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If you are a fan of love stories, then now you will experience a game, it is called Love Sick apk!

You will be choosing lovers and creating your own love story, and it’s great for girls.

What is Love Sick?

Lovesick is Fun Games; it has romantic love stories. And you will be immersed in the characters in new chapters and episodes.

It is published by SWAG MASHA and currently has more than 12 million installs on Google Play.

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Love Sick: Love Story Game comes with a blend of Adventure, Drama, Romance, and Simulation game elements developed by Swag Masha. The introduced cast of characters is beautiful and brings a thrilling storyline to unfold.

Whether you love romance or drama, the game has covered you all. Choose your plot from available and jump into the game where you can flirt with boys/girls, depending on your selected character, and confront those avatars who bring a twist to your life.

Moreover, those who love playing love stories may have a chance to see potential lovers and discover how jealous rivals come to life. Many exciting chapters are featured that come with female lead characters.

Using the customization elements, you are allowed to modify your reading experience by merely selecting your style, relationship, and destiny. It would be a perfect choice for those who love playing dating, relationships, and story-based video games.

Features of the game Love Sick: Love Story!

1. Choose Your Favorite Story and Character

Although you aren’t allowed to write your own story, the game offers well-written storylines that are fun to unfold and lead you to multiple endings. Most of the time, you spend reading dialogues and making decisions to proceed with the plot.

There are numerous endings, and each one depends on the decisions and choices throughout the game. Fall in a relationship with your loved one and see what will happen next. The game features different scenes and original stories to unfold. Some of the most prominent chapters are the following:

  • Love Sick: Vampire Ball
  • Love Sick: Princess Liana
  • Love Sick: Pretty Spy: Wedding Planner

Similarly, many other interactive chapters also bring a unique plot to your palm to experience. Whether you love to love in the real world or want to explore the fantasy land, the game has all options available, and each one offers superb dozens of fun-filled activities to participate in and have fun.

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The game introduces stylish graphics and comes with an in-depth customization feature that gives you a chance to modify your avatar’s location to look fabulous, among others.

2. Experience the Elite University Life

Beyond the real-life, you have an option to enjoy the 2nd life in the fantasy land where you interact with lots of characters controlled by AI. Although the game doesn’t give you many opportunities to proceed with the storyline, you have to make choices after reading the dialogues to advance.

Depending on your actions, the story’s outcome will reveal – it doesn’t matter whether the outcome is in your favor or not. Fall in love with your love and play tricks to get your favorite one on his girlfriend to break their relationship.

Your choice does matter, and the destiny of the character is in your hand. Get into the fantasy university where people and vampires come to complete the study.

Rumors are floating across the world that both creatures are there to learn side by side, and after every 20 years an event, known as Vampire Ball gets organized.

Therefore, girls from across the globe dream to be there, but only one gets selected based on their beauty and uniqueness than all others. All chapters are full of the following elements, such as Suspense, Romance, Drama, and Interactive Storyline.

Here your ultimate goal is to be that lucky girl by making the right decisions. Represent your character as the fashion icon and defeat all to be the master.

3. Enjoy the Fantasy Romance with Royal Drama

As I mentioned above, the game features both Romance and Drama components to give you immersive gameplay. Leave everything behind you when you come to decide the place for romance with your love.

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Playing the Dating Simulation is quite impressive, but because of less interaction with the character and not too many movement controls, it isn’t so prevalent as Visual Novel and other games of the same category. However, many people would love to play such games to see what will happen next if they choose the specific option.

Moreover, the 2nd chapter revolves around a Royal Family who an evil witch brutally killed. The time has stopped after the event, and the lonely princess embarks on a journey to find the wicked Witch who gets hidden anywhere among the peasants.

You must help out the princess navigate the fantasy-themed kingdom to look for the truth behind the scene while experiencing the royal drama in the love storyline.

Seriously, the story is well-written, and the addition of the evil Witch makes the fun double. Make choices throughout the game and try to solve the mystery to reach the end.

4. Stunning Graphics and Broad variety of Storylines

Unlike many other games, it features stunning graphics that are a significant achievement that developers have achieved. Furthermore, different but original storylines are available; each one will cast you for a separate role.

Solving a mystery while having fun with your love is compulsory. Apart from that, you can’t control the movement of the characters. The game will play the scenes themselves to make you understand what is happening next to you.

You are only supposed to make choices whenever the game stops to take your input. Making the right choices may lead you to a happy ending; otherwise, consequences may be heart-breaking.

# Conclusion

Love Sick MOD APK free Shopping: Love Story Game spans many chapters; each one aims to offer you thrilling gameplay full of suspense, drama, and romance. I found the storylines interesting, but they didn’t seem close to reality as the game claims.

Furthermore, you didn’t have many options to make your own stories, although you are only supposed to make choices to continue the plot. The game brings a beautiful cast of characters; each possesses unique personalities, abilities, and appearances.

Upon jumping into the game, you may find your character getting mad at handsome guys if you choose to play with a girl either.

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