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Fast keyboard software on phone Keys Cafe APK is designed based on a standard keyboard from Google Keyboard to help you get acquainted and learn quickly. Keys Cafe’s advantage is that it has an eye-catching interface, supports Telex typefaces to help you chat soon.

What is Keys Cafe Keyboards?

Keys Cafe is a fast-speed keyboard and percussion keyboard, capable of smart word suggestions with high accuracy. Developed by the standard keyboard of Google Keyboard, it has an excellent essential design and is compatible with most of today’s devices. If you have to text and enter text frequently on your phone in All languages, this is indispensable and will improve your working performance.

Keys Cafe apk for android

Key Cafe is an emoji keyboard application that supports typing English, Korean, Japanese for Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, HTC, Zenfone, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo … phones. Telex typewriter helps you type text, chat messages more comfortably and faster. 

Keys Cafe APK also offers keyboard customization features with many beautiful interfaces, the ability to change the keyboard language, automatically correct errors …

How to use Samsung Keyboad

Step 1: Download Keys Cafe on GameLoops APPS

First of all, please install Keys cafe on your device using the link below:

Step 2:

After you’ve downloaded Keys cafe to your device, launch the app. At the first interface, we will come to the setting to turn on Keys cafe on Android; we click on Enable.

Next appears the Commitment security interface; click Continue.

Step 3:

In the Language & input interface, we will slide the bar to the right to enable Keys cafe. The Keys cafe message appears; click OK.

Step 4:

Next to the default keyboard interface on Keys Cafe, click Select below. We will tick the Keys cafe to use on the device.

Step 5:

In the Sync view, you get the option to sync word suggestions to store and use across devices. You can press Skip. Next to the many keyboard themes, we can choose from Keys cafe ones to use.

Step 6:

In the next interface, the Keyboard section, we will have more part Keyboard Layout and Sound Effects. In the Keyboard Layout view, we will see a lot of options to install.

Effects & Sound will be followed by sound options when using the Keys cafe keyboard.

Step 7:

Then, click on the Function above, with Keys cafe functions, including Typing methodHints and error correctionManage notesBackup and reset. Here, we click on each item to adjust for the Keys cafe.  

Step 8:

Now you are back to enter content on your device. Keys cafe supports the Telex typing method to remove trailing characters. For example, when you type the word admin, you need to type in quant will also result in the name admin.

Besides, you can also see that Keys cafe’s suggestion is also very standard. This helps us to type text content faster, more accurately, and more quickly.

When we type accents for letters, you can enter accents similar to when using the computer keyboard Google. 

Useful features for writing messages, text

how to use Keys Cafe

1. Type the correct keyboard

Keys Cafe’s keyboard gives users a typing experience like on a computer with 2 normal typing modes. It has been well optimized and responsive to typing is also very fast.

2. Interface options with many beautiful themes

Keys Cafe provides users with beautiful themes.

The themes are organized into packages (Theme Packs) such as colorful themes, floating key themes, and other simple themes. Users can also personalize the interface to their liking.

3. Change the installation options according to preference

Users can change settings such as changing the keyboard’s height, keyboard layout, typing method, sound, and effects, …

Also, you can completely restore the original setting. You can easily change keyboard properties in the Settings of the Keys Cafe application.

Keys Cafe allows users to increase their typing speed through the advanced Telex typing mode.

4. Smart auto-correct feature

With a variety of smart error correction features such as automatic capitalization of sentences, spell check, automatic cursor movement, … Keys Cafe helps you Save much time in the typing process, and at the same time, reduce the work related to checking spelling after typing.

# Access requirements

Recording permission: This permission is used to allow the user to input with voice. Keys Cafe can not record without the user’s knowledge.

Network access and Google account: Keys Cafe needs to access the network to backup and restore the configuration of Key Cafe (including the quick keypad). Key Cafe uses Google Drive to read and write the Keys Cafe configuration files from your Google Drive account. 

Keys Cafe also collects statistical information on the app’s usage frequency to continuously improve the features while providing better technical support for users when they run into problems. You can turn these statistics off in the Advanced options section. 

Also, Samsung Keys Cafe on Android does not collect any other information, ensuring absolute respect for users’ data privacy and confidentiality.

Attention: When you install the program, Android will warn you about the collection of personal data and information. This is a warning with all keyboard programs, not just Keys Cafe.

Keys Cafe APK - Download v1.0.00.13 keyboard on Android

Key Cafe apps on Android

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