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Short videos, but with well-crafted editing effects, often amuse audiences more than videos of longer length. With that in mind, LIKE was created. Based on Vine, LIKEE APK brings more tools for editing your short videos, featuring high-quality special effects.

LIKE records your videos and assembles a complete interface for editing entitled to cinematic effects full of particles. You can also add songs from your favorite artists.

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In addition to containing a video editor, LIKEE is a social network. Your videos are available for other users to watch, rate, and share as well. All videos released on LIKEE can be uploaded to your other social networks.

Even if you do not know about video editing, you can undoubtedly use LIKEE. Its effects are applied with a few taps on your device’s screen, which would be impossible with more robust editing programs.

What is Likee apps? Like

LIKEE APK is a social network focused on creating videos with special effects worthy of major world cinema productions? Your videos created with LIKE will be viewed and shared by people all over the world on all social media.

The LIKE interface is gorgeous and colorful; you can check out videos made by other users making it online right on the home page. The editing interface is intuitive and straightforward, where you can cut videos and apply high-quality effects. 

Its tools have an unbelievable simplicity if we take into account the quality of the applied effects.

Due to the fun effects, the app’s user community ended up cultivating incredible creativity. You can end up wasting hours watching videos of people you’ve probably never seen in your life.

Any song can be added to your videos, and LIKE automatically identifies the soundtrack and inserts credits.

For anyone who is a lover of audiovisual entertainment, LIKE is an application that will indeed please.

Create and share unique videos

As the program is easy to use and is used by many people around the world. The number of users of this application exceeds 100 million people worldwide, and all of them have downloaded this application.

Application allows you several things that no application does not allow you at all, including that you can make a video call in purity and beauty with no interruption during the call, for example.

Likee APK for android

If you want to make a video call for your work instead of downloading another application, Download this application through Google Play because it is the leading application in this field. After all, it provides excellent services to all users through that platform that includes many programs with the same type.

It is an application for sharing videos over the Internet, and it is also an application for making short videos, adding filters, stickers, and music that give the video excitement, and creating positive videos and ideas that can be used.

Please create an account to join the video social

You can create an account on it, register and start making videos, have many followers and admiration for you, share them with you in your videos, and spread them in a very long-range and get a certain number of followers.

The application developer will contact you and give you many gifts to encourage you to continue working in the application and benefit The company from that by adding ads from which the company gets money due to the view rate. And the application is available for mobile phones for the Android operating system and also for the iOS operating system and places to download that applications are on the Play Store for Android or iTunes.

There are many effects for you to create clips

You can use the filters to change the face with the feature of face magic, eyes, and some other things, and also depends on the artificial intelligence feature and with the famous application Like you will enjoy the videos from around the world.

You can make a live broadcast and share live pictures, and you will know and see a lot of artists and actors from around the world, communicate with them, and admire their videos and add comments to download like the video for Android.

Watch millions of interesting videos

There is a feature that shows you the popular content and video, some popular music, and your choice of any period to stimulate fun and attract the user to watch the content you provide, whatever the content you provide can be through the application Promote any product that you need to replace or something similar to that.

By downloading Likee for Android this excellent application that will benefit you greatly and make you very happy as well. This application is free, and you can get it in many possible ways available to everyone.

Likee APK - Download v3.44.2 + Lite on Android

LIKEE APK MOD on Android is a social network focused on creating videos with special effects worthy of major world cinema productions? Your videos created with LIKE

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