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Ordia APK is an Arcade android game made for android devices. It’s a 2D Arcade game where you have to play as bacteria or frog larva. In this game, you have to reach the top of the level by jumping from one point to another. The character you play in this game is known as a one-eyed character. No one knows what the character is. 

What is Ordia?

Ordia is a 2D one-finger action game where you play as a new species. Who is about to take its first leap in a strange and hazardous world. In this game, you have to jump, bounce, stick and slide your way through vibrant and rich environments. 

And also, there are many other creatures that you have to be aware of to get to your destination safely. The world is filled with various perils, challenges, and surprises. In this game, you have to guide the creature you have been given to a safe destination.

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To pass a level, you just have to pass by many obstacles jumping from one place to another and having a sharp eye because enemies are always around to hunt you down. The game also contains many checkpoints, a jumping point inside a bubble with a leaf on it that grows when the character reaches that point. 

To throw the level, you have to move the character from bottom to top while slightly stretching the character to help him jump from one point to another without being caught by enemies.

The different worlds and themes make the game experience exciting and joyful. In this game, you can use excellent visuals and much more.

Is it Paid Game or Free?

Ordia has two versions available at the play-store. One is free and the other charges money. The free version only lets you play until the very first round of the game means the very first intro of the game, and it shuts down automatically. It’s a demo version. 

Whereas the paid version lets you access all the game levels, it costs around $3.55 direct buying with no weekly subscription. There are also many MOD APK available out there that let you access all the game rounds. If you look at the play store, you will see two apps with the same name and a price tag and one without. 

This is because they omitted in-app-purchase. So, there is nothing you can buy in this game except the whole game. Ordia is a paid game whose MOD APK is available worldwide, but only some of them work.

Let’s learn about the Ordia

1. Ordia Graphics 

The game graphics are simple because it’s a 2D game. Ordia has some simplistic graphics but great textures that fill up life in the environment of the game. Ordia also features different worlds and different scenarios to make a person not get quickly bored by it.

2. Ordia Game Animations

Ordia has one of the best fluid 2D animations. We’re not saying on the top animations but the one which feels good to look at. In Ordia you are formed from a fluid-like substance where you separate yourself from the fluid facing one-eyed species that jump from one place to another until destination.

3. Intractable objects

In this game, almost everything that is provided is Intractable. When you touch the vegetation, it also moves as the character passes between. There are also some plants as you jump on them, they release one point or bacteria from them.

4. Game-play

In this game, your character is formed from a part of liquid every time a level starts, from where you include a one-eyed larva or some other species of bacteria. 

This game provides a kind of slingshot controls where you have to pull the character a little bit to produce some tension and release it, making it jump from one point to another by repeatedly doing the same process without getting caught by enemies.

ordia apk 1

You have to jump through many points until you reach the top and release your character in the air and set it free. Also, there are many secrets, and many checkpoints from where you start can start playing even if you die a thousand times. 

The enemies in this game are mostly red plants and other creepy creatures, some trying to eat you and trying to destroy you or blast you. You just have to reach the destination acquiring every possible point you can earn.

5. In-game Settings and Audio

Ordia in-game settings provide many options. You can choose between 13 languages or more such as default English, Dutch, Turkey, Francis, and many more in this game. This game also provides a feature for color blind people and helps them see the game’s right color. 

It also has a low power mode, which decreases animations and vegetation from the game. The settings menu comes with a sound and music slider providing control of the volume by their means and provides vibration on and off feature. The Audio in this game is very peaceful.

6. Levels & Options

Ordia comes with fascinating levels, but there is a big limitation of levels in the game. The game only contains 30 normal levels and 9 other bonus levels. The normal levels also contain three different modes with them. Once you complete a level, it automatically unlocks 2 more modes for that level.

Once a level is completed, a time trial and a hardcore mode unlock for it. If you want to play any high level round where you have not reached yet, you can play it because it is not locked; you can play any level you want. In this game, there are also 13 Achievement missions available. Ordia (Google Play) also contains three different worlds with 10-10 rounds in each world.

7. Specs you need to run the game

For playing this game, you need at least a phone with Android 4.4 or higher. Before installation, this game size is about 97 MB, and after installation, it’s about 149 MB. This game also supports low-end devices with less and less ram.

Does thigs game get any harder?

This is a straightforward game. As the levels progress, you get more enemies. Some chase you to your next checkpoint and some just wait for something to get insight to catch and eat it. So, the answer is yes, yes, the gets more problematic as it progresses through levels.

Ordia is one of the best one finger action game. Ordia Mod Money APK allows players to get access to the game quickly without any purchase. This game has a significant fluid simulation and much more.

Ordia APK - Download v1.0.11 Jump, bounce, stick for Android

Ordia APK - One finger platformer on Android

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

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