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Lumii APK is a tool that helps users edit photos easily with more than 100 color filters, six unique light effects, … You can easily use Lumii to create beautiful pictures, store memories, and share. Share with friends and relatives.

What are Lumii apps?

The Lumii is an application for photo editing for mobile phones with Android. The tool allows you to place filters, make adjustments to exposure, contrast, and saturation, in addition to applying effects and adding text to images.

download Lumii photos edit mod pro freeMost features are free, but some features are paid for and require a subscription that costs $ 10 a year or $ 34 on a one-time purchase.

How to use apps photo editor pro

In the following tutorial, check out how to use the Lumii app to edit photos on your phone. 

  • Step 1. Install Lumii on your phone. When opening it for the first time, authorize the app to access your photos by tapping “Allow access to storage” and confirm in “Allow”;
  • Step 2. The images in your gallery will be displayed. Tap on the file you want to edit or use the camera icon in the upper right corner of the screen to take a new photo. In the editor, start by selecting a filter and adjusting the intensity.
  • Step 3. Touch “Resize” to adjust the photo’s frame. There, you can rotate the image, tilt, crop, or select an aspect ratio. After making the desired changes, tap on the button indicated to apply.
  • Step 4. Returning to the main editor screen, use the “Effect” tab to add special filters to the image, such as reflections of the sun, stars, rainbows, fireworks… In “Adjust”, you can change the exposure, contrast, brightness, and make other changes.
  • Step 5. Touch “Curve” to select a color and change the hue. In “HSL”, you can make hue, saturation, and brightness adjustments for each color individually. Use the change history button at the top right to undo any edits;
  • Step 6. In the “Text” tab, you can write on the photo. After making all the desired edits, tap on the button located in the screen’s upper right corner. The edited file will be saved to your phone’s gallery. Tap “Share” to post the image to social media or send it by message.

Outstanding features of advanced photo editing apps

1. More than 100 color filters

Lumii Pro MOD application has more than 100 unique color filters, and you need to choose any filter. Your photo will change completely without much editing.

how to use Lumii mobile

Besides, you can easily customize the filter colors and create unlimited. The filters are classified into specific categories such as INS, elegant, classic, film, … to help you quickly find the right filter for your photos.

2. Includes six effects such as light, texture, Glitch, …

Lumii has six effects items, including light, texture, Glitch, weather, despair, mix. You can be creative, incorporate a variety of effects and filters into your photos.

3. Full professional photo editing tools.

You can easily edit photos with the built-in professional editing tools in the Lumii application, such as: adjust brightness, contrast, warmth, shadow, sharpness, exposure, … You need to select the editing tool you want to use and make adjustments.

4. Beautiful sample photo collection

After editing is complete, you can add a photo frame to the perfect photo. The application synthesizes many photo frames and arranges them into classic memories, love, movies, …

5. Add sticker, text to photo with a beautiful font, many colors

The stickers in the application are more diverse, lovely, and engaging. You can also easily insert text into images with various fonts, many colors to express emotions and customize the size, sticker position, and text on the image as you like.

6. Professional color correction

Lumii supports professional color curves and HSL image editing tools. Make your photo perfect.

7. Blending editing tools, creating double exposure effects

Lumii integrates editing tools, creating double exposure effects combined with unique filters, making a unique composite photo.

Lumii supports you in powerful photo editing with filters, diverse effects, and powerful photo editing tools, allowing you to create beautiful photos. Are you ready to download the app and experience it right away? Please leave your reviews on the app below.

8. Easy to use

The app requires creating an account, but this is not a problem, as the whole process takes a few seconds. As the program has a social network functioning system, you can view other participants’ publications, interact with them through likes and comments, and even invite your friends to participate in the service.

The interface has a dark and elegant pattern, with a very lean screen and a focus on the main functions. The buttons are located on the top and bottom toolbars, and the screen center is available to display good-sized GIFs. Even though it is available in English, the app is intuitive and very easy to use.

9. Unleash your imagination

The function of taking an animated photograph is elementary, and you only need to focus on the desired point and press the capture button. You can move the device at will and experiment with different angles. As a result, it is processed almost instantly.

Unfortunately, the speed at which the GIF is played cannot be changed, and there are only three color filters available. Despite these limitations, the web publications demonstrate that little creativity is more than enough to create a flashy photo.

10. Show everyone

In addition to publishing your photos on Lumii (Google Play) – Moving Pictures, you can also upload the images to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Plus. This feature is exciting, but don’t expect to see your photograph in animated GIF published on the networks, as the application only sends a link to your timeline.

Lumii Pro APK - MOD unlocked VIP v1.231.65 on Android

Lumii Pro MOD APK is an application for photo editing for mobile phones with Android. The tool allows you to place filters, make adjustments to exposure, contrast, and saturation

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: PHOTOGRAPHY