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Ludo King APK, one of the most downloaded games on the Internet, is a game consisting of a board drawn with squares. There are some arrows striped in addition to the squares. 

There are discs in four colors are blue, red, green, and yellow, and there is also a dice. The game is done in Ludo between 2 to 4 players as you can play against the computer or any other person worldwide because each player has four symbols. 

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It is imperative to conduct the full round of symbols, depending on the numbers obtained by throwing the dice.

The player who can skip the four rounds first is the winner In the old ludo game called in English ludo, an ancient Indian game known as ” patches ” that can be fully controlled through the pulse as two or 4 people play it and sometimes up to eight players in addition to the ability to publish and share the game on the site Facebook, Twitter or any social networking site with your friends so that there is a spirit of competition and challenge, which increases the fun of excitement within the game of Ludo.

The original Ludo King APK game is one of the distinctive games that spread among many users. It is a unique game with a spirit of competition that can be played by a group of people against each other.

The play begins by one of the players throwing the dice, and the owner of the largest number starts playing and comes The turn of the other player after him.

So on, in a clockwise direction, if there is no movement available to the player when he gets the number 6 after throwing the dice, the player receives an additional roll, which is considered a reward for him.

Except after the number changes, and if you enter the King Ludo game, the latest version for the computer, you will find it very entertaining because it has rules that govern it. It is a game derived from the Indian patches game from which many board games are derived, but the Ludo game You can enter it and compete with your friends and publish their results inside the game on social networking sites.

And follow people and results within the Ludo game, which is professionally designed to be compatible with all Windows operating systems and Android and IOS systems so that it spreads around the world and it is easy to deal with this game that you can fully control By using the mouse or the keyboard.

How to Play Ludo Game

The way of playing does not differ, whether on the computer or mobile, the game is straightforward, and the goal is for each player to obtain four symbols.

These symbols must be a complete turn in the board until you reach the finish line, and whoever gets the finish line first is the winner, and no movement can be taken until after Seeing the number that was determined when throwing the dice.

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The player cannot move to the next symbol until after obtaining the face number 6, which increases the competition in the game, as it is similar in shapes like the ladder and the snake, it is very simple, starting from 1 until it reaches 100 in order You win, the movement inside the Ludo game depends on the number of tiles that appear in the face of the template that you roll.

You can also take the ladder for short and move to the higher level, but if it falls on the snake’s mouth, you go to its slip. It is an up and down game as it is a favorite game for all people, be ready to raise the dice and throw until Lord King becomes the winner inside the Ludo game.

Full features of the game

Video Tricks/ Tips and Gameplay

1) The game is entirely free:

you can download the King Ludo game for computer, Android, and new and old iPhone all versions for free without any fees or charges. They are available on electronic stores, Google Play Store for Android, the iTunes Store for iPhone, and the third version on PC. We will provide them with a direct link below the topic.

2) The game is very entertaining:

It is known about the game of Ludo that it is widespread among many people around the world because it is one of the fun games that work on all operating systems where you can enjoy rolling the dice and wait for the number that appears to you, you move the dice between your hands and throw it until you get Get the largest number and beat your opponent in the most notable King Ludo game.

3) Supports many languages:

You can download the new King Ludo game, European in origin, and Indian origin. It is also a board game known as the Ludo game. It has been developed and added many different languages ​​to get the largest number of users around the world. All people can deal with it without Confronting any problem and even spread the King Ludo game on the most massive scale.

4) Ludo game online:

You and your friends can play online anywhere around the world the King Ludo game, as it is available online if the Internet is available. Do not worry about anything as you can follow many friends online and enjoy them the entertaining Ludo game. You can also publish your results. Through the social networking site, you and your friends use Facebook and Twitter for the game to spread among new users.

5) The game is straightforward:

the interface of the Ludo 2020 game is short. The game can be used without prior learning and the need to explain, but the game developer has prepared educational videos that explain how to play and beat others. All you have to do is download the modern King Ludo game and start the player and not face any difficulty in using the game if you are familiar with Ludo’s old rules.

6) Suitable for everyone:

The Ludo King game is ideal for all ages, as adults and children play it, it increases the concentration and skills of the player, as there are many possibilities when throwing the dice, which increases the player’s attention and patience to outperform his opponent, in addition to the size of the game is small The device case does not take up much space and does not need high.

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