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If you love to play an adventurous game, then June’s Journey APK is the right choice for you. June’s Journey is a free iOS and Android game released in 2017 by the developers of Wooga.

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The game genre is full of adventure. Mystery-solving games always grab the audience’s attention, especially when games like to find hidden objects.

What is June’s Journey –Hidden Object?

June’s Journey – Hidden Objects is a detective game published by Wooga, and in this game, you will adventure in mystery cases and find the evidence.

Because our lives have so many interesting things and everyday stories and cases happen everywhere, you will become an investigator and discover the secrets hidden there.

With engaging content and thrilling details, more than 10 million people have downloaded and played the game.

In June’s Journey adventure, a player has to solve a case and find a single piece of evidence through inspecting different scenarios. It’s not something to complete the task instantly, but a player has to pass the most advanced tests in the game.

In June’s Journey –Hidden Object gameplay, you will find strange objects that seem helpful throughout the game, sometimes in the current stage or sometimes in the next level. In the gameplay, there are few levels that a player will play more than once, so keep all the taken steps in mind because you have to play the game on the same flow, so memorize the best trick in mind.

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Furthermore, it seems essential that we must memorize the room because, in the future, the possibilities are high that it will reappear with new clues. Look closely at every element, as it is the primary key to solve the mysteries of June’s Journey –Hidden Object.

Feature of the June’s Journey!

The June’s Journey is a discovery game that came with the concept of the 1920s. This game is all about solving June’s sister murder’s mysteries and uncover all the strange circumstances.

This game brings excitement for those who love to play hidden object games and desire to build the highest score. You might love to play because of the given features:

1. Get Character Cards:

Character cards can be obtained from the chests mentioned in the game. The character cards are another resource included in the main game loop. Cards accumulate in a pool, and when all cards of one character are collected, the player needs to complete the puzzle.

In the gameplay, the player receives a one-time bonus, so at any time, a player is liable to restore all energy at once. This is an additional mechanic that reveals the plot. So, the player acknowledges more about the heroes of the story with the help of these cards.

2. Watch the advertising videos for alternative rewards:

For watching video ads in June’s Journey, the player receives a bonus, and in the next half hour, he spends 33% less energy to launch the next level.

Those players who want to play the June’s Journey game smartly without spending a single penny thus watching the advertisement video are the best solution. Consider the energy bonuses that the player will receive for the additional minutes in the game, increasing the session time from ten to twenty minutes.

Players commit to playing until the energy reserves are completely depleted by spending their time watching a promotional video – so that the received bonus can be used to the maximum.

3. Play the chest:

Chests are given out as a reward for each “star” that the player receives. Stars are accumulated after completing the same level multiple times for multiple times when finding hidden object scenes.

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When a player earns five stars in one level, they will move to the next level. In the chest, Character Cards, Energy, and Resources are essential to progress the game story. On the other hand, all the players can buy chests for money.

3. Random Energy Bonuses:

In June’s Journey –Hidden Object, a player will get a reward timely, so it seems beneficial at the time of completing the levels with full energy. Still, this mechanic does not work for player autonomy.

Indeed, some players will be happy with any bit of energy that will allow them to play longer. But for other players, these uncontrolled inflows of additional energy can cause irritation and fear not to use this bonus.

4. What is the MOD Currencies version?

  • Beautiful graphics, good scenarios, character, attractive story.
  • The rules of the game are interesting, with many challenges for players to overcome.
  • There are real-life interactions, which are quite engaging for everyone.
  • You can get unlimited money in the MOD version and buy premium items for free.
  • You can experience it better, as there are no ads.

# Final verdict for Hidden Object game

June’s Journey –Hidden Object MOD Money APK offers an incredible setting of well-made characters because of the intriguing adventures game; everyone is super excited to play. In short, as a player, you must be observant, and you must play every stage carefully. Solve the mysteries, even if you play multiple types.

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