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Now you can explore the fighting game MORTAL KOMBAT APK! This is a PC game and ported to Mobile; it’s the next generation game on Mobile.

Starting in this game, you will be collecting cards and fighting with many opponents from all over the world.

You will build an elite team of mighty warriors and challenge powerful opponents and receive rewards.

What is Mortal Kombat?

Mortal Kombat X is an action-packed fighting game, and Warner Bros released it and now has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play. The version follows the same molds as Injustice: Gods Among Us, which has been downloaded more than 48 million times since launch, according to the company.

The team’s idea was to recreate Mortal Kombat X for mobile systems, transforming the gameplay into something more dynamic and straightforward. One of the priorities was the graphics, which bring almost the same quality as the game’s console version.

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The game features 24 fighters (initially) and has many items that can be unlocked, including new clothes, equipment, and, of course, Fatalities. Since the game is Free to Play, you also can buy these items for real money if you don’t want to waste time releasing everything separately.

Another exciting feature of the mobile version of the game is that it can be connected to the PC / console version through a WBPlay account. With that, several items can be unlocked in both games, such as unique skins, for example.

Mobile players will also participate in the Faction Guild, which will count points for all platforms used. However, this game mode will only be available after the official game launch, which took place on April 14th.

Destroying on laptop

This version’s gameplay is much more straightforward: you don’t have a directional pad and buttons on the screen, but you need to make gestures to hit your opponent.

Just a few taps on the screen to give a sequence; while the two fingers on the screen serve to defend and, at certain times, it is necessary to drag the finger on the screen to perform unique movements – including Fatalities, which are the same as in the original game.

The game starts with a team of 3 fighters against 3 other opponents, each of whom fights once. It is worth mentioning that you can change soldiers in the middle of the combats, and you must pay attention to the energy bar so as not to lose the fights.

This energy does not automatically recharge after the confrontation. By winning these fights, you gain experience and can level up. That yes, it recovers all the energy of the fighters in question.

At certain times it is also possible to call for help from a fourth fighter, who appears by surprise and performs an X-Ray on the opponent, drawing much energy.

Your team starts with “generic” soldiers from the clans. As you progress, the original fighters will be released. Therefore, it is necessary to release the cards of the characters to personalize your team.

Mortal Kombat from Kartas

When you win battles, you also receive upgrade cards. These cards are used only once and grant improvements to the fighters. You can win repeated cards, and these cards can be joined together to increase their efficiency.

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Winning the fights, you also receive coins that can later be used to acquire more cards or skills for the heroes. These coins can also be purchased with real money, but this is not mandatory.

The idea is to release new blows and more powers for the characters, leaving the fights a little more strategic than in the original game, where you need to hit the combos to win.

Our Opinion on MORTAL KOMBAT X

Mortal Kombat X Mobile offers simple and very intuitive gameplay. Anyone who is used to fighting games on the console will positively be surprised by this version’s theme. However, this simplicity is what makes the game much more accessible on notebooks.

The dynamics of the game allow you to improve your fighters as you progress through the levels. To do this, you need to purchase unique cards that update the fighters’ skills. This system makes you want to keep playing to see more and more powerful warriors.

The feeling of progress is also something that leaves you glued to your mobile screen: each fight brings something new, like new fighters each round. In the first hours of the game, each battle is a discovery, and that kind of thing makes the game fun.

Another very cool system of this game is that it can be connected to the original game when released on consoles and PC, allowing the release of special items such as exclusive skins.

1. Impress graphics

Whoever installs the game may end up being frightened by the visual quality of Mortal Kombat X Mobile. The characters bring practically the same details of the game to the consoles. The details are also in the Fatalities and X-Ray moves, which work in the same way as in the original. This will undoubtedly impress anyone.

The bad part is that the game is more of a hobby than a fighting game itself. You will not have the option to fight “in the race” against opponents, performing combos and streak sequences. Here, everything is programmed, and you have few options during fights: defend or hit the screen randomly to hit your opponent.

This system can get boring quickly if you are not very interested in the card progression system.

Another point that can end up bothering you is the temperature of the device. We tested the game on several different platforms, and they all got quite hot. With this, energy consumption also increases considerably, making you need to be careful when playing not to drain your phone or tablet battery.

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We can say that Mortal Kombat X Mobile is an incredible game, and that certainly should be tested by everyone who likes the series. The good part is that it is entirely free.

The Highlights of the game MKX

  • The new version of the game has run more stably.
  • Nice graphics, strong characters, smoother movements!
  • Ultimate combat action gameplay.
  • You will be collecting cards and fighting all opponents and monsters.
  • There are more than 130 different characters; you should collect them.
  • Complete 1000+ tough missions to level up and get rewards.

Disadvantages of the game MORTAL KOMBAT

  1. The effect is still not right.
  2. The fighting combo is still little.
  3. Limit buying character cards.
  4. The game often crashes, and bugs freeze.
  5. Game controls are not smooth.
  6. You are no longer allowed to play offline mode.
  7. Bad game experience, prolonged loading into the game.
  8. Using both wifi and 4G mobile internet still cannot access the game.

Now you can Download MORTAL KOMBAT MOD APK and experience it!

Mortal Kombat MOD Mobile
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