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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball APK is one of the best basketball simulation games developed by the famous 2K company for mobile phones and is the latest mobile game from the NBA 2K franchise. 

First of all, it should be mentioned that you need Android 8 and above or iOS 11 and above to install the game, your mobile phone must have 4 GB of RAM, and you must be connected to the Internet throughout the game.

The NBA 2K gaming experience on phones with the original game standard is the developers’ goal, which you will realize as soon as you enter the game. The very high and excellent graphics of the game is the first thing that catches your attention.

What is NBA 2K Mobile Basketball?

The NBA 2K franchise returns to the courts with the redesigned 2018 version, optimizing several aspects criticized in previous apps.
The aim is to convey a basketball game’s real sensation, with straightforward controls and quick commands.

The career mode was remodeled, expanding the script and allowing more significant interaction with your myPlayer. Something different in the 2018 version is the association mode, which will enable you to create a team from scratch and try to become the next NBA dynasty.

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Another novelty present in the title is 2K Beats, an exclusive and eclectic platform with the most heard songs by the National Basketball League of the United States.

New controls have been added, allowing for faster runs and improved defense capabilities. The rewards in this version will provide you with virtual currencies for you to improve your myPlayer.

Gameplay: The battle of the balls

The design of the players ‘appearance, the playing field, the facial movements, and the players’ reaction, spectators, and coaches are done by reality. The developers’ attention to designing the delicate details has doubled the visual appeal of the game.

Your goal in NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is to get playing cards that you can use to build your favorite team and enter the league and compete in 5-on-5 matches. Before joining the main competitions, you can train your players and improve their skills with exercises. 

In addition to the main competitions, there are also events and seasonal competitions that you can enter to win various prizes. Over 400 player cards give you a wide choice to build and manage your dream team.

Competing with other players in PvP format is another exciting part of this game because it allows you to test your skills against other players.

The various modes of the NBA 2K Mobile Basketball game allow all fans with any level of knowledge about basketball to experience the game without any problems. Auto Mode helps players who do not know basketball rules or are new to the field to enjoy playing and managing their team without dealing with the rules. 

On the other hand, Manual Mode is designed for players who want to manage a basketball game from zero to one hundred and are looking for exciting real competition challenges.

Graphics and controls on the touch screen

The graphics are still stunning and fluid, without falling frames and bizarre things. The audio also deserves praise, since those responsible managed to adjust the background music volume, which gives a relaxed rhythm to the game – with the sound effects.

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The controls are not very accurate, which requires several hours of gameplay to master them. An excellent alternative to master the fluidity of actions is to opt for the career mode, which has been optimized and works very well.

The unique features of the game are as follows:

  • More than 400 cards from your favorite NBA players and all-star basketball players
  • It has very high graphics comparable to the console version of the game and the players’ main movements on the playing field.
  • Ability to build your dream team using past and present players
  • Ability to join a group using MyPLAYER or create a new group according to your taste
  • Achieve daily points by being active and continually entering the game
  • Ability to compete with other players in real-time
  • Personalize appearance, equipment, and… for players on MyPLAYER.
  • Holding competitions between different groups in 3: 3 games
NBA 2K Mobile Basketball APK - Download v2.10.0.5 on Android

The NBA 2K Mobile MOD for Android franchise returns to the courts with the redesigned 2018 version, optimizing several aspects criticized in previous apps.

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Operating System: Android

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