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Jurassic World™: The game is a dinosaur simulation game, with content from the famous Jurassic World movie.

Coming to the game, you will be creative, build your dinosaur park and experience vivid and engaging battles.

What is Jurassic World: The Game?

Today we will be reviewing Jurassic World: The Game. They are published by Ludia. Inc is the official mobile game based on the most recent installment of the Jurassic movie franchise.

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Build the ultimate Jurassic Park experience by raising over 200 types of dinosaurs and challenging others to battle. While raising your hatchlings, players tackle park management, completing tasks such as building structures. The more structures you build, the more opportunities to increase resources.

Features of the game Dinosaur farming!

1. You can shop and unlock.

The game does come with a few micro-transactions, but they aren’t necessary to have fun, but does come with their own set of issues that I’ll cover later in the review. . The micro-transactions are pretty standard, as you need to be able to earn coins, cash, DNA points for evolutions, and card packs that can provide you with all of the previously mentioned resources and the chance to unlock the less common dinosaurs for you to place in your park.

2. Parks R’ US

Park management involves you unlocking parts of the field to clear for building. You use coins to build coffee houses, security towers and clearing more land for your expansions.

All of the buildings can be upgraded and need a combination of XP, cash, and coins to produce more resources, especially food that is necessary to level up your dinosaurs.

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But as expected, it can take time to build your park and start gaining enough resources to adequately evolve a good stable of dinosaurs for the battle portions of the game. The general rule of thumb here is that the bigger and more efficient your park is, the stronger and more effective your dinos will be in battle.


The battles are fun and use a rock, paper, scissor-type of a system akin to pokemon, where you have Carnivores, Herbivores, Amphibians, and Pteranodons. Each type is seemingly weak against another, and this system has its issue as well.

During the battle, you save up points for attack, defense, or use a command to stock more points. Depending on how you use your points, you can either unleash a devastating attack or make yourself nearly invulnerable to enemy attacks.

The issue here is that it is absolutely possible to lose a battle to a dinosaur that is puny both in size and in level, so it becomes a real test of how you use points and not how much time you might have spent raising your prized Allosaurus.

In the battles that I fought, I won against an overpowered foe by cycling through my stable of dinos and saving up enough points to hit my enemy hard enough to knock it out. Another time, I fought a trio of super underdeveloped –think Level 2 Compy vs. a level 20 T-Rex– and I got annihilated before my opponent had used his third tiny beast.

This makes me think that, as a whole, the leveling system is out of whack and doesn’t have a whole lot of bearing on anything. This is disheartening if you’re the type to spend money on building up a massive army or customized and specialized dinosaurs.

This is even worse if you consider the time sink that this game can be. In the earlier parts of the game, it could take at least an hour after you’ve done daily missions (seven total per day).

4. Just Like the Real Thing

The presentation of the game is cool, and it does have a story mode of sorts when you consider the daily missions. As you progress through the missions, you’ll run into some familiar characters that will advance your day to goals for the park that you are building up.

Missions are doled out by characters from the movie such as Owen, Claire, Dr. Wu, and even some minor characters that are featured in the film, like the journalist and various others.jurassic world mod apk free 2

I thought that this was a nice touch, and while it doesn’t add more to the game for those familiar with Jurassic Park World, or the franchise as a whole, it did add a nice point of connection, even if you’re not a huge fan, but have just watched a little bit of franchise.

The game features some pretty true-to-style Jurassic themes and sounds. The dinosaurs sound loud, and you can get a sense of their weight and ferocity as you hatch, nurture, and battle. Are pretty on par with what you would expect; this really comes through during the battle sequences and are a great part of the overall package.

# Final verdict for dinosaur hunting game

Micro-transactions aside, I enjoyed my time with the game, and this works as a pretty good time killer, but expect to spend some time earning enough resources to evolve your dinosaurs into some of the really cool and powerful hybrid dinosaurs (Stegotriceratops, anyone?).

The use of the Jurassic Park license is cool, and who doesn’t want to see the Lizard Kings of the past duke it out? I can recommend checking this one out for a stroll at the park.

Just a minor heads up: When it comes to performance, the game runs smooth but does suffer from crashes after you exit the battle mode, so this appears to be a glitch.


  • The game is pretty official and utilizes the Jurassic Park World film in a way that should Resonate with Fans
  • The systems of the game are easy to understand, and it doesn’t take much to get invested.
  • The Dinosaurs themselves have some pretty cool characters, and the evolution system has some surprises.


  • As always, microtransactions are a bit much, once you consider that just about every action uses resources, even battle mode.
  • The leveling system doesn’t appear to have any weight or meaning to it.
  • The game does crash after exiting certain modes.
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