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Roleplaying is fun, especially in games, as it allows you to live your fantasies in the best way possible. If being the next big thing in Hollywood is your gig, then Hollywood U: Rising Stars APK is the perfect game for you.

In the simulation game Hollywood U, you will learn at Hollywood University.

And this is a famous school; it is home to a lot of Hollywood actors.

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And while participating in this school, try to learn how to develop yourself, remember to make up, and acting.

What is Hollywood U: Rising Stars?

Hollywood U is a Simulation game developed by Pixelberry Studios, is not new to the block. The game has been around for some time, and it has gained popularity among teens and adults alike.

It is only available on the mobile platform, so you can play Hollywood U on your Android or iOS device. Moreover, it is free to play and download. You can spend some money inside the game if you want to speed up things. But other than that, the game does not require any money to operate.

Hollywood U plays on a fantasy that takes you into a universe where anything is possible. You play as an upcoming star who must work with the right people, create meaningful connections, and manage romance with other stars to climb up the success ladder.

How to play Hollywood U

With the story in this game, try to become a celebrity. However, since this is a school, it will direct you to be a director, an actor, or a fashion designer.

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And each course has many challenges, such as when you are trying to act in a movie, you can choose luxurious outfits, and in this game, you will be able to wear expensive clothes and jewelry, the most money.

Also, the game allows players to date other famous actors to build new relationships. Besides, the game also has big parties, and that is where you can make friends and get to know many new celebrities, which is very useful for your work.

Because if you are famous, then you will be contracted to many different movies and be able to act with the celebrity.

And since this is a simulation game, but it will be a game with realistic content, you will learn to act and learn how to be a star.

Features of the game Hollywood U!

1. Choose Your Path

At the beginning of the game, you are asked to choose a path. You can choose to be a director, an actor, or a fashionista. Each path has its storyline, and it is up to you to take the story forward based on the choices you make within the game.

2. Impress at The Red Carpet

You must dress to impress at red carpet events and make a mark in the industry. The more beautiful you are dressed, the more opportunities you will get to further your career as the next big star.

You can select from a range of attractive dresses and gowns made by top designers. After all, you cannot fall short of impressing the crowd and the paparazzi.

3. Date Hot Celebrities

Hollywood U: Rising Stars can help you live your dream. Yes, you can date your favorite celebrity crush and spend quality time with them.

As a superstar, you must go on dates and improve your chances of succeeding in your relationship. Almost anything goes with spicy dates, trips to Vegas, and romantic night-outs with your beau.

4. Work till You Succeed

You are an upcoming star, which means you must make your mark in the industry for anyone to take you seriously. Success will come, but only if you are the hardest worker in the room.

Therefore, choose good film projects, make riveting films, or design the most amazing outfits to stand out among the crowd. The more unique you are, the more chances will open up for you in the future.

5. Make Connections

The most important part of having a successful career is to have significant connections. You should make friendships with the right people and build up your entourage. Look for makeup artists, designers, agents, and other necessary people to build your team.

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The strongest team will win against the best, so keep that in mind. For example, if you have a good agent, you will score better projects and get famous quickly.

6. Play Quests

Hollywood U has weekly quests that you can participate in, to progress further in the game. The quests have different objectives, making you better at the game and improving your chances at glory and fame.

7. Best Writers

Hollywood U: Rising Stars has some of the best writers that offer various outcomes to you inside the game. The one you select will determine where you are in the future, so choose wisely. One wrong move, and that might be the end of your fledgling career as a rising star.

#. Final verdict for the game Hollywood U

Hollywood U: Rising Star MOD APK is a favorite among girls who like to play dress-up and fantasize about the glamor life. It is well designed and well-written, which means you will never get bored playing it. If you get stuck, the game allows you to use gems and move forward quickly.

One thing is for sure, with a game like Hollywood U, you are in for the long haul. It is practically never-ending, but that is a positive. You won’t ever have to download another game!

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