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You are looking for an adventure that will excite you? Are you looking for an exciting and entertaining game? A game that will help you to pass your leisure time.

You will love Larva Heroes: Lavengers APK. You were wondering what to expect in the game? The game brings very exciting and entertaining features with it.

What is Larva Heroes: Lavengers?

Larva Heroes: Lavengers is an action game, it is published by Mr.Games, and the content of the game is battled by the heroic worms.

The game is a combination of two exciting movies, Avengers and Larva. The game was released on March 1, 2014, by Mr. Games. It is a fun and crazy game at the same time.

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It is a classic tower defense game. This geeky animation game is surprising the world since its release. The main aim of the game is to defend against the enemy coming from the black gate.


The size of the game is 96MB on the android play store. The minimum requirement of the android version is 4.0. You can enjoy the game on any version greater than 3.0. On the other hand, on the Apple store, the size of the game is 111MB.

The requirement for iOS is version 10.0 or greater. So, you can enjoy the game on both operating systems. The updates are available on a regular basis with the addition of advanced and exciting features.

The game has extremely colorful and fun graphics. It attracts the users very much. It makes the game quite addictive. The Colour scheme is designed in such a way that it attracts players of every age.

The audio part is also quite funny. The sound of fists and swords when larvas are fighting is present in the whole game.

Features of the Game Larva Heroes: Lavengers!

1. The gameplay of the LHL

There are almost 360 stages of the game. You have to complete all of those to conquer the game. The game has several characters in it. Larvas are divided into various classes, such as archers, monks, knights, warriors, etc. However, you have to unlock them before using them.

Red and yellow larvas are the main characters. One larva is titled “Hero,” and the other one is “Hero Friend”. The entire game can be played by controlling the larva by touching the mobile screen on the left and right. The larva moves in the direction of the touch.

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An arrow appears, and you make your larva move there. In the meanwhile, if the larva goes near the enemy camp, the larva automatically attacks the enemy. If the enemy is in large numbers, the hero friend comes in action and helps the hero to fight the enemy.

A hero can also transform itself into a more powerful get-up for a brief interval. In the meanwhile, alphabets are also to be collected to complete the word “Larva”. On the other hand, Larva Heroes: Lavengers also brings a lot of difficulties for players.

Each level has 3 stages corresponding to 3 different levels of difficulty. The final boss usually appears in the final stage; you must have enough strength if you want to win.

2. Defense Unit:

One of the important tasks of the game is to build a defense unit to fight against the enemy. The defense unit fights the enemy instead of the hero to prevent it from damage.

Try to eliminate the enemy behind the defense unit. The defense unit is formed by eating the Vienna Sausage. A defense unit is important because even one zombie can end your game by entering your base.

3. Power-Ups:

When the game becomes difficult, that is the time to collect and consume power-ups. Use drugs, food, or support skills to power-ups.

Sausage is a favorite dish of the larvas; use this plate to encourage the warrior larva to fight for you. Sausages fall from the sky.

4. Skills Enhancement:

You can also upgrade your cute little character into a warrior. You just have to enhance the skill level and the characteristics of your character. The game is evaluated based on stars. There are three stars based on which the game is evaluated.

You can replay the level until you get your perfect score. The strength of the larva depends on the level achieved. Greater the achievements, stronger is the larva.

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Each larva has some specific level defined which they have to achieve to become their ultimate version. You can also buy the hero skills from the shop. The new larvas are unlocked with the achievement of the new level.

5. Boss Dungeon:

In this phase, you will meet the big boss by entering the dungeon. Expect the head challenge to be difficult. However, the rewards are bigger. If you conquer the head challenge, you can get many items that will help you in the game.

The items that you will get can be some random gear, power-ups, cans, and other usable items. Challenge your hero friends to increase your skills.

6. Pet System:

If you want to increase your pet’s abilities, simply watch advertisements. Your pet’s attack power and experience will be upgraded by this.

7. Stage Drop Items:

In this feature, you can earn and collect many items once you catch the monster on the stage.

8. The popularity of game:

The popularity of the game is increasing with the passage of every day. Till the present date, the total number of downloads directly from the google play store is over 10 million.

And if we take account of all number of downloads from all forums, then the number exceeds over 960 million. This huge number of downloads shows the popularity of the game.

# Final verdict for the game Larva

This is one of the best fun games present on the game stores to play in your free time. It is equally popular among children and adults. The graphics of the game makes it more attractive. So, if you want to pass your leisure time by playing a simple yet fun game, Larva Heroes: Lavengers MOD money APK is your go-to game.

Larva Heroes: Lavengers MOD Mobile
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