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The Microsoft Excel APK application for Android is one of the applications through which you can create all your files and organize all your data. 

Through the many advantages that the application includes, you can also take advantage of many exclusive features. By downloading the application, you can enjoy all the advantages and exclusive features of the application. 

Unlike many other applications and downloading the application, both from the Google Play store and through the search menu in the application, you can use simple, in the English language.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is the Android version of Microsoft’s renowned spreadsheet program. With it, you can create new documents and open existing items directly on your mobile device, allowing you to take the application to be used when it is most needed and anywhere.

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The use of the software is necessary for you to connect to your Microsoft account, which is the same as your account or the one you use to access Windows 8. Once connected, you have access to the main screen of the application, and you can already enjoy the features offered.


Creating spreadsheets

Right after connecting with your Microsoft account, you are taken to the application’s home screen. You will already notice that the application has great similarities to the desktop version. From there, you can access your documents available on OneDrive and Dropbox or create a new file.

A spreadsheet’s assembly can be done from a blank document or by choosing one of the application’s library templates. The program’s functions are arranged in the tabs at the top of the screen. And there are also some alternatives open from the context menu. The order of columns in your document can be easily changed by “dragging” the sector in question.

Features of the application work

The Microsoft Excel program for Android, as the Microsoft Excel application, is one of the famous Microsoft company applications for designing all computer systems and all modern systems. Microsoft puts in all its programs through many advantages, whether these programs are on a computer or a mobile phone.

download Microsoft Excel apk for android

Google Play Store If your phone is running on an Android system, and through the productivity section, you can access it through the Applications section. After clicking on the list of applications located to the store’s right, you can enter the applications list. 

It works well on multiple platforms

Microsoft Excel offers a version of one of the most traditional programs for assembling spreadsheets, but with an interface specifically adapted for tablets. Thus, you can have more comfort when using the application, including having functions developed to improve your user experiences.

It is worth emphasizing that the application requires that you log in with your Microsoft account, which is the same as and Windows 8. When entering the app, you already have your documents synchronized with OneDrive at the entire disposition, and, if you wish, it is also possible to make the association with Dropbox.

So, suppose you already use such virtual drives on another machine. In that case, the program’s main advantage is that it offers a possibility for you to handle the documents contained in them wherever you need them.

Interface in the same style

The application interface follows the model already known to Microsoft, dividing the functions into tabs. If you are already used to using Excel on your computer, you will certainly not face difficulties to adapt to this version. This is because the options are grouped following the traditional application model.

However, even if you have never used the application, the interface’s organization will certainly make use of uncomplicated. In the program’s main sector, the options are arranged in a bar at the screen’s top. The “File” menu is displayed on the left side, when clicked, to facilitate the visualization of your alternatives.

However, it is worth noting that, since it is a “portable” model, it is important to keep in mind that some options are not available and, in the same way, there is the introduction of new features.

Handling documents

In addition to the possibility to open existing documents on your device, Dropbox and OneDrive account, you can create a spreadsheet completely from scratch or choose one of the templates already ready to edit. The option of dragging columns to reposition brought in the tablet version certainly deserves to be highlighted due to the ease it provides to this task.

Likewise, the context menu alternatives also offer a faster way to employ such features when they are needed. The program is a little heavy, but, as it is already restricted for Android KitKat, your tablet will likely not have difficulties running it when fulfilling this requirement.

Familiar and straightforward to use

The app’s main screen brings the functionalities in the form of a bar on the side in the left and just a touch on any of them to display the content. The application offers both the creation of a blank document and the possibility to choose one of the templates already ready to edit.

This is a great advantage presented by the program, especially for beginners, as it has a vast collection of models, even helping to create slightly more complex data structures. Another positive point of the program is that it immediately recognizes your OneDrive account, avoiding additional connection settings.

Likewise, identifying the items on your virtual drive is also done automatically, including the division between private and public documents.

Microsoft Excel APK
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The Microsoft Excel APK application for Android is one of the applications through which you can create all your files and organize all your data. 

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