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Hill Climb Racing 2 APK is the second version of the most iconic mobile racing game that has ever inhabited modern smartphones. The original title was hard as hell and became a real fever among players who enjoy more challenging titles.

The first game had very basic graphics, and the second generation is practically an improvement in that sense with some interesting additions to make gambling less pasteurized. In addition to the “Adventure” mode, which is the same as we had in the previous game, you have the “Cups” to compete.

This article aims to provide an insight into Hill Climb Racing 2, a free to download game available on Android platforms.

What is Hill Climb Racing 2?

Hill Climb Racing 2 is the second version of the “most difficult in the world” mobile racing game. Of course, this title is debatable, but if you’ve played the original game, you know very well why we’re talking about it.

Screenshot 10 min

Beginning players suffer a lot to learn to deal with the game, in both versions, until they manage to improve their cars. But in the meantime, the driver keeps breaking his neck.

This title can even be considered a bit comical. He follows a country theme, has a funny narration saying some things here and there, and the visual effects are cool:

Cows moo weirdly when their car passes through the pasture.

  1. Wooden bridges seem made of gelatin.
  2. The character is always with an incorrigible landscape face.
  3. Even when he dies with a broken neck, the monotonous look continues.

1. Successor To The Previous Version

The game is a successor to Hill Climb Racing which was launched initially in 2012 and 2013 on different gaming platforms.

2. Availability On Both Major Mobile Platforms

Hill Climb Racing 2 has been presented by Fingersoft and is a part of the Racing games genre on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is pertinent to mention that the game currently ranks at number 22 on the Apple App Store.

This speaks highly of the overall global appreciation that the game has received.

3. Number Of Downloads HCR2

The title has been downloaded by more than 100 million players from the Google Play Store alone, whereas the downloads from the Apple App Store are in addition to this number.

4. Ratings & Reviews of the game online multiplayer racing

The iOS version of Hill Climb Racing 2 carries a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 with approximately 1k reviews.

The Android version of the game, however, has received more than 4 million reviews and features a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0.

5. Hardware Requirements HCR

The latest Android version of Hill Climb Racing 2 is 1.42.1, which needs 137MB free space, and Android versions 4.4 and up to run.

The requirements of the iOS version are much different, however, where the title needs at least 258MB free space and iOS versions 9.0 or later. The game can be enjoyed on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.

6. Age Rating Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 has been rated as a 9+ app because of the following reasons:

* Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence.

7. In-App Purchase Options

Just like all other modern-day hit gaming titles, Hill Climb Racing 2 is loaded with In-App purchase options. Some of these options are as follows:

  • Stack of Gems – $1.69
  • Cup of Gems – $3.49
  • Pile of Gems – $8.99
  • Barrel of Gems – $24.99
  • VIP Subscription – $16.49
  • Season Pass – $8.99
  • Starter Pack – $6.99
  • Exclusive special offer – $8.99
  • Carful of Gems – $39.99
  • Starter Pack – $4.99

Features of the driving game from Fingersoft

The below image shows the game’s Shop from which these microtransactions can be performed.

Screenshot 14 min

1. Tutorial

Upon initially launching the game, players are presented a short tutorial that assists them in knowing about the basics of the title. The tutorial covers various aspects of the game, including the vehicle’s acceleration, braking, and handling.

2. Connectivity To Facebook

Players have the option to connect the game to their Facebook and Google accounts. This has the added benefit that gamers can play against their real-life friends, which adds an added tinge of competitiveness to the game.Screenshot 11 min

3. Relevant Advertisements

It’s a free game so expect to see advertisements frequently. However, the game notifies you that the ads will be relevant to your choice. The below image shows the notification given to readers. It is added here to provide a better idea to readers.

4. Home Screen

After the tutorial, the nickname and account connectivity has been completed; the following Home Screen is shown to players.

The top left section of the screen shows the total gems and gold possessed by the player. These gems and gold are required for making purchases from the game’s Shop, which can be accessed by the simple push of a button from this home screen.

The top bar of the Home Screen provides various options to gamers which include:

  • * Adventure;
  • * Cups;
  • * Team;
  • * Events;
  • * Shop.

The top right section of the home screen provides access to gameplay settings.

5. Customization Options

Hill Climb Racing 2 provides a large number of customization options to gamers. However, more options are added with time as players make progress through the gameplay levels.

6. Customizing The Character

Gamers can customize the character’s apparel, headgear, and body type. The various options currently available to players are shown in the form of a screen similar to the one shown below.

7. Customizing The Vehicle

The paintwork and mechanics of the vehicle can be updated according to the player’s liking. The number of available options keeps increasing with time as players proceed further in the gameplay.

8. Gameplay Hill Climb Racing

The gameplay screen is shown in the below image. The right pedal controls the acceleration, whereas the left one controls the vehicle’s braking.

It is important to keep an eye on the three central gauges as well, which show:

  • * RPM;
  • * Fuel;
  • * Boost.

The fuel gauge is the most important one as in case the fuel runs out; the vehicle comes to a standstill which creates an obstacle for players intending to win the session.

The gameplay begins when the countdown timer disappears, after which players are required to breeze through the gameplay obstacles. It is also pertinent to mention that balancing the vehicle is essential because it can turn turtle quite easily, as illustrated in the below image.

Screenshot 13 min

For avoiding this situation, players are required to constantly balance the acceleration and braking, especially when the vehicle jumps over hills. Additional points are granted for the wheelies, as shown in the above image.

The timer for each session is displayed over the fuel gauge. At the end of each session, a summary of the player’s performance is displayed, resembling the one shown below.

Various details are presented in this summary which includes:

  • * Coins collected in the session;
  • * Trick bonus;
  • * Personal best;
  • * Hill Climber Best.

Depending upon the performance in the current session, the placements of participants are shown in a visually attractive manner.

The game developers have gone a step further by adding multiple screens to show the final ranking of each session. One such example is displayed in the below image as well.

9. Rewards

Several rewards are given to players from time to time which includes in-game currency and new customization options. These rewards act as a source of motivation for players.

#. Final Verdict of the game multiplayer

So, has the cartoon-like approach adopted by the developers of Hill Climb Racing 2 worked? Well, the large number of downloads and impressive ratings carried by both variants of the game illustrates that the game developer has been able to deliver exactly what was required.

This makes Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK a great option for players that are on the hunt for an engaging experience.

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