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After a stressful working day ends, in the evening, you want to relax by watching movies or listening to music on YouTube but are bothered by advertisements. It is annoying, right? Don’t worry. I will help you enjoy a pleasant evening with this app.

What is NewPipe, and what is it?

NewPipe APK is a Youtube video player, but has a creative interface, does not use any Google framework library or YouTube API, and does not require users to log in like the versions we used to know, for example, Youtube Red, OG Youtube…

With the NewPipe Android device, users can watch all video content on Youtube for free, without ads, and are supported with unique features such as download video and audio, listen to music when the screen is off, click miniature video playback interface … and some extra beneficial features.

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NewPipe also has much functionality, especially when watching videos; it will not appear in pop-up ads. And you do not need to log in to an account to still use NewPipe.

NewPipe was first released in September 2015 by author Christian Schabesberger. Currently, NewPipe is not available on Google Play, so the only way to use it is to install the Android application package file – apk file.

New Pipe interface and features

NewPipe’s interface is also straightforward to get used to, still red as the main color tone; it’s just slightly different from YouTube. NewPipe application is divided into three main sections at the home screen, including Trends, Subscriptions, and Bookmarks, and it has two user platforms, YouTube and SoundCloud.

First, the Trends view will show the most popular songs on YouTube, and you can also search for your favorite songs.

Next are two interfaces Register and bookmark favorite. I think these two items will not be used much because you can also download and listen offline right on your phone.

The feature that people look forward to most is not showing ads when watching videos on YouTube, and the NewPipe app can do it. But to be honest, NewPipe’s playback interface is not very friendly, but you should wait a while for the application to update more completely. However, you can make up for with beneficial functions such as:

  1. Listen to audio in the background.
  2. Adjust the fixed quality for videos.
  3. Change viewing modes.
  4. Minimize player.
  5. Adjust playback video.

In the latest update of NewPipe, the developer has added a search utility on Youtube Music, Android TV and integrated some new features on the original Youtube.

Besides, it also fixes some errors such as display errors, errors related to network connectivity, search errors, and adding Checkstyle to build scripts and improve code styles. In general, the NewPipe application is improving more and more completely, bringing a satisfying experience for users.

Admittedly, the NewPipe application has many superior features to YouTube, but in terms of interface and stability, it is not possible to equal YouTube. But you want to have time to relax after a long tiring day of work without being bothered or interrupted by advertising, and you should experience NewPiple.

Can download video or audio with many quality and formats.

What is more surprising when you use NewPipe to click on a video to watch is a video information interface with many features arranged reasonably.

At the top, we are allowed to choose a fixed quality for the video we are about to watch from lowest to highest (2K-4K supported); below is the Play button to start watching and some information about the name – People who are downloading, viewing, like – dislike similar to the original Youtube application.

General comment and review limitations

From the useful features that improve the user experience when watching videos on Youtube, needless to say, you can also see the outstanding advantages of NewPipe, right? 

NewPipe has synthesized all the features that users need when using Youtube and bring it to a new, user-friendly interface that is easier to use, not dependent on YouTube API anymore.

Because of not using the YouTube API, NewPipe also has a small limitation that makes us only watch YouTube videos as guests – unable to review comments or submit video review responses.

No ads, all is free.

The difference of NewPipe when watching a video for Youtube is that we have to click the Play button (the icon to play the video) to start the video. The default playback interface does not seem perfect like Youtube, but there are many more useful extra features such as:

  • Fixed quality adjustment for video – not affected by network connection
  • Control how fast or slow the video plays and the ability to mute the sound while rewinding
  • Change view: Fit, fill, and zoom suitable for many phone screen sizes.
  • The interface screen rotates button plays horizontally or vertically.
  • And the same external features: listen to the sound in the background, open the player minimized …

It can be seen that NewPipe possesses many beneficial features that the original Youtube application and other Youtube video viewing applications do not have. But that is not all when we do not see any ads appearing in NewPipe, from the homepage to the video playback … although NewPipe is entirely free.

How to download NewPipe on an Android device

download NewPipe apk for android

Please note that the NewPipe application only supports devices under the Android operating system.

  • Step 1:  Download the Newpipe APK installation file at the link below to install.

Download Newpipe on GameLoop APK.

  • Step 2: Go to the Download folder of your phone, open the APK file you just downloaded (Before downloading this file, you need to make sure you allow the installation of strange files in the settings). Open the Setup file  > After clicking Install, then wait a moment for the machine to proceed with the installation.

Once installed, just open and use the app as usual.

How to download music and videos

NewPipe allows you to download music and videos; this is a perfect feature for saving 4G data when enjoying your favorite songs because it is already saved offline on your device.

  • Step 1:  You choose any video. Then follow the image below to download. It will then display the type of media that you will download, such as  Video or Audio, and the quality of the file you download.
  • Step 2:  Select the quality you want to download, then click OK to finish; now, just wait for the download to complete. And you can switch to the download tab to see the files you just downloaded.

Finally, I wish you all read this article to have a great time, relax, and relieve stress when listening to music after a working day, break time with this NewPipe application.

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After a stressful working day ends, in the evening, you want to relax by watching movies or listening to music on YouTube but are bothered by advertisements. It is annoying, right? Don't worry. I will help you enjoy a pleasant evening with this app.

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