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You are someone who likes interesting stories, and you have a lot of memories of when you were in school, then play High School Story game right away.

This is a simulation game; the story of the game will be related to school and interesting things. You will be able to go back to your time at school and do things you have not done before.

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You will be exchanging, making friends and getting to know many new people, and dating. And this game has a lot of tasks for you to perform every day.

What is High School Story?

High School Story is a game released by the Pixelberry team. Pixelberyy believes that games can cause a change in our lives, and the gamers have proven so. High School Story is a simulation game released in 2013 and has more than 10 million users worldwide. It is available on the play store enjoyable on mobiles as well as tablets.

Smooth gameplay, impeccable graphics, and a touch of romance are hallmarks of this game. This game allows its audience to create a school of their own choice in which they can have their friends, family members, and other mates. The gamers are free to enjoy parties during their gameplay along with many other interesting events like going on a date, jocks’, and cheerleaders’ recruitment.

The gamers can invite their classmates and create their plans and stories. They can go to a party or wild beach trip to enjoy themselves. Furthermore, there are many other adventures as well that allure gamer, especially youngsters.

As one progresses in the game’s new levels are unlocked, which makes the game more interesting and adventurous. There are more than 30 characters that can be unlocked. The game also includes battles, trips, parties, and many more adventures.

Features of the game High School Story

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A high school story is a game that has a number of features that make it worth playing.

1. Build your school

The players are allowed to build their dream high school and decorate it with things they like. The players can decorate the school from pipes to a box of puppies. This increases creativity in the children, and they can have new ideas to beautify their school as well as their homes.

2. Parties

The players can throw parties and invite their friends and mates to spend some quality time. Throwing parties can unlock up to 30 characters in the game.

3. Dating

You can also desire to date your crush or girlfriend in this amazing game. Also, one can play matchmaker for other students of your school.

4. Battle

This brings more fun as you can battle with your rival school in a number of ways. By arranging a science fair or a prank war, the gamers can enhance the adventures this game presents.

5. Friendship

You can make new friends and invite them to parties, take them on dates and have some memorable time spent with them in the game.

6. Graphics

High School Story is an interesting game with outstanding graphics quality like other simulation games. The ultimate realistic graphics please the gamers, along with its romantic and superb story.

7. Attend the parties

In the game, High School Story will let you create parties and invite friends to join, or you can also join parties made by others.

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At those parties, you will be able to dance, sing, and make new friends and get to know more players and if your communication is good, they can help you a lot in your work.

And that will make your school life more attractive.

8. Gameplay: School

High School Story is a simulation game based on choice. The player is a kid who creates his high school with no specific name. The player needs to complete quests in order to create the school. He has to obtain classmates, hangouts, land plots, etc., where they can enjoy their parties and dates. The player can customize his appearance as well as the appearance of other characters in the game.

At the beginning of the game, the players are free to choose their gender and type, though they can only choose from three particular cliques: Nerd, Prep, or Jock. There are various types in High School Story, ranging from basic types such as Jock, Nerd, or Prep to “combined” classmates like cheerleaders, gamers, or student government.

To acquire hangouts and land plots, the player must be in possession of rings and coins. Each character can earn coins through specific quests and hangouts. The number of coins earned depends upon the level of characters.

They earn coins per hour according to their level. The player can buy other members through coins or by inviting them to the party where only two classmates can be sent at a time. In this way, the school can have more students allowing them to earn more and enjoy more.

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