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League of Stickman APK is an action fighting game with beautiful and attractive gameplay. Play as a super warrior and start a journey of adventure, fight, and defend for righteousness. This is a highly entertaining game; let’s see the highlights of Stickman together!

What is League of Stickman Free?

League of Stickman Free is an action game in which your objective is to fight a large number of enemies at the same time to survive. Use different types of resources and prove that you are the most powerful fighter in the universe.

You will be able to use many types of unique and deadly moves to destroy your opponents. Altogether, there are four different options released since the start of matches. You must wait a few seconds for each of the powers to be recharged to use it again.

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The game also offers several different types of heroes that can be integrated into matches to deliver powerful blows to opponents. Join them to annihilate the game’s bosses and prove that you have the necessary skills to be a hero.

Compete against people from all over the world and also against your list of friends and participate in a ranking of different levels. Prepare for the different waves of enemies and defeat them to continue evolving and receiving ever greater challenges.

Our Opinion on LOS free

League of Stickman Free is an action game in which your objective is to fight a large number of enemies in exciting battles to guarantee survival. Prove that you are the most powerful warrior and destroy your opponents without mercy.

The game puts you in combat from start to finish: just follow a quick tutorial that teaches you how to handle the controls so that your opponents start jumping on the screen, challenging your skills and aiming to annihilate you.

Fighting explosion

You must face them in frantic and relentless combat. So use all the skills you have to beat them before your life is over and you get in the way. It’s an insane pace and a lot of fun.

The game offers several special powers from the beginning, allowing you to finish off your opponents with several different types of powers. However, this facility reduces the importance of each of the skills since they are abundantly distributed.

You can also use the good old sword stroke to destroy your opponents, but with so many powers giving soup, this resource will be the least used and valued, being only famous when your powers are within the waiting time.

Simple to play and with good graphics

The game controls are extremely simple and easy to use. This concentrates all the difficulty in the frantic gambling that unfolds in front of you. That way, anyone can enjoy hours of exciting fighting.

The game’s graphics are quite dark and gloomy, which may hide the title’s real appearance. Even so, it’s a well-made look and with animations that promise to bring tons of fun to the title. It is worth being experienced.

1. The gameplay of Stickman

League of Stickman has very simple gameplay. Your task is to control your character to fight and destroy evil monsters in the way.
Your manipulation in the game is also extremely easy, with the viewing angle of the device screen will be divided into left and right sides. The left part of the screen is two forward and backward keys that allow you to move through the game. The right part will be the keys to select attack and skill execution.

You will be able to pass levels after defeating the boss of each level. It is possible to identify the last boss by its outstanding size and red light ring below the feet.

2. Types of generals

League of Stickman has an extremely diverse pool of generals, and you can easily own them by accumulating bonus gems in levels. Each general will have a different role and skill set.
Depending on each general’s skillset and stats, we can classify them according to different roles such as Gunner, Gladiator, or Assassin.

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Each general will have 4 separate and completely different skills. Similar to many MOBA games, you can select and use skills by clicking on the skills icon. These skills do not require energy to cast or cooldown. You just need to wait until the cooldown expires to be able to reuse the skill.

Use skillfully to form a beautiful Combo chain and deal as much damage as possible.

You can completely upgrade your skills to make them stronger. You will control a character; the following generals will have a random spawn rate to compensate for damage and relieve you.

You can change the current champion by clicking on the champion’s image frame.

3. General equipment in League of Stickman

Equipment is an indispensable part of the action and fighting games. They will help your champion increase his attack, resistance, or health stats.
The equipment in the game is divided into different ranks.

Each champion in League of Stickman Free can carry 6 items per star tier. For example, hero level 1- lv9 can carry 6 tier 1 items; when he reaches lv10- lv19 he will be able to open 1 more inventory and carry 6 more 2-star items and so on. The following level groups.

You can also enhance items in the game to help them increase their stats. Equipment will also be categorized into different qualities (white, green, blue, purple, …), and with each quality, their minimum upgrade level will be completely different.

The game modes in League of Stickman

In League of Stickman, there are many different game modes.

Normal is the game’s most basic escape mode. The game screen is divided into different chapters with increasing difficulty in each chapter.

Each chapter will include 3 easy gameplay, 1 medium level, and 1 difficult boss fight screen.

When passing the Normal mode levels, you will receive rewards of gold and experience and random equipment. In each screenplay, you can bring up to 2 generals to fight and overcome.

Elite is the boss battle mode to hunt for the equipment of the game. It is divided into different chapters similar to Normal mode.

However, this is a difficult mode, and you should reach certain levels for your generals to overcome together. This mode’s reward is the star equipment (1-5 stars) depending on the stage. You can carry up to 3 champions in Elite mode.

Abyss is a special escape mode with five different difficulty levels. You need a ticket to start passing, and the number of tickets also increases with the difficulty level of the game. But mostly the rewards of this mode are very good with orange quality equipment.

Nightmare is an iteration of Normal mode, but the difficulty has been pushed to a very different level.
As the name suggests, it is a nightmare for players. Along with extremely great difficulty are extremely good rewards that you will be able to get if you pass.

Other types of maps

In addition to the League of Stickman fixed game modes, there are daily or fixed-time event modes.
Daily events take place every day in the game with three main events: Celestial crack, Hero Dungeon, and crystal raid.
Through the daily mode, you will receive a lot of necessary items to upgrade and increase your hero’s strength.

Events are fixed duration events, including Raid events, quests, and Arena. These events are only open for a period of many days a week with extremely attractive rewards.

Other features

Besides, in the League of Stickman Free (Google Play), there are also other very attractive features.
The spirit feature allows you to summon and summon a spirit to battle with your team in battles. The spirits will increase the team’s strength and stats.

The world boss feature is where the whole server fights together with the great demon king and contests who is the one who deals the most damage as well as the one who kills the demon king to win attractive rewards.

4. Sound and graphics

The soundtrack of League of Stickman Free MOD has a melodious and majestic rhythm. The sound effects in the matches are fascinating, with the effects of basic attacks and moves are fully supplemented, bringing powerful tones. Other effects such as upgrade, enhancement are added to make the game more interesting.

The game graphics are designed simply, with the character created in the form of a stick man but fully equipped with armor, cool weapons. In the battles, the monsters used only one main color but still showed their ferocity and evil nature. Effects when the generals attack, using outstanding and majestic skills, with each general’s characteristics.

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