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Among the modern applications released by Microsoft, the excellent and multi-tasking company, the company has released this combined application for many applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, downloading the Excel suite, and Word Microsoft Office mobile.

In addition to being included with OneDrive, which is the company’s storage service that you can store that data on, the unified application allows users to create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents without opening any of the applications for each of those tools, and the application also contains many other great features.

What is Office Mobile?

Microsoft Office APK is one of the most popular packages, especially when it comes to options for text editor and spreadsheets, such as Libre Office. This set of products offers different possibilities, and the use of computers is already consolidated. However, on cell phones, the package still did not have an option that met the user’s needs satisfactorily.

Microsoft has now released its Office suite for Android. In this format, the goal is to allow the user to access the information saved in the Office Online project and edit the texts, spreadsheets, and presentations directly on the cell phone. (

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Another function is available in the creation of files directly by Office, without other installed programs. The app also has the lens feature, which performs a scan and transforms it into a text or PDF file, and notes, for small texts.

You can modify your documents that you have written on other devices and modify pdf documents and share them, it is one of the beautiful and unified applications that the company launched at present, and this step by Microsoft reduces users’ annoyance from a large number of applications.

And the application allows. You can create, edit and manage documents via your smartphone or tablet device with ease, as well as you can share them with your friends or work on them in groups directly through the application, just like Google Docs, the application was completed in November 2019 and was launched for inspection, and in 2020 the application was released official from the company.

How to use the Office Mobile application

Available on the Play Store, download to have Office on your phone. After the process is finished, the first time you sign in, the app requires you to log in to the account linked to Microsoft Office.

After connecting, the program lists, on the home screen, all files that are saved in the cloud. It is worth remembering that the Office has an online resource, which allows you to edit texts, in addition to the possibility of backup for this story of the files saved on the computer.

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On the same screen, there is a button with the plus symbol. There are options to create a file, an adhesive note, and the lens, which allows you to digitize files from photos and transform them into files. It is also possible to use images from the cell phone file for the process and choose the file format.

The Office application supports three formats: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Also, there is a list of features in the action option, such as signing an available PDF. To use them, click on the desired option and follow the steps presented on the screen.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

Unlike its predecessors, this new Microsoft Office has unique qualities. With cloud saving, you can access files from anywhere, just by logging into Microsoft Office accounts.

This app also allows users to create files without the need for other applications. Everything can be done with a few clicks, in a simplified way—highlight for the lens option, which scans and inserts the photos in both Word and PDF format.

Likewise, the possibilities presented in the actions area are diverse and can meet and effectively meet user needs, such as signing a PDF or exporting a file. Even though it is a Microsoft program, there are many possibilities for the PDF format.

The app’s only problem is its size: with more than 300 megs, this app takes up considerable space.

Features and characteristics

The new application launched by Microsoft, which includes many individual applications for the same company such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which has won the admiration of many users, as it became possible to enter any of these individual applications from this beautiful application without the need to move between them, it is a unified application It combines all these applications, and many features have been made available through this application,

The user can download the Microsoft Office application: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint through various electronic download platforms, which now provide the application for many different operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Through the application you can manage all your files and create many documents And modify and manage them through the mobile phone and send them to many users also through the application and in an easy way, you can download the application completely free of charge and start using it immediately after downloading it.

The application contains the ability to convert images to PDF files and convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files to PDF directly from within the application and share them through various programs. You can also take pictures and documents using your phone camera and modify them. You can also convert a table image into a spreadsheet and change it. Easily.

With PowerPoint, you can also design presentations by selecting the pictures you want to use from your phone.

With the app, you can quickly transfer files between your phone and computer or share them instantly using nearby mobile devices.

You can choose to save the data and documents you are working on your personal cloud storage space, or you can choose to save those files on your mobile phone space.

With the application, you can take notes quickly with Sticky Notes, and you can also use the QR code to open many links with ease.

The application contains many wonderful and unique features. Download it now and enjoy all of these beautiful features.

Microsoft Office APK - Download v16.0.13127 on Android

Microsoft Office APK for Android is one of the most popular packages, especially when it comes to options for text editor and spreadsheets, such as Libre Office

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