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Romance roleplay games are always exciting and fun to play. But nowadays there are so many in the market that they are all starting to look the same.

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If you are out there searching for something new in this day and age, then the Journey Interactive Series APK is a brilliant alternative. The game balances interactive gameplay, story-building, and romance all in one.

The story of the game Journeys: Interactive Series?

The game is set in a universe of love and romance, which means you must make the most out of every situation to be successful. The interactive series version contains several different stories and chapters that you can go through. In other words, you won’t get bored with one story.

When you start the game, the first story takes you to New York, where you are an aspiring chef looking for an opportunity to break into society. You can begin playing as a man or a woman. The choice is yours, and it’s up to you to keep things interesting.

The story soon takes you to a point where you choose your love interest and begin your romantic story. However, it would help if you used the in-game gems to progress in some situations. Buying new clothes or selecting the better of the two choices requires gems.

You can buy them inside the game, earn them through daily rewards, or complete a chapter. It is not easy making these gems, so if you want o play fast, you must invest money in buying gems.

Features of the game Journeys: Interactive Series!

  • Video: gameplay

Thanks to several stories within the game, you get to play in immersive scenarios and dive into new worlds. There is a lot to discover and enjoy while you play this game.

  • You can choose your favorite story and get engrossed in a world of never-ending romance.
  • You can also dress up your character in amazing outfits to make them look more appealing.
  • Time to develop exciting relationships with different personalities and characters.
  • Ultimately, your decision leads to the story’s end, so e careful what you select.
  • Some new episodes are released every week, so there is always something new and fresh for you to try out.

Current Stories

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At the moment, several stories are part of the game. Each story has its unique characters that you can control.

  1. Recipe of love: First up is a story about a young and aspiring girl who hopes to become a chef who moves to New York. The story also involves two brothers who try to grasp her attention and help her move up her career ladder. The story revolves around love and her dream of succeeding in becoming a top chef.
  2. Linda Brown: This story includes a young singer from New York who travels to Rio to attend her friend’s marriage. This journey becomes exciting for her when she comes across a billionaire and a romantic doctor who struggles to win her heart.
  3. DON’T FORGET ME – This story is rather interesting as it involves you as a bride who is supposed to get married soon, but your boyfriend backs off on the wedding day and disappears. However, years later, you recognize that he is your new boss’s boyfriend, and the story revolves around whether or not you sacrifice your career to get your love back.
  4. Vampyre: In this story, a young writer receives an invitation to display and talk about his latest book at a conference. However, this invitation also turns into a frightening love affair.
  5. PRINCESS BY ACCIDENT – This story involves a beautiful movie actress who gets introduced to a good-looking car racer who gives her an exciting life. Would she be willing to put her career at risk for love?
  6. LOVE SQUARED – This story explores the taboo in the relationship. It involves a married couple looking to open up to a new experience and possibly apply their neighbors in it.
  7. MAFIA SOUL – In this one, a state attorney gets carried away because of love and involves herself in the family mafia. Will she be willing to let go of the justice system for it?
  8. Singles cruise: This story is a little different as you take on an assistant director of a reality tv show that involves sex and fun. How will you be able to manage the behind-the-scenes tantrums?
  9. NOT SO INNOCENT – In this story, you assume the role of a millionaire girl in her 20s who is charged with a wicked crime and must complete her probation, during which she meets a handsome guy.

Other features

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  • Available for 6 languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, and German.
  • This game has a good story, but the game requires you to recharge to unlock new stories.
  • The game has many features, but you need a lot of diamonds to experience them all. And you also have to watch the ad for more gems.
  • You can buy a variety of new costumes for the character.
  • Choose the stories you love.
  • Feel the beautiful, hot images in the game.
  • New episodes and stories will be released every week.

Final verdict for the game Journeys: Interactive Series

The game is free to play, but you have to use the money sooner rather than later purchase coins. Otherwise, your progress will be slow, and you will be forced to choose some options when you don’t want to. Journey Interactive Series MOD Premium APK a severe time killer and the perfect game for entertainment.

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