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Do you ever want to become a part of Hollywood? If yes, or you ever feel the desire to become a fashionista, this game is for you. This game provides you leisure out of your busy life routine and provides you with incredible insight into how it feels to become a Hollywood star.

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The players can make their own Hollywood stories. In this game, Hollywood Story: Fashion Star APK, you can build your fashion and movie industry. The players are required to build their own careers as Hollywood actors. Players can build their own success stories. They can also move in the city with their fans and followers. The game is all about planning and creating your own success stories.

What is Hollywood Story: Fashion Star?

Hollywood Story: Fashion Star is an exciting adventure game on Android published by, and today it has more than 10 million downloads from Google Play.

The story in the game will talk about the world of famous people, and when you start playing this game, you will experience stories and quests to become a movie star.

You will learn to wear different types of clothes, fashions, or extravagant jewelry and become the most beautiful, outstanding person.

The game is equally appealing to both children and adults. However, they could utilize it in their career development. Since you are allowed to follow or make up your fashion trends, players can make their avatar. Using their avatar, they can produce blockbuster movies and build their career.

The game allows you to have a virtual beauty duel. You have to show some good sense of fashion to win the duel. Moreover, the game is equipped with the best features that make it engaging.

Features of the game Hollywood Story: Fashion Star

  • The gameplay of the game Hollywood Story

1. Avatar creation

You can create your own avatar or any character of your choice. The players can customize their character. From clothing to makeovers, players are of the choice to customize anything. The more you make your character beautiful, the more are the chances of leaving your everlasting impact on the Hollywood industry. The players can beautify their characters or avatar using hairstyle, clothing, accessories, and other features like make-up.

2. Movie production

Movie production is a feature that is a good addition for those who are looking forward to pursuing their career as a model. In this, the players have to give an audition and win the auditions to get selected.

hollywood story fashion star mod money apk 3Once the selection is made, the players can shoot a movie. It is like a real-life experience where you have to promote your movie, and after the success, you earn a handsome amount of fans and followers.

3. Fashion vista

The players can visit designers and request a fancy and unique dress for their character. The designers make exclusive dresses for you.

4. Fans and followers

Fans and followers are your assets. They play a vital and crucial role in your success. Players can start their own fashion collection. Furthermore, they can design their perfumes and other fashion items and accessories. Your fan buys these items and takes you to the heights of success.

5. Meet and greet with celebrities

You can meet and greet your favorite celeb from Hollywood. The players can have a date with their favorite Hollywood stars, and they can hang out with them.

6. Unlock The City

The players can unlock the mesmerizing locations and other great features to progress in the game. There are many locations where players can hang out with their celebrity crushes and favorite personalities from Hollywood. From Beverly Hills to Manhattan and LAS Vegas, there are multiple locations where you can roam about with your Hollywood stars.

7. Tabloid Covers

Once you become a successful star in the game, people wait for you to capture you’s photos.

8. Socialism

This game makes you social and connects you with your friends and other people. Players can meet new people. Moreover, they can play it with their friends. Players can visit the homes of their friends and watch their movies as well.

9. What is new?

With the advent of the new spring season, there is a special surprise waiting for you. With the fresh and flowery time, many Hollywood stars are about to change their look. So be ready to get the maximum out of it.

10. Gameplay: Famous people

The gameplay is quite simple and fascinating. Players can start the game by setting up their avatar or character. They can customize their looks in the store, and they can fight beauty duel contests.

hollywood story fashion star mod money apk 2In the duel, the players can use the buttons on the side of the screen to play and change their looks.

Game Highlights Hollywood Story Unlimited Money

  • You will get access to the most beautiful, expensive shoes.
  • Discover the best outfits and collaborate with famous fashion designers
  • Create your collection of the most expensive and rare items
  • You can adventure infamous American cities and attend luxury parties.
  • Connect with new friends in this game, make a good relationship with everyone, and make money together.
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