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Instagram APK, one of the most essential and best social media programs on the Android and IOS phones platform.

The first version was in 2010, and a copy of it was added to Android phones on the Google Play Store and iPhone, iPad, and iPod phones on the iTunes store.

In 2012 and since that time, the program is continuously developing and spreading among users until a copy of the full Instagram application for the computer was released in 2013. Several features and advantages were created in it, including the feature of video capture and sharing of images with people around the world.

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And it also contains filters. Through it, you can modify images, add effects to them, use emojis and emoticons, and link your Instagram account with other accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. Facebook acquired the Instagram program in 2012 after its spread, as it got almost 500% more users after the application was downloaded On Android phones, and in 2014.

Instagram announced that it had exceeded 300 million users, and the number of photos uploaded to the application per second reached a billion pictures. It is worth noting that downloading images from Instagram Gold One of the essential advantages that made Facebook buy the Instagram program for a billion dollars. Thus many languages ​​were developed and added to it, with some.

What is Instagram Plus

Instagram ++ is considered The largest and most famous social networking site on the Internet, including tens of millions of people. It ranks fourth among the most downloaded programs on the Google Play Store.

The basic idea of ​​this application is to post photos and videos on this platform that is characterized by many features and enables you to get likes Comments, upload pictures of celebrities, and know the latest developments in the world of art, sports, culture, and politics.

The Instagram program allows you to send voice and text messages to anyone in the world. It is one of the applications that is continuously updated since its first launch. It is in constant development thanks to a group of professional programmers.

Instagram Plus v10.20.0 APK Download For Android

They have designed the program to be easy to use and contain a simple interface with colors And excellent coordination and support all devices and operating systems and has multiple features within it.

Including exchange of images and video clips, sales and purchase operations, electronic marketing, and display of various products in addition to features including status or Insta stories, which last for 24 hours after publishing them, whether they are pictures, live broadcast clips, or video.

How to create a new account:

Entering the Instagram program using one of the two methods depends on one purpose: to browse the Instagram site and create an account on it.

  • The first method: It is about creating a new account; when we open the program for the first time, you are offered to create a new account or log in, and you must also choose the language, and in this way, we will click on “Create a new account” after that, we enter the “phone number” and “Email” and then press “Next “. After that, we add a full “username” and put a “password” so that no one can log in except.

Features of the IG 2020 app


instagram ++ on IOS/ IPhone

1) Photo and video capture and sharing

 Instagram is the most popular program that allows you to share photos and videos. It is a continuously active communication site that is easy to use. It includes a set of filters through which it is possible to edit photos and share them with friends and other communication sites such as Facebook, Facebook, and Twitter. Twitter.

2) Best Marketing Platform:

One of the essential advantages of the program is that it promotes products and advertises for marketing stores so that people can buy clothes, household, and electrical appliances, and safely sell local and international developments, as the program creates paid ads for buying, selling and electronic marketing. All these ads are entirely safe and do penetrate None of the privacy.

3) Social communication:

Comments, likes, positive influences, and social communication are among the most important things that work to win many users and spread the program around the world where you can take pictures of products and display them on the application for others to see, start your business, target people and get an audience of followers.

4) Privacy and security:

Instagram is available for all age groups over the age of 13 years, it maintains the privacy of users’ data, and in the event of a breach of privacy by a specific person, you can block him so that he cannot see your posts, and it is also available on approved online stores, and this is what increases Privacy security in the program and makes millions of people use it.

5) Interface and use:

Instagram APK comes with a simple interface that is easy to deal with, and the size of the program does not occupy space on the internal memory of the device and does not contain any ads and supports the feature of photography using the camera, obtaining professional photos and videos, controlling the time of recording these clips and allows the possibility of conversations, chatting and modification on Conversation options.

6) Save Instagram photos:

Instagram Plus APK has a feature to keep pictures and videos where you can download anything from the program completely free of charge and share it with friends at any time and from anywhere and store these photos in your albums so that no one can see them, this And more, you will find it after downloading Instagram for computer and mobile.

Instagram Plus
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 Instagram Plus APK

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