File Download IDM Internet Download Manager PRO MOD on Android

You are a person who likes to download games and applications, but the speed of each download is too slow. And you are looking for ways to speed up, and now there is a tool to help you that is IDM APK or Internet Download Manager.

You may not know, this is a program on your computer, to help people manage downloaded files.

What is Internet Download Manager? What’s good about IDM?

This is the software that supports downloading files from the Internet at high speed. IDM will help you to increase file upload speed ten times compared to regular download.

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Therefore, Internet Download Manager has been enjoyed by users and is one of the most famous software programs in the world because of its remarkable features and features, which is an excellent support for the download process. It is fast and easy, and it has won many international awards in file downloads.

Its advantage is that it allows you to download multiple files from the Internet simultaneously and in different sizes, no matter how large the file size is, such as large files such as videos, audio clips, chapters—educational course or lesson.

So when you have such an efficient and fast tool, you will be better able to work or be entertained.

Features of fast file downloader

When downloading the IDM application that GameLoop.Mobi recommends to you through this article; Users will find a lot of this most relaxed, most professional, and popular benefit with a large number of users worldwide, and among the most important ones are:

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1. Supports multiple languages internet 

Download Manager (Google Play) supports many different languages, including Arabic, English, Turkish, French, German, Korean, Italian, Vietnamese, and many national languages. International and famous, so what are you waiting for? Download and use it now.

2. Compatibility with all browsers

If you use Windows PC or Android, then this application is compatible with all known browsers including IE, AOL, MSN, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Netscape, Firefox, and many others.] is capable of supporting it through its add-ons

3. Speed ​​up and download files quickly

Very easy and fast to help you download all kinds of files with just one click.

Just open this app on your Android phone and paste the link you want to download, and the message starts to be able to experience fast file downloads.

Large files such as Youtube videos, movie videos, and you can perform the download process directly and choose the resolution of the video you want to download.

Internet Download Manager supports links from a proxy server, FTP, HTTP protocol, redirected links, in addition to MP3 and MPEG files. But the main advantage is that it allows you to download flash videos from sites like YouTube, MySpaceTV, and Google Videos.

4. Check the safety of the files.

This application will help you check that there are no malicious files or viruses when it downloads; after this IDM has finished downloading the file, it will check and alert you if it detects any virus files. Inserted inside can be dangerous to your device.

5. Categorize the file types

The application also has a unique function, which is to create a directory for downloaded files automatically. It also creates subfolders. It places each downloaded file according to its categories, such as one folder for videos and another for compressed files, and many other files.

6. Track your downloads

If the file download is interrupted due to an interrupted Internet connection, you can then resume the download without starting over. You can also manually stop the download and continue.

You can also schedule file downloads and perform other tasks when the download has finished, such as asking it to turn off the screen after downloading all the files in the download list. 

7. Small size and easy to install

This Internet Download Manager application IDM MOD FULL APK on Android allows you to use the breakneck download speed.

But it’s also very light, with only a few megabytes, you can download it and install it on your phone to use.

8. Will my Internet become more powerful?

At the end of the process, your Internet will be facing the Internet Download Manager. It is worth saying that this will not make your broadband connection more powerful than it usually is – only the bandwidth will be destined for the application, causing other software to use lower connectivity.

There are also options for those who want to make changes to the application’s proxy, ensuring different uses for various purposes. But this is only intended for advanced users, as the improper use can result in the IDM Optimizer being inoperable.

IDM Internet Download Manager APK

Use IDM Internet Download Manager on Android to download files fast

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