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In this article, we are going to review an amazing hide and seek game called Hide Online APK. An unusual game of hiding and seek between two teams.

One team is hunters, the second team transforms into any objects, and the players hide in this way from the shots of the hunters. Being in the role of props, you can move and elude the opposing team.

What is Hide Online?

Hide online is a Smartphone game available on both Android and IOS. This game is made on the concept of hiding and seeks as this is a multiplayer action game, so there are two teams; one team has to hide, and the other team has to hunt them.

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The game allows the hiding team to turn themselves into different objects so that hunters won’t find them. This game is available for download on both Android and IOS for free. So instantly download this game to start playing with your friends or with random players online.

Features of the game Hide Online

  • Choice of being hunters or Props
  • Register an account to receive bonuses
  • Fun and intense multiplayer gameplay

The gameplay of the Hide

Hide online has simple gameplay. The user can choose to play as a prop or hunter. If the users choose to play as a prop, they have to hide and turn themselves into different objects available at the scene to hide from hunters. And if the user chooses to play as a hunter, then he has to find the props and shoot at them.

During the hunt, you must go through the office and inspect each room – look at the furniture and objects there and decide which ones look out of place or which you consider enemies! Also, if you are hiding, you must choose a suitable location and try to blend in with the surrounding landscape to avoid detection.

While hiding, you can hide in any room to defeat other players or try to escape. In the game, you only need to exchange and become any kind of hidden thing-a chair, a box, a cup, or even a toilet pot. In this way, you can escape the enemy’s eyes.

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Note: Hunters have limited ammo; therefore, it is not recommended to shoot at all objects at once. Try to figure out the props in which the player of the second team took refuge.

The game starts with the tutorial so that the user can learn and understand the controls of the game. There are three major controls in the game, i.e., joystick, swipe, and arrow:

The joystick controls are used to move the player around the game

Swipe controls are used for navigating the view

Arrow controls are used for jumping at the start, but later in the game, they can be used for multiple operations such as shooting.

The objective of the hunter in the game is to find the props and kill them before the time ends, and the objective of the props is to hide from the hunter and stay alive until the time ends.

Props can turn themselves into different objects, so it could get difficult for hunters to find them easily, but hunters must eliminate the props to win the round.

Graphics of the game Hunters vs Props

The graphics are cool and combine 3D and cartoon elements, and the gameplay is incredibly fun. You can choose the region in which you want to play online in order to provide a faster connection – USA, Europe, or Asia.

The game Hide online is exceptionally bright and more towards the real world. The climate of this game is very lively. Be that as it may, the unimaginable work the developers have done on hunters and props when they move around.

There is no glitch on both IOS and android when the props or hunter moves around. When the props turn into different objects, their movements are very smooth.

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No major pixel mutilation is seen till now. As referenced over, the game is bright, so it catches the user’s eyes. On account of the correct shading coordination, there is no stress on the user’s eyes.

Customization Controls

The game controls are very easy to understand; moreover, the tutorial for controls is also provided at the start of the game, which makes the user more familiar with controls. All the controls are placed at a good distance from each other, so there is no chance of mistakenly pressing the wrong button.

The developers have worked hard on UI, which can be easily identified because all the buttons on the screen are neither too big to capture the whole screen nor too small. It’s very easy to move, jump and shoot around using the controls.

Conclusion: You will love this game

I love this game as it is totally different from other prop chase games. I would say this game is wonderful to kill exhaustion as it invites both talented and incompetent players.

Its straightforwardness makes it worth playing, and you can’t monitor the time. The essential UI draws in the eye and keeps the player revealed. I might want to see more parts of it.

Beautiful graphics, unexpected turns in the game will allow you to have fun in the online multiplayer game. Call your friends and try on the role of both a hunter and props and play Hide online MOD Ammo APK.

Likewise, I would propose adding an option of chat to keep colleagues associated as we have encountered in other games if each group had their own talk to chat with one another as opposed to going around and going with one another. I am a glad player and accept that this game is having an effect on Hunter VS Props history.

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