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Ludo is a game that brings back the memory of board games. More precisely, Ludo is one of the most famous games in several countries: Ludo Club APK.

The objective is the same as always, that is, to roll the dice and move your pebble across the board – until all do so – and return to your starting point.

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To move a stone out of the starting point, it is necessary to take a “six” on the die. If you take a “half dozen”, you must not move a new stone, but optional. Well, you can touch any of the other stones that were previously on the board.

The benefits of getting number six don’t end there. Whoever takes the most dots from the dice has the chance to play again. Ludo allows you to play against the computer in two or even with three other friends, always totaling two, three, or four players.

What is Ludo Club?

Ludo Club brings to your Android the experience of playing a traditional board game called Ludo. If you miss the old games, you can get such nostalgia directly to your device, with a scenario that perfectly represents the physical version of this game.

You can either start a game match alone (play with the device) or four people.

Board games were a way for you to have fun with friends and family. Although electronics have practically replaced this entertainment form, they remain alive today, even in versions adapted for computers or other devices, such as the Ludo Club APK.

Starting to play

When you open the game, you find the settings for a game. There, you choose how many players will participate in the game (including how Android will control many of them). 

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To assign the names to the participants, you click on the buttons with pre-defined titles (such as “player1”) and freely type the desired text in the field displayed on the screen.

Likewise, you must also define the number of the dice, which, when taken, will allow you to place the pieces on the table. When everything is as desired, you click “Play” to start the game.

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The setting resembles traditional ludo boards. It has four colored circles (in the corners of the screen) that are the “houses” from which you take the pieces. The corridor and the center (to which you must direct your selection) also adopt the same color pattern, precisely as it would in the physical game.

The mechanics of operation also follow the traditional mold. Each participant rolls the dice (by touching it) until he gets the first piece out of the house (when he gets the value set for it). The bearings are then used to move around the board until you reach the table’s central part (in your color), completing a turn.

As additional rules, for you to “enter” the main house, you need to take the exact number in the dice equivalent to the missing homes to arrive. Likewise, if a player “stops” over another player’s piece, he returns to the starting square. 

The only exception to this rule is the small piece in the starting house (or in the final corridor). The game is only finished when all the participants place the four pieces in the board’s central square.

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The Ludo Club APK is a simple game and much fun, especially if you are nostalgic or like board games. The interface is beautiful and colorful, representing the physical game’s idea, besides leaving the visualization of the final pieces and corridors with particular prominence concerning the rest of the game.

The gameplay is good since all you have to do is “play” the dice (by touching them). According to the number obtained, the movement of the pieces on the board is done automatically by the program.

The game sounds represent the actions performed on the screen (such as the movement of the pieces and the die’s sound on the table).

This helps to immerse you in the game’s atmosphere, making it even more “similar” to the experience of playing on aboard. The downside is at the end of a game. As much as all members complete it, the game does not make a “finish” and continues rolling the last player’s dice.

However, this is not a big problem, as the winner definitions have already happened, and you would invariably end up going back to the initial menu. The game is lightweight and works without significant problems even on slightly more modest devices.

Ludo is an excellent reminiscence for those who spent rainy afternoons indoors with friends over board games. The rules may have been forgotten for a few moments, but you will soon remember the quickest strategies to overcome your dice opponents as soon as you start playing.

And who has not yet been introduced to the game is a great chance to meet him. In the first decades of the year 2000, the youth did not have much contact with the dice and board games.
The gameplay is very fluid, and the controls respond well.

However, some advertisements vehemently hinder gambling. The ad can be exactly on top of some point at which the pebble must move. From there, it will be a drag to touch the location of the piece without having to access the banner every time …

So, Ludo is a great game if you have a tablet or other big screen device. In the case of small displays, the fun of gambling will be significantly reduced. Still, if you’ve never played Ludo, it’s an excellent opportunity to get to know it.

Ludo Club APK
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Ludo is a game that brings back the memory of board games. More precisely, Ludo is one of the most famous games in several countries: Ludo Club APK.

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