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Download the new Microsoft Edge APK Chromium Browser 2020, the latest English version, with a direct download link, free for Android 4.4+ free.

Learn more about Edge Chromium, Microsoft’s browser, and the Chromium kernel, like on the Google Chrome browser. You can view the complete Google Chrome article for the computer and learn about Edge Browser’s features on the website:

It all started with Internet Explorer

Since the emergence of the most famous Microsoft Windows system and none of the versions of Windows issued by Microsoft was free from its most popular browser Internet Explorer.

This browser had wide global fame, of course, because it was integrated into every copy of Microsoft’s versions of Windows, and it is considered the oldest browser among the browsers we know now.

microsoft edge apk for android 4.0

However, recently it has been dispensed with by many users due to other browsers that have the same features and more and differ completely in design and work.

Microsoft tried to save Internet Explorer, but to no avail, because it was more interesting in its system and development and left the stage for other companies that offer different types of browsers that we all know now.

But there was a new thread in the browser journey that extended from Microsoft to the most recent system, now Windows 10 of Android. After installing Microsoft APK on Android or PC, we will be surprised by the emergence of a different icon for the Internet browser, significantly different in design and shape. Still, when you open the browser, you will find it completely different from the usual. 

You will feel that it is another browser, but with an icon similar to the first browser, but the truth is that it is a new independent browser on its own and not an Explorer; as Microsoft said and said that This modern browser in Windows is called Microsoft Edge. It is a separate program from the previous browser.

Microsoft Edge 2020

Today with you the latest versions of Edge Browser, it is entirely different from all previous versions of Edge; it depends on the open-source Chromium kernel.

You will get a new and very distinct browsing experience that makes you depend on it and makes it the default browser always for what it offers you of the features you need in your work or during Browse the Internet.

Edge Chromium 2020 A new update is a big leap for better browsing the Internet with the benefit of useful additions and tools provided by corporate developers, as it supports the installation of add-ons and tools to perform various tasks that improve the browsing process and provide great options and important to the user, as well as help to customize the browser better as needed .

You can directly access the download page, and we recommend that you review the list of impressive new features in the Edge Chromium browser for the mobile phone and PC.

What’s new in updating the Edge browser

Edge Chromium browser for the computer and Android has a sweeping change from the old Microsoft browser, which is lighter and much faster, in addition to its new design that helps the program run smoothly, a browser that you feel is very simple.

It tells you to browse the Internet only through me, nothing more than this, Microsoft has integrated a digital voice assistant into the Edge browser to help the user more with voice.

microsoft edge for android free download

Opening multiple tabs have become much more comfortable and lighter than in the past, allowing the user to separate personal tabs from private tabs; Microsoft Edge browser is not only for the PC but a program compatible with tablets and smartphones.

The apps will be available in the Windows Phone app store and Google play store or on the Gameloop APPS, which will allow Microsoft to send updates to it quickly. Besides, Until Edge supports the playback and display of PDF files, so you will not need other programs to run them, and there is also ease in dealing with this type of files and modifying them.

And Edge on Windows also supports installing add-ons like Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft Edge APK will be the primary browser in Windows 10, as it said. Microsoft.

Feature of the Edge Chromium

We mention some of the features, not all of them, in points, as this version of the new browser Edge Chromium competes strongly with Microsoft and offers excellent options and tremendous features that provide the user with a safe, fast and effective browsing environment.

  1. It prevents the automatic video clips playback operations, as you may encounter the automatic video clips feature as soon as you enter a webpage, and this is annoying for some, so you get rid of this problem with the all-new Edge Chrome update.
  2. Instant fast translation feature for any web page that you visit in a language other than yours, with smart options and settings that the user can set as appropriate.
  3. Protect privacy by refusing to block webpages and sites from tracking you.
  4. As is the case with other browsers, there is a home page that contains the most important site that you want to access quickly.
  5. The outstanding feature is saving data on your Microsoft account. You can get bookmarks and registration information by syncing them within your account, which saves you a lot of effort.
  6. Its unique feature is swiping forward and backward to move between pages with the usual buttons remaining for navigation.
  7. The browser provides all the information you want to obtain about it and how to use it by giving the possibility of support and a distinctive help center.
  8. Keep your browsing safe by blocking harmful websites and suspicious pages.
  9. A settings center to control your registry with various easy-to-understand options.
  10. Safe Family Browsing Features.
  11. Control the permissions of each site you visit through a management center specialized for this task.
  12. Protecting your data and login information for sites in your account are securely encrypted so that you can easily find it when you need it.
  13. Browse the site in full screen and in a distinctive way, away from distraction. If you want to focus on one of the pages you read, you can see it.
  14. Read distraction feature by focusing on the texts on the page.
  15. The new Edge Chromium update provides incognito browsing.
  16. Change and customize the general theme of the browser.
  17. Edge Chromium is a very light browser for your computer, fast for surfing the Internet, and similar to Google Chrome.
  18. Write on pages, draw on them, and share them with others.
  19. Edge includes a popular PDF reader .
  20. Cortana audio digital assistant is available inside the browser.
  21. Easy search and browsing speed with the new Microsoft Edge.
  22. It supports many services that users need and provides a great new experience that is worth trying.
  23. Add browser tools like Chrome, but you can even use the same Google Chrome browser extensions on Edge Chromium, the new latest version.
Microsoft Edge APK
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Download the new Microsoft Edge APK Chromium Browser 2020, the latest English version, with a direct download link, free for Android 4.4+ free.

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