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Lucky Patcher is a powerful tool. It will give you a lot more control over your Android apps and settings. We’re talking about features like removing ads on paid apps and modifying games for infinite money!

To download and install the Lucky Patcher APK, you will only need to follow a few steps. Read our post to learn how to download the updated version of 2020! We will show you how to download Lucky Patcher is safe and how it can help you become a superuser of your Android.

Lucky Patcher 2020: “Modify” Games and Apps on Android

Like many users today, you probably spend a lot of time being bothered by in-app ads. Sometimes they take almost half the screen of the smartphone and interrupt the flow of their experience. The worst case, however, is when they appear in games. You know well that even a mobile device game requires a lot of RAM. And most smartphones barely meet the RAM requirement right.

So, all you want is for the app to run on your device with a few other tasks as possible. However, when it contains ads, a portion is dedicated to displaying Google’s AdMob advertising, for example. Finally, you get the compromised experience because neither the RAM nor the small screen on your device is entirely occupied with the game experience.

how to install Lucky Patcher 2020

For this reason, Lucky Patcher was developed. 

It is a smart and powerful tool for those who want to make profound changes (and a little risky, as we will tell later) how app permissions, ads, and signatures work on your Android. You can then mean that Lucky Patcher is a Modify your operating system and other applications you download from official stores. Yes, a Modify, but you are in control!

Why Download the Tool MOD APK

Lucky Patcher is a hand in the wheel for those who are tired of ads hindering the viewing and use of applications. After all, mobile device screens are small. 

The discomfort of having to share the view of an app or with a thousand ads is much more significant. Thus, Lucky Patcher thought about the user who bothers about these definitions and wants to be free to enjoy the application experience.

Since this is not an official app available on the Play Store and similar stores, you must download the Lucky Patcher APK and install it manually on your device. If you don’t know what an APK file is, don’t be alarmed. It is just the format of how applications are saved. An APK is an app installer, so Luckey Patcher is no different.

The only difference is that you will not download it from official stores, but here our website! We recommend that you always be very careful when downloading APK, always check the source and only download when you are sure it is safe. 

Fortunately, here on our website, you can download a 100% reliable version of the updated app from 2020. Any questions, you can check the comments at the bottom of the page.

Risks of Lucky Patcher 2020: Is Safe

Overall, Lucky Patcher is a safe application. Despite passing over default permissions and settings for Android and other apps, Lucky Patcher is neither malware nor a virus. He is not interested in collecting information from your device or harming you in any way. You can rest assured about that.

Lucky Patcher’s goal is not to Modify you but to Modify your operating system to give you more control over it and the applications. We don’t even need to call it a “Mod” to get it a “correction” if you prefer. But the fact is that, with Lucky Patcher, settings that Android prevented you from configuring will be, later on, under your control.

The Main Functions of Lucky Patcher

Video: How to use (Root/ Non Root)

Below, we have prepared a very detailed list of all the great functions of this app’s updated 2020 version. We will also show you how to access each of them if you are not familiar with this app. 

Create Custom Patches, or Mods, for Games and Applications

One of the functions for which the Lucky Patcher APK is most sought after is to create APK or modified patches for applications or games already installed on your device. When browsing the Lucky Patcher main interface, click on the app you want to copy. A menu will then open with various information. Click Open Patch Menu and then Create Modified APK File.

Then, four options should appear:

  • APK without License Check
  • APK without Google Ads
  • Rebuilt APK for InApp and LVL emulation
  • APK with changed Permissions and Activities.

From these options, you can use Lucky Patcher’s features, such as having infinite money in all games, blocking or removing ads, and more.

Having Infinite Money (or Coins, Gems, Diamonds)

When creating a modified APK, use the rebuilt APK option for In App and LVL emulation to have infinite money (if it is a game or an app that uses some currency for internal purchases). This option allows the redirection of user payments. 

Click Rebuilt the App in the next dialog. It is usual for rebuilt to take some time. In the end, a Patch Results window will appear informing you of the modification of the original app. In that, click go to the file.

You will be redirected to the folder of the app file. Click and, in the window that pops up, select Uninstall and install, meaning that you have removed the previous version and installed the modified version of the APK you just created. You will be able to use cash or other currencies without limitations in your new version of the app. 

By doing this, you will access paid resources for free, even working to make updates to pro app subscriptions without paying a cent.

In this sense, Lucky Patcher is a Modify application because it overrides restrictions built within the application code to restrict users’ access unless they pay for certain features.

Other Version 2020 Features

  • Block Advertisements and Ads
  • Control and Remove Permissions
  • Eliminate Copyright Checks: Lucky Patcher has the power to eliminate copyright checks on applications. This works so you can use paid apps for free. That is, you can use paid app features without paying anything for it, preventing the OS from checking the app purchase.
  • Fix Games and Apps: Lucky Patcher tells the user which apps need fixing. After the correction, it is recommended to backup the application.
  • Delete Dalvik-Cache: Allows you to go back to versions before your modifications. It works as a security or guarantee for you to go back on changes that you regret.
  • Backup Apps: You can create a backup or backup of an application. If you choose to clone it (or create a Mod, as explained above) and change it, you can generate this backup to keep the original version. Or create a backup of a modified APK to save it when you want to go back to the original version. Backups can be saved on your SD card, which is a convenient option.
  • Convert system applications to standard applications and vice versa.

Although Lucky Patcher is not malware or anything like that, Google still issues an alert warning the user of the danger of downloading and installing the Lucky Patcher app. You can rest easy and ignore this warning because Lucky Patcher MOD Pro is not a virus. Below we will show you how to disable Play Protect in the Play Store and not receive this alert every time you use the app.

Open Lucky Patcher and Disable Google Play Protect

When you open the app, grant the permissions it asks for. A warning will appear explaining that Google understands the app as malware or a virus. It will also be explained that you can disable Google blocking by going to the Play Store and turning off the “Play Protect” option.

Lucky Patcher pro gold for android

The window itself will already give you the option to disable it by clicking on the Yes vote. By clicking, you will be redirected to the Play Store, and you will be able to disconnect Play Protect manually. Go to the Settings page (the gear icon in the upper right corner) and disable the buttons once in the new window.

Lucky Patcher Pro APK
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Lucky Patcher is a powerful tool. It will give you a lot more control over your Android apps and settings. We're talking about features like removing ads on paid apps and modifying games for infinite money!

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