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 Microsoft Word APK

Microsoft Word APK brings a version of the traditional Microsoft word processor to your Android electronic device. Thus, it will no longer be necessary to wait until you are in front of the computer to edit your documents, as there is a program optimized for use on your device’s screen.

To use the software, you need to connect to your Microsoft account, which is the same as your account or the one you use to access Windows 8, for example. That done, you have access to the application interface, and you can now enjoy the features offered.

What is Microsoft Word?

The Microsoft Word for Android is one of the most important applications specialized in writing files and creating files specialized in writing, where you want to write a topic or a specific article. 

Through the application, you can write any topic the Microsoft Word application as Microsoft is interested in these types of programs many Microsoft programs specialize in these types of writing topics. Also, you can create your file or CV. Through the application, you can also write any.

how to use Microsoft Word

An article you want or any topic you wish to, and then you can modify and edit it through some of the settings in the application and then modify it as you want, whether from enlarging the font in the way you want where there are all sizes, and if you open the menu for font pilgrimage. 

You find the types of fonts and all sizes, starting from the smallest and then the tiny, Then the regular font, then the big font, then the largest font, and then through the list B or Point, you can inflate or display the font a little. 

It appears in black more than the rest of the lines. There are also many settings through which you can control the shape of the writing and the subject you want to appear and the nature Font and language, and through the application, you can also and also allow you to write any office topics.

Text writing application features

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Microsoft Word (Google Play) offers a version of the famous word processor for you to use wherever you want and with a specific format to improve your experiences when using tablets. It is worth emphasizing that the application’s use requires you to login with your Microsoft account, which is the same as and Windows 8.

Also, association with your account allows you to open documents present on your OneDrive, creating immediate synchronization of items to that service. The program also accepts the location of items directly from your Dropbox, requiring only the association of logins with your application credentials.

1. Familiar interface

The program’s interface is friendly and certainly should not cause any significant difficulties in its use. The main screen shows the options in a bar at the top of the screen, and the “File” menu is displayed on the left side – when clicked – to make it easier to see your alternatives.

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The tabs have the same tab system seen in Word for desktops, and the editor’s functions are grouped according to the traditional application model. However, even if you have never used the application, the organization presented by the interface will undoubtedly make its use uncomplicated.

However, because it is a “portable” model, keep in mind that some options are not available; similarly, new features are introduced.

2. Practical, flexible, and easy to use

You can create a blank document or choose one of the templates already ready to edit, and the application has a series of items in this regard. Also, documents synchronized with OneDrive can be opened in one touch, as can Dropbox items (in this case, after configured correctly).

The reading function in the form of a book is noteworthy, as it places the text in full screen and with a larger font, making viewing more comfortable for the eyes. The program is a bit heavy, but, as it is already restricted for Android KitKat, your tablet will likely not have difficulties running it when fulfilling this requirement.

3. Support converting multiple languages

The application and then converting the language to the language you want to use and understand it well and through the application can control the form of the article you want. If you like the application, you can invite your friends to use the application. 

Suppose they are interested in writing topics and editing articles or specialized in writing topics. In that case, you can invite them to use the application due to the ease of use and simplicity of the application as the application is specially designed for all ages who can write.

 If you are a student and your professor, you have been asked to write a research topic to write through the application, modify, print, publish it, or go to your professor and hand him your research.

4. Word wherever you go

There is no denying that Word is a word processor with its space guaranteed in many people’s preferences. This tablet version of the application has an interface similar to that adopted by the traditional PC product, even following the same functions in tabs, but with some different features.

It offers the possibility for you to create a new blank document or use one of the several available templates, including lists, topics, business letters, calendars, travel diaries, among others. Additionally, it is also possible to access your documents available on OneDrive and Dropbox (through your account’s association).

The program has a more straightforward system for manipulating images and a reading model that allows viewing texts as a digital book.

Microsoft Word APK
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 Microsoft Word APK

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