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You likely know Naruto, the famous manga and anime written by Masashi Kishimoto. So there is nothing better than spending a little more time in this beautiful universe, and you can do that with Naruto: Slugfest. An online RPG takes you to Vila da Folha and will let you experience the emotions when you are immersed in your favorite Ninjas.

Download Naruto: Slugfest APK worth it? In case you don’t want to take a chance before having a reliable opinion, we tested the game and brought all our impressions here. Are you curious? Check out our review and see if Naruto’s RPG won our team!

The gameplay of the game Naruto

The beginning of the game is enough to create the ambiance that we will see from there onwards. They are scenes from the anime, showing well-known characters, such as Sasuke, Jiraya, and others. 

After that, it’s time to choose whom you want to be in this new chapter of Naruto’s journey. There are four characters with different skills, like one with medical ninjutsu, another focusing on agility, and more.

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After that, it’s time to start playing Naruto: Slugfest for good. As a ninja in an MMORPG universe, you have to go on missions and face villains, just as you can participate in challenges available in the game itself and challenge friends directly.

When facing the game’s challenges, you need to be quick and precise not to take fatal blows. Your character moves around on the screen’s left side, while strokes, both ninjutsu, and taijutsu, are on the right side. You need to be aware of the recovery time that the ninja takes to execute the same blow again. While waiting, use the other alternatives.

Your inventory can grow little by little, equipping new ninja weapons and becoming stronger. Meanwhile, with each mission revealed, the character gains points that can be reinvested in skills to be prepared the moment greater dangers approach.

For anyone who is a fan of Naruto, the game will take you into this new universe, a place idolized by many. Who doesn’t know the manga and anime, Naruto: Slugfest is an excellent opportunity to imagine being a ninja in Konoha.

The charms of ninja games

The MMORPG is excellent for bringing with great propriety the universe created by Naruto and reproducing it in a very high level of precision, mainly using the anime’s original dubbing. Therefore, what stands out in the game is the environment that it is capable of providing.

However, you need to have adequate space on your smartphone to be able to download Naruto: Slugfest, in addition to requiring an elevated operating system to run the game smoothly. 

If not, get ready to face a series of frozen screens throughout the process. If you have the requirements available, we recommend embarking on this experience!

1. The graphics are very nice.

The Naruto Slugfest APK contains many Japanese combat graphics and modern and unique anime characters. The fighting elements and packages of movements and skills you can collect and include on your hero are present in numerical battles.

play Naruto: Slugfest on android

Scenes inspired by the unique Japanese character with Putting multiple civilizations and monuments in that country, and there is a large empire that you must protect from sparks and fight in the face of the greatest enemies. It would help if you won them to be able to maintain the throne of the emperor.

2. Let’s fight every day.

To implement all the movements and methods that he mastered to overcome more of them and be able in the end to win continuously and win all the prizes and rewards that are inside them. You must be stronger than before and wiser and use all the packages available in front of you with the continuous promotion and exist from them.

An excellent and unique library makes you oust all competitors and remove them from the city to protect the emperor and the throne and achieve the victory you wished before and wanted to reach it. You will have the ability to choose between various Japanese fighting characters, and there are characters from men and women, and can switch between them. Each one has different supernatural and distinctive strengths.

On the other hand, it is possible to update and buy from the store, as there are great magic moves, knockouts, and other beautiful Japanese methods that we see in the beautiful movies and cartoon series that adults and children love. Today they are available for everyone to play with whatever.

3. Other features

  1. Naruto Slugfest APK includes many Lebanese characters that can be used in fighting, both men and women.
  2. It contains the different environments of those great civilizations with the placement of various battlefields and areas.
  3. Inside the Naruto Slugfest MOD, you can use the main screen to move, move, fatal fires, and more.
  4. It includes large packs of fighting moves that can be switched between and buy from the store, so you have more in each stage to win.
  5. You will get cash and prizes after downloading the Naruto Slugfest game for Android to be used in the development and upgrade process.
Naruto: Slugfest APK - Download v1.0.3 for Android

Download Naruto: Slugfest APK for Android really worth it? In case you don't want to take a chance before having a reliable opinion, we tested the game and brought all our impressions here

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