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The Microsoft Remote Desktop APK application for Android allows you to access the continuous connection to your computers. You will enjoy a direct connection with the application to have direct access and effective sharing with files and folders that help you make optimal use of them and effectively share.

So you can constantly navigate to any of these files and folders at any time you have through the application because it constantly helps to be connected directly from the application with any computer.

What is Microsoft Remote Desktop?

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a program that allows you to perform remote access on a computer through your mobile device.

Thus, it will be possible to perform a series of operations on the desktop of the desktop in question directly by the application.

Remote Desktop 8 mod apk for android

The program does not require you to create an account for your use. It is only necessary to install and register the desired machines to start taking advantage of its resources. This is a version that is still under development and testing (Beta) and may not always behave as expected.

You can also access a lot of remote computers at any time. The application can also have continuous access and direct connection to these devices—computers at any time you need to connect to it from the desktop. 

You will be capable of connecting to the computer on any device that you have approved at any time. If this device’s location, whether far or near, anywhere, in the near term or the long term. 

You will get a direct connection and a special connection with the computer you prefer to connect to. The application enables you to experience a safe and direct connection with any of your computers anywhere.


Accessing the computer

Right after installing the application, you are taken to your main screen to add the computers with which you want to make the remote connection. Although this is an entirely manual configuration, it is quite simple and starts by pressing the “+” button and selecting the alternative “Desktop”.

Then, a new screen opens and, in it, you must enter the IP or the name of the server you want to add. You can then indicate that the access credentials to the machine are requested at all accesses or save the account data. Once the data is stored, just touch the computer on the app screen to start the connection.

Computer Remote application feature

Microsoft Remote Desktop is an application for you to perform remote access on computers through your mobile device. For the program to work, it is necessary to register all the computers you want to connect to, registering your data directly on the app’s home screen.

1. Supports many interesting features

The Microsoft Remote Desktop (Google Play) application offers many features that distinguish it from other applications, as it can connect directly to any computer anywhere, whether near or far from you anywhere, whether in the long or near term, you will live an excellent experience.

Although the system may seem a little complex, during the procedure, you realize that it is easier than it appeared, in addition to the fact that it needs to be run only once. Likewise, you can choose to always request access credentials or simply store them, making subsequent connections easier.

how to use Remote Desktop 8

It is worth remembering that the computers’ firewall must have a security exception; otherwise, it will not be possible to make the connection. Even if you get errors during your attempts, it is always a good idea to check that this is not the cause of the problem.

2. Simple use

In a way, it is possible to say that the initial configuration is the most difficult part of using the application. The program’s interface deserves to be highlighted, as it manages to keep everything organized, making data easy to find and with a menu that remains hidden on the left side, avoiding unnecessary screen occupation.

Regarding the connection itself, just touch the desired option to open it, and you can perform the procedure. Control is exercised normally and at a good speed, without unnecessary crashes or waiting. Likewise, there were no errors regarding the accounts that were previously stored for access.

However, it is interesting to warn that this is a version of the application that is still under development and testing (Beta) and, therefore, it may not always behave as expected. Still, during our tests, all operations worked correctly, without errors or any other problems.

3. Smart controls

 The application provides many different systems that help you connect to any computer. This connection is straightforward through these systems that the application provides to all its users at any time they can through their connection with any computer they will enjoy these modern technologies. Through the application, you can also reach many of the resources that many technical people use at any time. 

The application enables continuous access to these resources remotely with modern technologies through the application. You will live working on remote communication from your desktop from On your computer through the application you will enjoy a direct connection from the application to any computer. 

You will live a full experience of many different gestures supported by the application. You will get it once you use it and its direct connection with any computer until it makes you control the computer through the desktop with all folders and files from During the application, you will be prepared to get many of these gestures. Just use to direct contact with the desktop on any computer. 

Through the application work on simple management of your communications from the application that will make you an important center for your communications, you can also enjoy the high-quality video by streaming high-quality audio. Download the application now and get these features from direct calling.

Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 APK
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The Microsoft Remote Desktop APK application for Android allows you to access the continuous connection to your computers. You will enjoy a direct connection with the application to have direct access and effective sharing with files and folders that help you make optimal use of them and effectively share.

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