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Huawei AppGallery is one of Huawei’s strategic development goals in the coming years. Let’s find out what Huawei AppGallery is with GameLoop APK? Is it possible to replace Google Play on Huawei and Honor phones?

You can use the HUAWEI AppGallery APK convenience to manage application updates, install applications and packages installed. Most applications can be downloaded directly from the HUAWEI AppGallery.

What is Huawei AppGallery?

After losing access to the Google Play Store in May 2019, Huawei adapted by launching and developing its app store as Huawei store HUAWEI AppGallery APK

Huawei has announced new developments for AppGallery in the hope of replacing the Google Play Store on smartphones sold in international markets, especially Europe.

Because it could not provide users with familiar Google apps, the company worked hard to drive software changes, improve security, and encourage developers to introduce their popular apps. On this new app store.

Evaluate the app store

For the average user, popular applications are essential. Let’s analyze whether Huawei’s AppGallery can well meet this need:

  • Social networking applications: Most social networking applications are available on Huawei’s app store, such as TikTokPinterest, … Alternatively, you can also use the website version for social networks, though the experience won’t compare as well as apps.
  • Business applications: This store has available Microsoft Office office applications used to process documents, work. There’s also WPS if you want an alternative and include OneNote.
  • Maps and navigation:  Here, Maps is one of the best free navigation apps, offers free voice navigation, and you can easily download maps for offline use; plus, There is also Sygic. Ride booking apps like Uber and Lyft, and Moovit are also available for download. You’re almost still fine without Google’s Google Maps.
  • Music streaming service:  Popular music applications like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal…  are available, giving you many options for listening to music entertainment.
  • Health app: If you are using Huawei or Honor smart wearables, Huawei Health would be the ideal app. Garmin and Fitbit devices are also supported. As can be seen, health applications are one of the robust application categories of AppGallery.
  • Shopping apps: On this app store, the good news is that most of the popular shopping apps are available to download and use, including Lazada and Shopee.
  • Messaging apps:  WeChat, QQ, Viber, and Telegram… and popular messaging apps are all available on this store.
  • Video player: We have Huawei Video with some Hollywood movies, but not the app can work in all regions. 
  • Some games and other applications: Forum tested on a Huawei Nova 7i, and the good news is AppGallery also supports many popular games like PUBG Mobile, Creative Destruction, and the Guns of Glory, the Mini World meet demand solutions everyday wisdom.

Overall, the first impression of AppGallery is that nearly all popular apps can be found on the app store, from Spotify to TikTok, and ride-hailing and map lookup apps. What Huawei AppGallery still lacks is a directory of video playback and messaging apps. However, in return, you can use the Amazon Appstore to download these applications.

How to install apps on App Gallery

Step 1: Go to AppGallery

In the phone screen interface, you select the Gallery application to access> Select  OK  to continue.

Step 2: Find out AppGallery information.

Here, you can find out about the Gallery app and agree on how you can use it.

Step 3: Select the recommended application

Once you’ve agreed to the terms of use, you’ll get a hint to install popular apps on Gallery.

There are two options for you:

  • Install:  You will install the recommended apps after the selection is made.
  • Home screen: Go to the Gallery home screen, and install another app.

Here, I choose the Home screen to continue.

Step 4: Install the application

At  SearchType the name of the application you want to install> Select INSTALL to install on your phone.

Note: In case, after typing the name, you do not see the application you want to appear in the selection bar, press SEARCH.

Step 5: Complete the installation.

Once you have selected  Install, the main screen will display  Downloading  > Wait for the download to be successful, and you can use the application.

Huawei phones have four other ways to download apps

AppGallery is a relatively new app store, so some apps won’t be available on the platform. However, do not worry because Huawei phone users have two other app stores, Amazon AppStore and APKPure.AppGallery apk on smartphone huawei

Huawei phones are compatible with Amazon AppStore. If you can’t find apps on AppGallery, you can ultimately use Amazon’s platform to download; most popular apps are available on this app store, even shortened versions like Facebook Lite, Messenger APK.

If the app is not available on Huawei AppGallery or Amazon AppStore, you should use the “profile” app download tool followed by APKPure. The above APKPure App will not be verified to work without a phone without Google Services Framework, so not all apps will work properly.

Besides APKPure, you can also install APK files from other APK download sites, but the downside is that these apps can’t be automatically updated and haven’t been verified for their safety.

As a last resort, if you cannot get an app from any of the four above, use Huawei’s Phone Clone app. The app allows you to directly transfer apps from an old device to a new one; even old phone models don’t have to be Huawei phones.

This is to download the apps you need on a device with the Google Play Store and then use Phone Clone to transfer them to your new Huawei phone. However, the drawback is that you cannot port Google apps and banking apps to your new phone.

Gallery replace the Google Play Store?

We see Huawei’s efforts to provide the best app store for its users without Google. Most of the familiar and popular applications are fully available and meet the needs of daily use. 

The downside is that some apps are only available in certain regions. Besides, downloading APK files is not a good experience when not automatically updating apps and not verifying safety.

That said, we have to look back when AppGallery is just over a year old; Huawei will also make efforts to improve and bring more convenience to users with this fledgling application store.

Hopefully, Huawei will soon update and upgrade its application store, prevalent applications in the global market, to “live confidently” without Google.

Easily install millions of apps

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AppGallery APK - Download HUAWEI Store v10.6.2.30 on Android

Huawei AppGallery is one of Huawei's strategic development goals in the coming years. Let's find out what is with GameLoop APK? Is it possible to replace Google Play on Huawei smartphone

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