to use the same service. However, switching between profiles can be tiring for most users. It was thinking about solving this problem that Parallel Space Pro APK – Multi-Accounts emerged.

With it, you manage multiple accounts of an application that does not allow multiple accounts from a single device. For this, the tool mimics the application in question, which already has an account as if it were a separate application with its storable data. That is, if you have a personal number on WhatsApp through the installed app, it will also be possible to include a number for professional contact via instance in Parallel Space-Multi Accounts on Google Play.

install Parallel Space MOD APK Pro ON Android

The solution is compatible with any device that has Android 4.0 or higher, does not require root access, and, interestingly, occupies only 2 MB in the internal memory.

Once installed, tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen, choose one of the apps from the list and add your secondary account. The procedure is fast, safe, and completely free.

What is Parallel Space – Multiple accounts?

Parallel Space APK is a tool that allows you to open the same application with two different accounts. With it, you can have two versions of the same application running with two other accounts and settings.

This works for anyone who wants to separate personal and work accounts, use two accounts in games like Clash of Clans, or even just use two different sets of settings. The tool is lightweight and completely free.


During the test, it is possible to notice a considerable increase in the device’s battery consumption, considering that there were two Facebook open simultaneously. However, memory consumption remained stable, avoiding any kind of slowness or crash.

Parallel Space application to open two accounts from any application on the same device is the best application to have more than one account simultaneously. On the same phone, this application saves you a lot of effort and thinking.

This application saves you Space on your phone because it makes copies of the application with the least possible Space. The application provides you with more than one phone to manage all the accounts you have from now. 

You will manage your accounts in one phone only, and you do not need the best phone and the highest capabilities because the application does not exceed 10MB.

This is unreasonable. Parallel Space is straightforward and does not have any difficulty in dealing with it. All you have to do is download the application on your phone, and the application works on all smartphones and works on iPhone and Android. 

This application’s advantage is that it works on the lowest version and the least Android system for devices. The weak all you have to do is download the application and enter the main interface, and the application will enter you into the paid version, which is optional. Much effort to deal with this was a quick rundown of the Parallel Space app.

Features Apps Multi Account on Mobile phone

1. You can change settings for it

In the main interface of the application, there are three points: to enter the notifications. There is an amendment to many applications in the notifications in which you can change notifications and edit them.

In each application, there is a feature that enables you to amend the modifications, such as allowing notifications. This is to make the notifications that reach you in the general mode and mode. Do not disturb and enable you to turn off the notifications sound to not disturb and do not activate this feature unless you open it again.

Parallel Space Pro mod for android

It will work with you usually as it was in the past, and also, the blocking mode is to block notifications at all and not to appear again; and this feature does not work unless you restart it one more time.

2. Login to many Facebook, Instagram,… account easily

Download Parallel Space MOD APK:  In the application, there is an icon in the form of a brush to clean the application, such as the Facebook application and others.

I managed to create two accounts at the same time on it. The application cleans when you click on it and free up some space to put the phone in the best position and continuous improvement, and next to these. The icon is another icon in the shape of a crown, which is the paid version, and you can register on it and work on it. 

There are two types of subscriptions in this paid version, a permanent version: you pay an amount of money to work on the life application or try the paid version for some days to try it and come back again. To the free version, there are two methods of payment in the paid version, and the first is a credit card and what is called a visa card.

3. It is very safe and secure

The application is very safe, and do not worry about the feature of the paid version. If anything unexpected happens, contact the support team, and they will solve the problem as soon as possible.

There is also an incognito feature in the application, which is to make a personal copy of each application you have and hide it to prevent access to your privacy for anyone you have, such as your family or any of your friends, with this application Parallel MOD Premium APK, you can separate public life with private life. 

Parallel Space Pro APK - MOD Unlock Premium free on Android

This is a common scenario today: the person has two accounts and needs to use the same service. However, switching between profiles can be tiring for most users. It was thinking about solving this problem that Parallel Space Pro APK - Multi-Accounts emerged.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Tools