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Create photos and animations moving in search of a unique frame that you can revitalize and enliven your pictures with our magical Motionleap APK (Enlight Pixaloop) animation app. #1 Have you ever noticed how your photos are portrayed wondered how to make animations? 

This event is connected with Instagram by Storms like sky and colors and adding effects. Now you can revitalize your photos on Android.

What is Motionleap?

Motionleap APK is an application that can create motion pictures that bring art into your photos; any element in the picture like fire, waves, clouds … can move.

how to use app Motionleap Enlight Pixaloop

App Enlight Pixaloop

Motionleap dazzles your friends for all the trailers that bring life to life with the best video and animation software, and best of all, it is a free Motionleap animation app. You can change it easily with motion pictures, and the animation tool is powerful, accurate, smooth, and very easy without any fatigue.

In just a few steps, you can move it and add animation effects to your pictures. Thus, you have to choose the appropriate effect, such as a stunning video of a boomerang or GIF. On Android, you need inspiration from Motionleap View, then select your creations, and we are ready with the best.

After making the image and making it more readily, you can save it with more than quality and share it through social networking sites and make it a very civilized landscape and receive many people’s admiration. It is available in many languages ​​that enable you to use the application correctly. A copy is available that can be purchased with money from the developer that has other features. 

The application is used from all over the world. It is famous for taking out pictures and videos with very high quality due to the availability of many tools that enable you to innovate in the image and produce it to befitting the application.

Features of Motionleap app

  1. Make still images move.
  2. Animate a few taps and swipes an image.
  3. Display speed and direction of the arrow.
  4. The court’s contract was placed on the anchor points of the moving image.
  5. Fix freeze brush photo sections.
  6. Soft, animated sky with colorful sunsets and clouds, choose from a wide range, such as the automated sky Timelapse.
  7. The speed of placing cover photos, an idea of ​​your stories, modifying them, and making them more smooth through the stories posted on the popular social networking application Instagram.

Some examples of distinct application features:

  • CINEMAGRAPH effects.
  • Edit any image on your smartphone using Android.
  • Adjust, edit, and animate photos, animate every picture element, hair, waves, clouds, and clothes.
  • Photos can be obtained from the program, just like the professional.
  • Learn animate a few minutes with incredible design and animation software and technology.
  • Add filters to the pictures and stickers that the program gives you to use to make the image more beautiful and smooth and produce it at a high level.
  • Add fun overlays to add emotion, emotion, and movement to still photos.
  • Add more flair to your Instagram posts.
  • He created movie-like effects.
  • Distort perspective and style with adjustments and effects, make all necessary adjustments to images.
  • Import the image from the phone gallery. Once you add it, you can modify it – move any element in the image: hair, waves, clouds, clothes.
  • Unleash your creativity with Motionleap easy and advanced animation tools. Create animated masterpieces that enhance your social media presence, business, or personal branding. Get professional results with ease with this app for animating photos on Android. Learn how to move images in minutes with Amazing software and animation technology.

How to create moving photos with Enlight Pixaloop

install Motionleap apk pro mod unlocked

  • Step 1. Install Motionleap on your phone. When opening it for the first time, swipe the screen several times to the left and touch “Come on!”. Then press “X” in the upper left corner to use the free version of the application;
  • Step 2. The sample photo will be opened in the editor. Touch the photo cone in the upper left corner to access the project gallery. Finally, tap on “New Project” and select the desired image in the gallery of your phone;
  • Step 3. In the Motionleap editor, tap “Animate”. Press the “anchor” button and mark the points on your photo that should not move;
  • Step 4. Then, go to “Path” and draw a movement path. To follow the results, touch the play button at the bottom right of the screen;
  • Step 5. Still, in animation settings, you can change motion speed, freeze and unfreeze animation, select motion mode in “Loop,” and much more. Touch the arrow button in the lower-left corner to return to the previous setting;
  • Step 6. In “Sky”, you can adjust the sky style of your image. Select the desired options and tap again to change opacity, environment, and horizon;
  • Step 7. Tap “Layer” to add effects such as bubbles, reflections, rain, lights, smoke, and more;
  • Step 8. In “Element”, you can add animated objects such as butterflies, bats, steam, fire, stars, rays, and more.
  • Step 9. Tap “FX layer” to enter camera movement effects, such as shake, smooth swing, and zoom.
  • Step 10. After making all the edits you want, hit the share button at the screen’s top right corner. Finally, select the desired format, duration, and quality and tap “Export” to save the edited image to your phone gallery.

Ready! Take advantage of tips on using the Motionleap app (Google Play) to edit and create moving photos with special effects.

Motionleap Pro APK - Download Pixaloop MOD v1.3.1 on Android

Enlight Pixaloop Pro APK for Android is a tool to help you create professional looking photos with the ability to automatically make better photos with filters and effects.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Photography