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The user interface of the NoxCleaner APK application is straightforward to understand; even if this is your first time using this application, I guarantee you will have no trouble using it.

Not only that, but the NoxCleaner application has also embedded several menus that users can use to update the application version, report errors/bugs, and so on. Here are some views of the NoxCleaner application:

Have you ever experienced where your cellphone is slow and lagging when running an application? If so, this could be due to the accumulation of large enough junk files on your cellphone.

how to use NoxCleaner apk

More commonly referred to as junk files, Junk files are temporary files from user activities such as installing applications, running applications, and performing other operations. All these activities will leave junk files that have no use, which is also called junk files.

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The larger the junk files that accumulate on your cellphone, the less storage space on your cellphone will also decrease. If this continues, the storage space will be full, and the Android system cannot run smoothly, and you will feel that your cellphone’s performance is decreasing.

To delete junk files, you can do it manually or using an application. I do not recommend using the manual method because if you delete the wrong file (not the junk files folder that was deleted), then it could be that your android system will be error / unusable.

In this article, I will introduce a junk files cleaner that I highly recommend, namely NoxCleaner.

NoxCleaner is a cleaner application with the main function of cleaning junk files and cache that have accumulated long enough on your cellphone storage so that your cellphone performance will be much faster.

The more free space on your cellphone’s storage, the system will run properly even much faster because the pile of useless junk files has been deleted. Not only as a cleaner application, but NoxCleaner is also equipped with several excellent features, including:

  • One-click Optimizer 

With just one click, NoxCleaner will scan all folders and files that are on your cellphone storage. NoxCleaner will search for useless files that are not needed by your Android system, such as junk filescache, unused installation packages, and so on.

  • Junk Files Cleaner 

As I said before, the main function of the NoxCleaner application is to clean junk files on your cellphone storage. Unlike other cleaner applications, the scanning process carried out by NoxCleaner will touch the deepest layers of your cellphone storage so that NoxCleaner can quickly delete junk files that are difficult to delete by similar applications.

  • Photo Manager 

This Photo Manager feature is rarely found in similar applications. This feature in the NoxCleaner application allows us to quickly find multiple photos (same photo but with different folder locations), similar photos, photos with a large size, screenshot photos, and photos with a blurry effect, and even videos.

  • Photo Compressor 

A favorite feature to consider about the NoxCleaner app is Photo Compressor. By utilizing this feature, we can reduce the photo file size without reducing the photo’s quality.

You need to know, one of the factors that make your cellphone storage full is the number of photos that have a large size. Therefore, compressing photos is recommended enough to free up free space on your cellphone storage.

How to Use NoxCleaner

NoxCleaner has a very user-friendly interface, which users will have no trouble operating. But to make it easier for you to use this application, I will explain the basic steps in using the NoxCleaner application, starting from cleaning junk files and cache, using the photo manager feature, and compressing photos whitelisting certain applications from scanning. Oh yes, make sure you have downloaded the application first via the following link.

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Cleaning Junk Files and CachePerform scanning and cleaning to clean up junk files and cache you must regularly. Why? As I have mentioned several times that the accumulation of junk files and cache will cause storage to become full. As a result, system performance will decrease. Therefore, you can clean it easily in the following ways:

  • 1. Open the NoxCleaner application. To clean junk files and cache, just click the Scan button.
  • 2. Wait for the scanning process to complete. You will see information about junk files + their sizes to delete. Then click Clean.
  • 3. Done, the large pile of junk files and cache has been successfully deleted.

1. Using the Photo Manager Feature

Feature Photo Manager allows you to search for image files by categories such as Similar Images (photo-like), large-sized imagesscreenshot imagesvideo and blur images (photos that have motion blur effect ). You can see the steps to use the Photo Manager feature below:

  • 1. Open the NoxCleaner application. To use the Photo Manager feature, click Photo management.
  • 2. After that, click Manage as indicated by the arrow.
  • 3. Wait for the loading process to complete. Now you can easily search for photo files based on the category you want, whether it’s similar photos, large photos, and so on.

2. Compress Photos Without Reducing Quality

A large photo file size will take up a lot of space in your storage. Therefore, compressing a large photo is recommended so that the size is smaller and the storage space. How to do it? Check out the steps below:

  • 1. Still on the Photo Manager menu, select the photo folder you want (Large size images ).
  • 2. Select the photo that you want to compress by checking it, then click Start optimization.
  • 3. If you get a notification like this, just select Confirm and wait for the compressing process to finish.
  • 4. It worked! The photo file you want has been successfully reduced in size.

3. Whitelisting of Certain Applications from Scanning

Whitelisting of certain applications is done so that the application in question can be excluded from the scanning or cleaning process so that the application’s temporary files will not be deleted. You can do whitelisting on certain applications through the steps below:

  • 1. Open the NoxCleaner application, then click Menu (triple icon).
  • 2. Then select App whitelist.
  • 3. Select the application you want by giving a checklist on the application, as shown below. Then select Confirm. The application is excluded from the scanning and cleaning process.
  • 4. If you want to add another application that you want to whitelist, click Add and repeat step number 3.

When it comes to cleaning junk files, cache and improving your cellphone’s performance, NoxCleaner is the right solution. After reading the reviews above, are you getting interested in using this application? I think there is nothing wrong if you try this application.

After a few days of use, try to compare before and after using the NoxCleaner application (Google Play), whether there are changes or not. If you have experience or your judgment regarding this application, don’t hesitate to share it via the comments below, good luck!

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Nox Cleaner APK - Download v2.9.8 Clean junk on Android

The user interface of the NoxCleaner APK application is straightforward to understand; even if this is your first time using this application, I guarantee you will have no trouble using it.

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