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 Mojo APK (Original)

The Mojo app was created to make it easier to develop creative stories for social networks, like Instagram and Snapchat. With the Mojo app, it is possible to assemble images through ready-made layouts and special effects for stories. 

There are about 40 templates with several different styles, all 100% editable. The 50 text style options bring incredible animations and adaptable according to the content you want to produce. With Mojo APK, you can customize fonts, sizes, text positions, alignments, images, photos, and videos. 

What is Mojo?

Mojo Stories is an application that aims to make editing videos simple in the format of a story or tutorial, something much more straightforward to be done on the mobile screen. Through a “step by step” interface and with the help of a good number of tools, the idea is that you can express your thoughts without stress.

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Even if the app is entirely English, the public should not experience any difficulties due to the foreign language when creating projects. The program has a straightforward, intuitive interface and is based almost entirely on icons and settings familiar to any editor type.

For example, to start the game, touch the “+” button – in the lower right corner of the display – and choose the format of your new work: portrait, landscape, or the famous square, made for Instagram Plus

When you download the Mojo app on your mobile, you access the layout options made available for free by the app, and you can subscribe to Mojo Pro APK and unlock 300 text templates plus new styles added monthly. The design of the application is intuitive and easily accessible.


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How Mojo works

The home screen of the Mojo app presents a sample of what can be done on your device. You can quickly check out some of the text effects and creative story possibilities.

After going through the first presentation screens, you can access all the options available to create stories and other types of art. Scrolling the screen, you can check themes and textures suggested by the application. It’s comfortable and practical to use; choose the layout template you prefer and create the personalized story.

The models have special effects that make the story arts more attractive and creative. You can take images with photos and videos from your gallery. There is also the option to use pictures from the Mojo app’s image bank. The central differential of Mojo is that, in a practical and agile way, you can create professional and authentic stories. 

To facilitate your identification with Mojo themes (Google Play), the app organizes the categorized stories, such as Minimalist, Paper, Fashion, Pop, Sports, Film frames, Photography, among others. It is possible to change the text of the image during editing, adapted to the format, and continue with the animation effect even after the change. 

You can add songs to your stories. They are made available by the app itself from a library. For those who want to explore more layout options, Mojo presents a paid subscription plan that costs $ 29.90 in the monthly plan or $ 119.90 in the application’s annual purchase.

 The Mojo app does not add a watermark with the logo! The models have innovative and modern styles. With Mojo, you can create stories for personal or commercial use.

Our Opinion about Instagram Story Editor Apps

For both professional and personal purposes, stories add a lot. The Mojo app is ideal for those looking for modern layouts and practicality when creating. The fonts, text templates, and styles that the app offers are incredible and applicable to different themes. 

With each update, the app improves even more and seeks to satisfy its users. The stories made with Mojo are interactive and very creative, made in an uncomplicated and fast way. 

The application is also perfect for disclosing through the Instagram story, and its templates are beautiful and very well structured. Compared to the paid version, the free version leaves something desired and surprises those who use the app. 

1. Play without worry

As it is possible to go back if you made a bad mistake during the production – touching the back arrow -, you can try everything calmly without fear of being happy. 

The basics of the basics are in the first indicator on the left, which determines when the frame you are currently editing – up to a maximum of 99 slides. After drawing the first page, you need to go there and select the number 2 to proceed.

The cool thing is that it is possible to reproduce YouTube’s popular “Draw My Life”, which served as the basis for developing the app. To tell your life in a clip, use and abuse illustrations made with your finger – or with a stylus – and add all kinds of trinkets on top, with the program offering from simple emojis to mustaches, hats, and other props to enhance the work.mojo pro mod english 3

Just keep in mind that the drawings made by the user are recorded in real-time by the application, so it is good to have everything planned or trained before getting your hands dirty – avoiding a long video or full of errors and corrections. Other tools at your disposal allow you to insert texts of the most varied types, colors, and sizes, apply background images, trigger a soundtrack and, of course, make your narration.

2. To pay or not to pay?

With all that said, Mojo APK proves to be a surprisingly fun option for creating stories, tutorials, and presentations on a variety of topics. However, the software also has its share of problems, which, in general, concern the finalization of the project and the final product’s rendering.

This happens because, when trying to transform the document into a clip itself, the user is faced with three alternatives: export the material without any fee with a limitation of 10 seconds; watch an advertisement or respond to a survey, so there is no time limit; or pay $ 5.43 for the Premium version of the app, which means you don’t have to worry about advertisements or cuts in your work.

Over time, making very short productions or watching the same videos from advertisers can become annoying, a measure that forces customers to pay to get the app unlocked. If it’s comfortable, the price is right for the robustness and quality of the software. So, do you want to draw your story on your cell phone?

3. very simple: select the photo, drag

Using Mojo Photo Motion is very simple:

Select the photo.

  • Drag your finger across the screen by directing the movement arrows.
  • Play to see how the result of the configured effect was.

If you want to restart editing, discard the changes, and resume your creations.

The arrows show which parts of the image will move; to maintain a certain static point, add the stabilization points, all touching the screen, and visual indications to help you in your creations.

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