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Lulubox is an Android game management application that offers several new features to the games installed on your device compatible with the app. 

Using Lulubox, you can change the way some games work. The app acts as a type of Gameshark, a tool used in video games to add some cheat codes that make gameplay more comfortable.

What is LuluBox?

LuluBox APK it offers weapon skins and characters for free on a mobile game. The application can be downloaded for free from the Internet and requires versions higher than Google Android 4.4.

The application’s operation can be outlined as follows: the player opens the application, accepts the terms of services, and allows him to access the media files of the device.

mod game with lulubox

Then, the app asks the user to click on Free Fire inside the LuluBox and select the “Fashion Skin / Gun Skin” option, which will enable free skins within the game. Within the game, the player can allow any skin available in the store without spending any diamonds, the official currency of Battle Royale.

The use of Lulubox is quite simple. After installing the app, find among the games supported by the app installed on your device, select which options should be activated, and start the game from the Lulubox menu. For example: in the game Subway Surfers, you can enable functions that multiply the number of coins collected, unlock extra clothes for the characters, leave your name invincible or even increase the speed of the game.

In addition to the game mentioned, Lulubox has support for Mobile Legends: Bang BangFree Fire, and PUBG Mobile. For all of them, there are different possibilities for you to explore the games uniquely.

Our Opinion about Lulu box

Lulubox is a mobile application that changes your games’ functioning and allows you to manage them in a much more complete way. The big difference of the app for sure is the type of modification that it promotes in the gameplay of the games, adding functions, and changing rules.

The use of Lulubox does not require any specific knowledge, since the only need is for the game to have support from the app. Unfortunately, however, the game catalog is still minimal and, among the supported options, few of them are very evident in the mobile scenario.

At least Lulubox works. During the tests, it was possible to verify that the app can circumvent the rules of the game and make players real cheaters.

Lulubox is an app that, in most games, unlocks functions that are sometimes paid for with real money. This can compromise the experience and be considered a harmful practice to the player community. So if you want to use the app, use it sparingly and try to observe the rules for each game.

lulubox for free fire, pubg

On the Gameloop APK page, the LuluBox developers guarantee that the file APK does not allow any hacking skills, does not implement a mod pack, and root permissions are not required; it only offers a “free premium gaming experience”.
LuluBox is available for free at specialized Android app stores, as is the case with Gameloop APPS. These platforms allow any developer to submit their APK and claim that they have a team that manually reviews them.

Despite this, any application made outside the official Android store, the Google Play Store, can pose risks to its security. It is not possible to check, for example, whether the LuluBox files have malicious behavior, such as data theft.

When made available on Google Play, the application has its files checked in two steps. The first check occurs when the app is sent to the Google store. The second is when the software is being installed on the user’s device. Still, sometimes malicious apps can “get away” from Google’s radar.

To check if an application is reliable on Google Play, the player must carefully check the release date, comments, ratings, developer, and updates. Also, the antivirus on the device must be active.

Pros Lulu BOX

  • Manage games
  • Unlock paid functions in games
  • Allows cheating
Lulubox APK - Download v4.8.8 free for Android

LuluBox APK for Android, it offers weapon skins and characters for free on a mobile game. The application can be downloaded for free from the Internet

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Operating System: Android

Application Category: Tools