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Do you like shooting action games? Do you want to have powerful guns and control your character flexibly to destroy all opponents?

Then let’s play the game MaskGun APK, it is an Online multiplayer shooter; it has 3D graphics and was developed for the mobile operating system; there are many interesting fighting modes in the game.

You will discover many game modes and maps, and other features in this game.

What is MaskGun?

MaskGun is a free multiplayer first-person shooter game designed especially for mobile devices. It is a real-time online multiplayer game with servers available across major regions like India, Asia, Europe, Australia, USA-East, South America.

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It was published by ‘June Gaming’ and is rated 4.2/5 on the Google PlayStore at the time of writing this review article. The size of the game is around 400 MB and is available on both Android and iOS.

The game is built to work on almost all low-end devices and has optimized battery consumption. Amongst the likes of shooter games like PUBG PC, Free Fire Emulator, and COD mobile, this game is very suitable for beginners who have just started their journey with mobile shooter games.

Features of the game MaskGun!

1. Gameplay of the game MaskGun

MaskGun offers the first-person shooter experience in three different game modes: DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, and modes for point control and gun game. These modes are played across nine other and beautiful maps.

The game’s shooting mechanism is fairly simple with minimal recoil, which is optimal for beginners to learn the game mechanics fast. The game also provides auto-shooting and aim-assist for the players who find it difficult to play.

The main part of the gameplay for shooting games is the different weapons and utilities provided by the game. MaskGun has a wide variety of weapons ranging from rifles, shotguns, sub-machine guns, and pistols.

The game also has utilities like grenades that are super effective and body shields to increase health points. All the weapons, utilities, and also the player has tier levels. The more you upgrade the tier level, the better the gun gets, and you can show off your skills better!

MaskGun also has an excellent social aspect of the gameplay where you can join different clans, add players as friends, and climb the global and local leaderboards.

You can add your friends through Facebook, create your own clans, and host private matches on the official servers. The leaderboards are decided on your accumulated ‘score’, which mostly depends on the individual skills such that you can climb the leaderboard easily if you are skilled enough.maskgun apk mod kill 2

To make the gameplay rewarding and engaging, MaskGun has daily and weekly missions and lifetime achievements on GooglePlay. These daily/weekly missions reward you with in-game currency, XP levels, and utility upgrades. These rewards prompt you to return back to the game, increasing the replay value of the gameplay.


MaskGun is a game with very efficient graphics. It has nine different and beautiful maps along with several character designs, other guns, and utilities. The game is offered in both 30 fps and 60 fps, depending upon your device specifications.

Considering the size of the game and its performance on low-end devices, the game graphics are pretty remarkable. All the designs for the characters, maps, weapons, and utilities and their animations are very satisfactory for a mobile shooter game.


Maskgun provides a very rich 3d surround sound experience like all other high-end shooter games. The sounds of the footsteps, the shooting of the guns, and the utilities are distinct and efficient in terms of inferring where they are coming from.

The background music for the menu-screen is also excellent and full of energy. Kill-feed, like double-kill, triple-kill is also provided during the gameplay along with the sounds for the same.


The game is basically free-to-play with no energy system that limits the number of games one can play. However, there are in-game purchases that you can make. These in-game purchases range from buying VIP access, in-game currency, different skins for weapons, and other character skins.

The in-game currency can be used to buy loot-boxes, upgrade the weapons, utilities, and character tier level. You can also get the in-game currency as a reward for watching ads. Watching ads can also reward you in the form of completing the missions and getting loot cases.

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The game is not practically a pay-to-win game. However, some game investment would certainly help to level up faster and climb the leaderboard quickly.

To sum it up, the game’s economy is mainly about upgrading the tier levels for different aspects of the game, buying attractive skins for all the different types of equipment and the character, and getting VIP access.

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To conclude this review, MaskGun is a mixture of very efficient gameplay, elegant graphics, and easy-to-learn game mechanics. It is a game where one can indulge themselves and have a fun time while increasing their shooting skills and gaining more experience in this field of gaming.

MaskGun MOD APK has a high potential to serve as an entry point for beginners into the world of mobile first-person shooter games.

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