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Do you want to be an army commander and want to become a talented general? If you have, then play the game Idle Army Base APK: Tycoon Game.

In this game, you will train your army to be powerful and fight with millions of armies of opponents.

You will enjoy this army management game.

What is the ideal Army Base?

The ideal Army Base game is based on a military theme where you will be training the soldiers at your military base. When you play the game, you will see that training the soldiers is not the only thing this game is about, but a game consists of a lot more such as taking care of your base camp profit.

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IDLE ARMY BASE TYCOON was released on January 22, 2020, on Android and IOS from Neon Play, and after a successful first test, we were able to fully immerse ourselves in it on the Android and IOS devices. Training soldiers and running an army base, does it has enough influence to make us crack? This is what we will see in this review.

Features of the game Ideal Army Base !

1. Gameplay of the TAB

Ideal Army Base Tycoon game simply tosses you directly into the game with no sort of instructional tutorial, so you will run free for few hours in the game. At the starting point in the game, you will be given a base that will be really infertile in the start.

There will be an entrance gate at your base and a bus stop near it. The bus will come from time to time and stop at the bus stop. The people will come out from the bus and enter to base camp through the entrance gate for training.

At the entrance gate, each soldier will be processed for some time, and then he will get an entry for base camp. Once the soldier gets inside base, they will go for training. At the start of the game, you will only have an exercise yard, so the person will go there for training.

After entering the exercise camp, each soldier will take some time for training. Once there training is finished, you will be paid in gold coins. At the start, the game will seem very boring and slow because you only have 1 way of earning, but as the game progress, you can upgrade things, and it gets better.

2. Upgrading Exercise Yard

As mentioned above, you will only get an exercise yard at the start of the game, which will be used for training soldiers and earning through it. At the start, your earning will be slow, but they can be increased by upgrading the exercise yard. There are 4 different ways for exercise yard up-gradation.

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3. Capacity

By upgrading the capacity of your exercise yard, you can train more soldiers and earn more.

4. Training value

By upgrading the training value of your exercise yard, you can earn more coins from soldiers.

5. Queue size

By upgrading the queue size of your exercise yard, you can see how many soldiers are waiting in the queue.

6. Training speed

By upgrading the training speed of your exercise yard, you can decrease the training time of each soldier. By default, training time for each soldier is around 1 minute, and whenever you upgrade the training speed few seconds will decrease from training time.

7. Upgrade categories to increase the bonus

The game has multiple facilities, and each has a level that can be seen in the progression bar. When any factor from the facility has upgraded, the level of the facility will go up, and gradually progression bar will totally be completed, and the bonus will be increased.

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Bonus for each facility can be seen at the x number. The multiplier increases the value of your facility training, which means that more coins at the end. The main thing to note here is that multiplier is only available for training the facilities.

8. In-Game Advertisement

The game consists of in-game advertisements, which probably some people will hate, but it gives you the option to watch it or skip it. By watching the advertisement, you can increase your earnings because the game provides coins for watching ads, and if you want to get quick money, then it’s better if you watch ads.

As we have already discussed that which you will start the game, it will be very slow and will take a lot of time to earn some money because you don’t have anything upgraded at the start and the best way to score quick money is by watching advertisements.

Also, different types of temporary bonuses are awarded on watching advertisements such as fast training time, doubled income and other things like that. You will get notified for such bonuses on the top right corner of the screen every time it is available.

9. Graphics and Sound

Idle Army Base Tycoon game has very simple and instinctive graphics. This will submerge you in the knowledge of every training site. The game is played in a top-down view, which allows you to see the functioning of the base camp.

Aside from the graphics of idle army base, the developers have also worked hard for their game audio and provide better experiences for players. The audio in the game will make you feel that you are actually in some army.

# Idle Army Base Tycoon Pros and Cons


  • A gigantic, rich open-world that offers extravagant landscapes.
  • Loving management of light.
  • An original and really successful soundtrack.
  • More flexible level management.


  • The collection of coins and upgrading is still too time-consuming.
  • Too long loading times and ads, which break the rhythm and the narration.
  • Many bugs still to be corrected quickly.
  • No real evolution in the gameplay.

If you happen to be looking for a nice gaming adventure and something that’s going to be really cool to check out and fun to learn but don’t cost anything, then I highly recommend you to download Idle Army Base MOD APK because it’s actually a really impressive little experience.

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