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Free Vpn Hola APK 2020 Unblock Blocked Websites For Android. It is a specific application and a powerful and useful tool in overcoming blocked sites or visiting applications that are not available in your country.

And other problems in which you need the Hola VPN to break the proxy on Android devices and change your phone’s IP and your country to another country in a completely anonymous way. 

It is safe and starts to bypass this obstacle and surf freely. This topic includes downloading the Hola VPN apps for Android, the latest version with a direct link for free, in addition to providing an old version of the Hola MOD APK, with an explanation of how to download, install and use the application for Android devices.


Hola VPN APK is a tool that was initially developed for the web, and later, developers developed a program that works on the Android system. 

The mission of the Hola VPN program for Android is to open the blocked websites that can only be accessed through the program in ways dedicated to that by changing the IP of your phone and the country and breaking the proxy.

HOLA VPN MOD premium for android

Hola VPN was developed by Hola VPN Ltd, and it is one of the most popular and famous programs among computer (personal computer) users. It is also the most popular Android program among users who use the excellent and famous system Android. 

And nothing will stop you, visit a specific website will not block. The apps primary task and the most favorite thing for it are to open blocked sites, whether on the computer or on phones running the Android system.

What is this Blocked Page App for?

Often we need to enter a specific site. Still, it blocks the entry of visitors from a certain country or for any reason due to the site’s management in blocking. We often encountered this matter within the Play Store when entering a specific application to download it, we find that this application is not available in your country.

But with the emergence of the VPN apps, there is no problem with that at the present time, as it is possible and quite easily with the Hola program to change your country to any country you want, as well as the IP address of your phone with the click of a click. 

This is wonderful and useful. As usual, many programs are available for download on the Play Store. As usual, there must be a distinct and famous application and the most popular among users, which is the beautiful program Hola VPN, which enables you to break the barrier of sites that block your access to it.

We used to find this process challenging to implement in a usual way and not simple, and most of the old ways to change the IP address were ineffective in the past. 

What do you think now is when you only install a VPN app on your phone, and there is no better than Hola VPN for Android, just download the application from the bottom? Run it, choose any IP address for any other country, open any website you want, and access it easily.

How it works?

The answer to this question will be complicated for you if you are not familiar with network technology and make things easier.

Within the Hola Vpn MOD for Android, your request will be sent to a select server when you request a connection through the program. It will refer you to a server from other servers that send data from an unknown server to maintain the user’s privacy and safety.

hola vpn free fire

Among the Hola’s advantages, the VPN program is that it is not a program that makes you surf anonymously only, but that it protects you from viruses and malware and repels their attacks.

Do not worry about viruses when entering a site with viruses because the Hola Vpn Unlocked deals with it first before accessing it if your connection is. It contains a malicious program that harms you.

The program will advertise it and end your connection, and the program will block annoying ads when browsing.

How to use HolaVPN on Smartphone

  • 1. After installing the program, open it, and a welcome screen will appear, press NEXT.
  • 2. Another screen will appear with the user agreement; press the word I AGREE.
  • 3. Above, you will find a search box and paste the links to the sites you want to enter and the flag of the server country through which you will enter, and you can switch between the servers of multiple countries.
  • 4. Below are the applications installed on your phone if you want to open the VPN application and change the country to use the application as you want freely. Click on any application you wish to.
  • 5. A pop-up window will appear for you. Choose the country server you want to change your phone’s IP to. And press the START button.
  • 6. A window will appear asking you to confirm the connection request through Hola Vpn, the program to open the blocked sites for Android, press OK, then wait for a while until the connection is completed. The program you chose will open automatically. You can now start using it as you want.
HOLA VPN Premium
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Free Vpn Hola APK 2020 Unblock Blocked Websites For Android. It is a specific application and a powerful and useful tool in overcoming blocked sites or visiting applications that are not available in your country.

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