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KineMaster – Video editing is on the rise today. Any of us can easily create a video to share on social media, the YouTube channel, or to save for later to remember a crucial moment.

Applications like Google Photos already allow the user through the smartphone to group images and video clips, add a song, and the application itself takes care of the rest (adding effects, filters, and processing the video, making it ready to share).

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Also, some smartphone models have complete video editors, already with some more “advanced” functions, but which are generally limited to the brand’s ecosystem or a specific model.

KineMaster is a video editing app available for free for Android and iOS. Its features are quite complete, and a few minutes of use are enough to understand how everything works.

What is Kinemaster?

KineMaster APK is a video editing application with many powerful, easy-to-use editing features such as color schemes, background stitching, voice acting, and lots of video special effects, helping you become a professional blogger…

In addition to the possibilities of cutting, pasting, controlling the clips’ speed, and adding music, among many others, the main highlight is the possibility of adding multiple layers of video, image, stickers, text, hand annotations and all this added very intuitively.

How to use KM Pro

Step 1. Download KineMaster from Gameloop APK and install it on your device. On the home screen, touch the “+” button to start editing your first video clip;

Step 2. A menu will open. Select the “Choose Media” option to add your images or videos to the montage;

Step 3. Then, choose which folder are the photos or videos you want to put in the montage and then touch the items to add. Note that they will appear in thumbnails at the bottom of the app. When finished, select the “arrow” icon, on the bottom right side;

Step 4. The next screen shows two fields: the first to enter the title that appears at the beginning of the assembly and the title displayed at the end. Fill in the information and tap the “arrow” to continue;

Step 5. When finished, select the background theme of your montage with the option that most identifies you. Just touch it to see a preview on the left side of the screen. To download other styles for free, access the collection under “Download themes.” When you have selected the theme, touch the “check” symbol at the bottom right of the screen;

Step 6. You will see how your photos and videos were applied to the chosen theme. To view, touch the “Play” button in the window on the left. To interrupt, select the “Pause” icon, located in the same place;

Step 7. The application offers some features for editing the assembly. To personalize with videos and images recorded on the spot, by the cell phone camera, or even add voice narrations, tap the red “Rec” button.

Step 8. To add a new soundtrack to the montage, tap the musical icon with a “+” from the menu. Then, select the song from the displayed list. It will be saved automatically;

Step 9. To edit the soundtrack, touch the music icon that is near the bottom bar. An editing screen will open. It is possible to cut the music, drag from side to side, adjust volume and even apply “fade in” and “fade out,” which determines the initial and final transition of the track;

Note that two tracks will appear: your custom one and the one that already comes with the theme.

how to use KineMasterTo deactivate this second and not disturb the assembly, touch it and set the volume to “0%”, in the menu shown at the top. When finished, touch the gray space, and again the musical icon and the bar will be minimized;

Step 10. To make edits to images or videos, tap on one of the items in the bottom bar. Note that it will be expanded with options. It is possible to see some buttons, and in the order from left to right, the user can: “rotate/mirror the image,” “determine the initial and final focus of the animation”, “add effects”, such as texts, stars, and more

  • Then, the app offers t,e
  • option to “cut”, “add filters”, “adjust levels”, such as,
  • rightness, contrast, and saturation, and fina

Ly “insert clips”. Everything will be saved automatically, and adjustments can be made to each image or video;

Step 11. To customize the transitions, touch the small square between the clips. A menu will open on the left side with several options: it is possible to change the animations such as “slide”, “rotate”, “zoom,” and much more. A small window on the right will show the preview of the effect;

Step 12. All changes will be saved automatically. When you are finished customizing your video clip, press the “back” button on your smartphone. The initial screen will appear with its assembly in the center. To see the final result, touch the “Play” icon. To export or share the assembly, tap the icon in the lower-left corner;

Step 13. Select the quality you want (Full HD, HD, or low resolution) and tap the “Export” button. A notice will show that the version without the watermark costs a subscription. For those who do not want to spend, the export has a free version, and the watermark appears very discreet at the top right of the video. Therefore, it is not even worth spending money;

Step 14. When the export is finished, the app will offer sharing options on social networks, cloud services, etc. The video clip will be saved in the video folder on your device. Please choose the one you prefer and send it to friends.

Ready. Now making video clips is more comfortable and more practical on Android. Take advantage of the features and have fun.

4 features of the Kine Master application

  • 1. Support exporting 4k video file 30fps 

With the ability to export video up to 4k for high definition, high video detail thanks to 4 times the pixel density and 30fps frame rate, making video smooth. 

  • 2. Support voiceover, background music and sound effects on video 

When editing a video, you may want to incorporate into your favorite audio effects or match the video’s scene to create a better video. Kinemaster features are preset for users to create unique products freely.

  • 3. Full range of basic video collage features 

Editing features such as cut, merge, add sound effects, music to the video are all in the KineMaster application. 

  • 4. Support high-quality video recording tool 

KineMaster is equipped with a variety of professional color filters, professional customization, and users can customize and create better. With many video editing tools, sound effects will help you create the best moments. Download and experience the KineMaster APK application right now.

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Edit video with KineMaster on Android

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